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Time: 60+ hours.
Materials: TRADITIONAL. Copic multiliner and Copic sketch markers.
Size: 3 pieces of A4 paper taped together (approximately 11.5 x 22 inches), digitally connected using Photoshop CS3.


There are 18 Elebits total (the little red and blue creatures). Can you find them all?

If you guys were wondering about my sudden two-month hiatus, THIS WAS WHY. I've been working on and off (mostly off OTL;; ) on this piece for about 6 weeks in preparation for Anime Expo artist alley. Consider it a tribute to all the games and gamers out there!

The Nintendo DS is probably my favorite console along with my trusty old school PS2. DS ports many of my favorite series, so I figured I can cram them all into one picture since I'm too lazy to draw separate pictures of each of the O3O

It was very hard choosing which games to put in here. If I had more time and paper space, I'd stick quite a few more in there, but was big enough as it is. There is a total of 47 characters from 16 different games in this piece.

The sketching was the hardest and longest part, for sure. Coloring went relatively smooth except for those little elebits that's practically invading every corner of the picture. The smallest one is about 1/3 the size of my fingernail. I spent some time studying the art of each game because I didn't want to deviate TOO far from the original style. Each game has its own way of lining and coloring, and I tried to incorporate those aspects into my own style without having everything look like a huge mess. I ended up with a somewhat organized clutter.

Drawing and coloring the picture was only half battle. Connecting three separately scanned pictures took about five hours on its own. I became very acquainted with the clone tool because of this. Sadly, a lot of the colors and shades were lost through scanning. I had to go back and adjust individual colors to make it look like the original, but there are still some that can't be fixed (darn those reds and oranges) orz;;

Girl playing the DS in the front designed by me.
Game characters (c) whoever they belong to.

List of games included: Final Fantasy (Chocobo Tales, Tactics, Crystal Chronicles), Pokemon, Professor Layton, Super Mario, Mario Kart, World Ends With You, Kirby, Elebits, Phoenix Wright, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Harvest Moon, Disgaea, Bomberman, Ninja Town.

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Link is here, I'm happy.

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I can't believe I discover this drawing so late!

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It’s nice to see old nostalgia come back after 11 years

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How does this have 120K likes what theeee!

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dude stop sponsoring yourself nobody wants to see your perverted garbage

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what theeee fuck is wrong with you posting porn on a amazing peace of art shame on you

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Ignore that other comment your work is fantastic

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ummmmmmm cuz it shows he had actual dedication for Nintendo (he spent 60+ hours) instead of taking pictures of women.

An excellent piece.👍

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What a fu*k ? 130k favorites ? And this is from 2009 ?

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And it deserves every single one of them. Your point?

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i'm just surprised this old thing has so much favorites... maybe deviantart community was more active 11 years ago... this site is literally dyng. let's hope it doesn't get shut down

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Funny I was thinking the same thing. Check out my stuff btw:

Power Girl bouncy in Space
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What a fu*k ? 130k favorites ? And this is from 2009 m

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The pikachu girl is my favorite

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>O> SORA SHOULD BE HERE ....he has already met Neku >o<

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How the hell does this have 120,000 favorites...

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