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Classic Easter in the Meadow by AliceAcorn6003 Classic Easter in the Meadow :iconaliceacorn6003:AliceAcorn6003 94 100 Pokemon Trainer Huck and Ruffet by meadowtraveller22896 Pokemon Trainer Huck and Ruffet :iconmeadowtraveller22896:meadowtraveller22896 5 6 Huckleberry Hound by OhYeahCartoonsFan Huckleberry Hound :iconohyeahcartoonsfan:OhYeahCartoonsFan 10 9 Huckleberry Hound by 13mcjunkinm Huckleberry Hound :icon13mcjunkinm:13mcjunkinm 11 0 Stevonnie by fradatora Stevonnie :iconfradatora:fradatora 24 0 The Ghostly Trio Stamp by neoncat The Ghostly Trio Stamp :iconneoncat:neoncat 61 7 Stinkie Stamp by neoncat Stinkie Stamp :iconneoncat:neoncat 20 3 Bonnie by spatialchaos Bonnie :iconspatialchaos:spatialchaos 11 1 More Bonnie Love by spatialchaos More Bonnie Love :iconspatialchaos:spatialchaos 13 3 EQ Huckleberry Hound the Blue SPD Ranger by Meganthecutegirl1997 EQ Huckleberry Hound the Blue SPD Ranger :iconmeganthecutegirl1997:Meganthecutegirl1997 2 0 EQG Jr. Chef Huckleberry Hound by Meganthecutegirl1997 EQG Jr. Chef Huckleberry Hound :iconmeganthecutegirl1997:Meganthecutegirl1997 1 2 Fall Formal Huckleberry Hound by Meganthecutegirl1997 Fall Formal Huckleberry Hound :iconmeganthecutegirl1997:Meganthecutegirl1997 2 2 _Request. by RainbowLov3 _Request. :iconrainbowlov3:RainbowLov3 3 2

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Mermay Teen Huckleberry Hound by huckandlil
Teen Huckleberry Hound as Chef by huckandlil
Daws Buler my favorite guy that did Huck by huckandlil
RT Ep. 104: Erik Eternal by MasterofNintendo
Video Games
Kira Kosarin as Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage) by MZimmer1985
[COMIC] Carrying the World by YoshiBowserFanatic
The Galar Champion Bookmark by InkArtWriter
R. Mika and Ibuki Arguing Reimagining  by KaigunMontoya
Sapphire Smooches Scout Ruby by YesiEguia
Avatar Sumo Girls by KaigunMontoya
Tarzan Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Teresa Vs Zordar by sunnyday2000
Best Friends Forever Bookmark by InkArtWriter
Tender bitch Adopt. #8 (OPEN) by LAO-LI
Yami Yugi by InkArtWriter
Puppet Costume Characters
Disneyfied Princess Yesenia by YesiEguia
Disneyfied Princess Yesenia by YesiEguia
Meeting Tara Strong 'Twilight Sparkle' by YesiEguia
Olaf 's Holiday Tray by InkArtWriter
Key of Aaravos Block by InkArtWriter
Mini Pearl Plush by YesiEguia
Mini Princess Sofia Doll by YesiEguia

Mature Content

Snace-Yaoi by SonicMiku

Mature Content

Skull hunter Nsfw by SonicMiku

Mature Content

Talia al Ghul: Warrior of the Society! by Leck-Zilla

Mature Content

Talia al Ghul looking over the city by Leck-Zilla
Dracula Crossover Style Ch 1Disclaimer: I do not own MLP, JJBA, Mortal Kombat, and DraculaAuthor's notes: This story take place where all the MLP characters and anime characters are human. Which is rated PG-13. May contains character deaths, some course language, and violence. Reader description is advised. Now to the story.The story took back in 1913. A wolf howled at night where all the other wolves howled.In the ocean where all the thunderstorms booked and the waves going out of control which a boat appears. Waves crashing onto the boat and the wheel of the boat moving. The lantern moved which all the rats sqeauks. Growls began appear. All the people began to talk."Here! Here!" A man shouted as he found a box which is labeled.King SombraCrystal EmpireGrowls began to grow louder. As the tide began to move uncontrollably which all the people grabbed the box and began using the crane to lift the box up. Thunderstorms began boom louder and the tide making bigger waves. A Captain named Kano came over to the wheel."Overboard.! Throw overboard.!" Kano shouted as the box began crack open due to Sombra who is sealed in the box as Kobra and Kabal lift the box and was about to be thrown off but it got stuck."Hurry up.!" Kano shouted as dirt began appear out of the box."It is stuck.!" Kabal shouted as Sombra began punch the wood out with his hand and began to choke one of her crew members."Aaah!" Kobra shouted as Kano was shouting at him which King Sombra tears Kobra's throat. Waves going out of control which a Kabal fell off the boat and into a ocean. A Demon wolf in which King Sombra shape shift into began to growl at the Kano which he stuck onto the wheel and Sombra began to attack him. Which Kano ends up getting killed offscreen. A lighthouse shined at Equestria in Canterlot. Which all the people screamed inside the Asylum. A man with dark purple long hair and red eyes named Kars opened the door which he finds Starlight Glimmer while running through the crowd."Get off!" A person shouted."Starlight Glimmer, for God's sake, give these poor wretches some laudanum to calm their shattered nerves!" Kars shouted."They won't take nothing; Dr. Kars." Starlight Glimmer answered as she shouted through the microphone."Then give them something.!" Kars shouted."I can't do anything. Come on." Starlight Glimmer replied as she tries to calm the people down."Dr. Kars.! Dr. Kars" Candace shouted as Kars turns seeing her who is holding Flurry heart."Where's Miss Scarlet?" Candace asked."Where's Miss Scarlet to help with my baby?" Candace asked as Flurry heart began to cry."Mi Amore Cadenza where is my daughter?" Kars replied as Luna approaches to him."Miss Scarlet's is upstairs in the house looking sir after that friend of hers." Luna answered as she went to find Scarlet."Fine time to abandon us. Starlight Glimmer, I'm coming down." Kars replied as he went to help Starlight Glimmer with the patients.In the bedroom a seventeen year old girl with dark brown hair and Hazelnut brown eyes named Scarlet Okami with a fifteen year old girl with light blue curly hair and pink eyes named Cozy Glow. Scarlet finishes reading the letter."But anyway, you needn't worry. As soon as you finish law school, I'm sure our firm will hire you in a second." Scarlet replied."Hey!" Cozy Glow replied"You will make a beautiful addition to the firm of Snodgrass, Shilling and Wollop." Scarlet replied as the storm blows bedroom window open. Which scares Cozy Glow while Scarlet came over to the window and closes it."Good Lord! Is it all right?" Cozy Glow asked."Yes...yes." Scarlet answered as she sat down."You know, Scarlet, you're so much braver than I am...taking on all those men like that." Cozy Glow replied."But don't you think we ought to have some influence, some say on things? After all..." Scarlet replied."We are not chattels!" Both Scarlet and Cozy replied."No, I know we're not." Cozy Glow replied as Luna enters Scarlet's room."Scarlet!" Luna shouted."Yes?" Scarlet replied."Your father says he needs you in the wards right away." Luna replied."Yes, I'm coming." Scarlet answered as Luna leaves her bedroom."Oh, do you have to go now Scarlet?" Cozy Glow whined."Yes. Into bed." Scarlet replied."All right." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet sets her bed up."Thank you." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet tucks her in bed."Now remember, Cozy. If you don't rest, you'll be stuck in this bedroom all winter." Scarlet replied."Yes, you're quite right. You go down to them. I'll be fine." Cozy Glow replied."Good night, Cozy." Scarlet replied."Good night." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet leaves her bedroom. Cozy Glow turns off the light and went to bed.
How Sombra got the role in my Dracula CrossoverDisclaimer: I do not own MLP, JJBA, Princess Mononoke, and all the shows I seen on Toonami. I only own my ocs.As all the audiences came inside the meeting hall which all the people began chattering away. As the writer Scarletokami75 a came towards the stage."Alright everyone settle down. I hard we're having a hard time with safe social distancing and wearing masks but we still make it." Jade replied as everyone agreed what their boss said including King Sombra, Kars and others."We still going to finish prince of Egypt. As well with MLP and Dark Phoenix Jade" Scarletokami75 replied as Inuyasha, and others cheered that they're going continue work on it."Okay now we need volunteers for this crossover Parody. That we need a lot of work for this now. I need everyone work hard on this so everyone would see this story. As the Writer picked out some of the audiences which she choose. And last which he picked the two.Which she picked Kars, Discord, Thorax, Twilight Sparkle, Scarlet Okami, Cozy Glow, Prince Blueblood, King Sombra and the others. Which they all see him."Oh no not this guy." King Sombra replied which Kars, Twilight Sparkle and all the others hated Prince Blueblood for being a selfish, self centered and entitled spoiled brat."Okay everyone now that you're all here. You guys to perform in human form except Kars who's already have his human already. Which transforms them into humans."Don't worry you be changed back to normal when this crossover is done." Scarletokami75 replied."So which of us is going is to be picked or not?" Discord asked."Good question well it kinda depends on me who I pick." Jade answered."Now then let's started with this." Scarletokami75 replied as everyone began to work on their act well except for King Sombra who is having a hard time acting until Scarlet Okami decides to help him."Um. Sombra. Do you need help?" Scarlet asked as Sombra looks at her."Uhh..well sort of...yes. Because I really wanted to play as Dracula." Sombra answered as the Wolf pony came over to him."I guess I can help you get that role." Scarlet replied she helped him with his performance. While Kars, Twilight Sparkle, Discord and others were performing which the Writer sees them working including Blueblood. Thinking that Sombra is not going to get Dracula's role since he is self centered and entitled that he is a prince of Canterlot. Weeks later of performance that everyone worked now including Scarlet Okami who helped King Sombra with his performance. Outside of the meeting hall which everyone gathered where Scarletokami75 stood at the stairs which she choose for those who got into the Dracula Cast. "Alright I finally choose for those who are going to be in the Dracula crossover. First for Abraham Van Helsing is Twilight Sparkle who is playing as him."Yes." Twilight Sparkle shouted."Kars who is playing as Doctor Jack Seward." Scarletokami75 announced."Finally." Kars replied as the Writer goes down list who got chosen. As King Sombra was acting nervously and Blueblood smirked thinking of getting the role of Dracula."And finally the role of Count Dracula goes to.....King Sombra." Scarletokami75 announced as Long Sombra was surprised that he finally got the role of Count Dracula. Scarlet Okami looked at him."I can't believe that Sombra is finally playing as Dracula!" Scarlet shouted."I would of not the role without Scarlet who actually helped me get me that role." Sombra replied."Well it looks like the lovebirds finally got into Dracula. Now I want sees if I actually got the major role." Blueblood replied."Trust me. Prince Blueblood. King Sombra is playing as Dracula." Scarletokami75 answered as Blueblood enters in the meeting hall."I'll be the judge of that. Miss Writer." Blueblood replied as he looks into the Dracula crossover Cast."WHAT!" Blueblood shouted as he exits the meeting hall."Additional. Sombra as Dracula. How can I not get that role." Blueblood complained."The reason why I put you in additional because you wanted to play as Dracula. I actually seen the wolf princess pony helped Sombra. That is why I made Scarlet as Lucy and Sombra as Dracula." Scarletokami75 answered which made Blueblood gonna mad."Alright everyone. Meet me at the stage around 8 am tomorrow and then we start performing." Scarletokami75 announced as everyone cheered that they are actually going perform.Inside the stage of the theatre everyone was all there. Scarletokami75 approaches to Sombra, Scarlet and all the others."Alright everyone let's get started." Scarletokami75 replied.
You're Always Here For Us, Magic Gaia! by Devon13168
I Love You, Daddy! by Devon13168
Anything With Fan Characters OCs
Mother of All Powerbombs by KaigunMontoya
Miyu in Her Uniform by KaigunMontoya
Miyu Goes Holy Shida by KaigunMontoya
A very bad puppy by LizLightningGSD

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Hi, I'm TotallyTunedIn, you may know me for my not even active FraggleFans group, well, I'm hoping to do a better job managing this group. So that's why I'm gonna try to get more admins aside from myself to help me on here, any cartoon, anime, video game, or puppetry drawings are welcome!
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Have a Good Day. - ArToonStudios.
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