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The Power puff Girls don't like jelly beans oreos by huckandlil The Power puff Girls don't like jelly beans oreos :iconhuckandlil:huckandlil 13 2 Easter Huckleberry Hound and lil deville by huckandlil Easter Huckleberry Hound and lil deville :iconhuckandlil:huckandlil 7 2 Patrick Laughs At huck in tree by huckandlil Patrick Laughs At huck in tree :iconhuckandlil:huckandlil 9 2 Union of Love and Loyalty by CooperGal24 Union of Love and Loyalty :iconcoopergal24:CooperGal24 14 12 Just Another Face in a Red Jumpsuit by SuperAlex64 Just Another Face in a Red Jumpsuit :iconsuperalex64:SuperAlex64 5 1 [Request] Teen Huckleberry Hound (Kai's Art Style) by KaiArtworks5656 [Request] Teen Huckleberry Hound (Kai's Art Style) :iconkaiartworks5656:KaiArtworks5656 4 3 All Grown up with teen huckleberry hound by huckandlil All Grown up with teen huckleberry hound :iconhuckandlil:huckandlil 10 2 huckleberry hound with his girls by huckandlil huckleberry hound with his girls :iconhuckandlil:huckandlil 2 1 Teen Huckleberry Hound in Green outit by huckandlil Teen Huckleberry Hound in Green outit :iconhuckandlil:huckandlil 5 4 Teen Huck Gives Teen Desert Flower a Skiploom by AlextheAnimator Teen Huck Gives Teen Desert Flower a Skiploom :iconalextheanimator:AlextheAnimator 6 2 Huckleberry Hound like Care bears Fur Berries by huckandlil Huckleberry Hound like Care bears Fur Berries :iconhuckandlil:huckandlil 4 0 /Request/ by RainbowLov3 /Request/ :iconrainbowlov3:RainbowLov3 4 2 Tranqiuility Heart Bear as Teen Huckleberry Hound  by Mead1992 Tranqiuility Heart Bear as Teen Huckleberry Hound :iconmead1992:Mead1992 3 21 Huckleberry Hound in the 18th century by Mead1992 Huckleberry Hound in the 18th century :iconmead1992:Mead1992 8 14 Requests #160 Huckleberry (Teen) by Austin624fan Requests #160 Huckleberry (Teen) :iconaustin624fan:Austin624fan 13 4 My Huckleberry Hound Show Recast Meme by rachelrocks168 My Huckleberry Hound Show Recast Meme :iconrachelrocks168:rachelrocks168 1 2

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Anything With Fan Characters OCs
Cartoon Network OC JadeIntroduction of CharacterName: JadeAge: 17-18Gender: FemaleSexual/Romantic Orientation: HeteroNickname(s):Pookie girl called by her motherDorkling called by KevinAlias(es):Demon girlDemon Princess JadeScarletokami75Date of Birth: January 19Species: Human (formally) DemonEthnicity: Native American, filipino, asian, mixBlood Type: OAffiliations/Organizations: Cartoon Network AcademyOccupation: StudentThe Character’s AppearanceGeneral Appearance: Jade has dark brown long hair with hazelnut eyes with light brown skin. She wears glasses with Metallica shirts or any shirts with pants and sneakers.Later Jade has dyed black hair, not wearing glasses. She wears black gothic short sleeve shirt with jacket, pants, fingerless gloves, boots, necklace and ribbon hair clip.She likes to wear casual goth or punk clothes that Dracula, Gwen and Marceline got for her.In her demon form Jade has black and blue longer hair at the end, turquoise blue eyes, demon fangs, claw like fingernails. She wears a purple Yukata, obi belt, dark blue obi string, dark purple tassel hair clip, black haori, finger loop gloves, Arm braces, tights, leg cuffs and opened toe shoes and a bamboo gag on her mouthHeight: 5'5Weight: 11.3Handedness: RightTattoos/Birthmarks/Scars:Jewelry/AccessoriesAbout the CharacterPersonality: Jade is usually shy and doesn't say anything. She does talks sometimes but she can defend herself from bullies. When she wearing a bamboo gag. Jade usually grunts and makes noises.Even after becoming a demon she gives attitude on some of the people she doesn't like.Hobbies/Interests:Writing storiesPlaying video gamesWatching shows and moviesHanging with Dracula and her friendsGoals/Motivations/Dreams:Graduate from school and collegeProtecting her friends and everyone else who she'll protectinThe Character’s Relationship With OthersReputation:(Describe how others view your character.)Love Interest(s): Dracula (the Batman vs Dracula)Friend(s):Twilight SparkleKarsRainbow DashKing SombraPinkie PieFluttershyMarcelineNigel UnoWallabee BeatlesKuki SanbanAbigail LincolnGwenLeshawnaRarityApplejackSpikePrincipal PixiefrogEdwardoMacBlooEdEddEddyWiltCocoAmelia LockheartJafarHadesMaleficentChiyoKitsuneRobinRavenBeast-BoyCyborgStarfireEnemy(ies):Charlotte FlampeKankers sistersLoly AiverrneHeatherKevinSarahJimmyNazzJonney 2x4PlankDr KamikaziMojo JojoRed GuyKing SandyTerrenceAkuSir SlicerHimRelationship(s):Jafar - Her relationship with Jafar is pretty much brother and sisterThe Character’s AbilitiesPowers/Abilities:IntelligenceSize manipulationEnhanced/Supernatural CombatEnhanced/Supernatural ConditionEnhanced/Supernatural DurabilityEnhanced/Supernatural StrengthEnhanced/Supernatural SpeedEnhanced/Supernatural StaminaSupernatural ReflexesSupernatural SensesEnhanced BeautyHyper regenerationDemonizationHaemokinetic CombatFlammable BloodDaytime WalkingEsoteric Power SystemSelective DamageCombustion InducementBurningEnhanced ClawmanshipEsoteric Power SystemSelective DamageCombustion InducementBio-Burning ManipulationBio-Fire ManipulationChelokinetic CombatAversion NegationBlue Fire ManipulationBlue Fire GenerationClaw RetractionHumanity RetainmentWeakness ImmunityEnhanced CutenessExplosion InducementMazoku PhysiologyAccelerated MetabolismSuper EatingOrigin of Powers: Jade got her demonic powers when she drank Dracula's blood.Strengths:(Describe your character’s strengths with their powers.)Weaknesses:Restrictions:Unable to drink human blood. Due to the fact that Jafar put a spell on her that she couldn't able to drink blood like Dracula. But she is allowed to drink animal's blood like cow or pig.Alternate Form(s): In her demon transformation when it come to opponent who is alot more stronger than Jade or even hurt any of her friends which make her angry. Jade transforms into her true demon form.She loses both her gag, handwear and footwear, as well as the sleeves of her haori and kimono. She grows a short black horn on the right side of her forehead, and a black vein like marking appears around her left eye, but her new feature is a blue and black vine markings that covers her skin, circling around her arms, legs, and chest.Fighting Style:(Describe your character’s fighting style. Examples could be using hand-to-hand combat, weapon styled combat, etc.)Preferred Weapon(s): fingernail claws, blue fireKnowledge: 10/10Conceptualization Power: 10/10Motivation: 10/10Will to Act: 10/10Agility: 10/10Magic Control: 10/10Swordsmanship: 10/10Hand-to-Hand Combat: 10/10Long Range Accuracy: 10/10Offense: 10/10Defense: 10/10Social Skills: 10/10The Character’s Familial/Biographical InformationBirthplace: Idaho, PocatelloFamily:Wesely Biological Father DecreasedCherry Mother Michael younger brotherVerleys Parental Grandmother DecreasedFamilial Background: born from Idaho had from parents. Her parents moved to MissoulaAt age eleven Jade's mom divorced her father after the domestic abuse.Character Background: Jade and her family moved into Cartoon Network City in order to have a better life. She met Double D aka Edd which she became friends with.Trivia: Jade's demon form and powers is based on Nezuko from Demon Slayer.Some of her demonic powers is pretty much similar to vampires.
Me in the Simpsons by DanielleSelenite110
Dumbell Lifting by KaigunMontoya
Miyu Gropes Moon by KaigunMontoya
Cartoons 2
The Mighty Hercules Charging His Ring! by CreedStonegate

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Hi, I'm TotallyTunedIn, you may know me for my not even active FraggleFans group, well, I'm hoping to do a better job managing this group. So that's why I'm gonna try to get more admins aside from myself to help me on here, any cartoon, anime, video game, or puppetry drawings are welcome!
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Hello fellow members, I've created an extra folder for those of you that want to contribute content that's Mature-Themed.

Folder Name: Mature

Have a Good Day. - ArToonStudios.
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