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VT - The Wind in the Willows (Countertop Ending)
[Scene switches to back with Bob, Larry, and Archibald on the Countertop again, before Bob faces Larry after
Bob: Well, Larry, what did you think?
Larry: Wow, that was one of the best stories I ever saw! Toad really did learn a lesson about how bad recklessness
can be!
Archibald: And what about you, Larry? Have you learned anything?
Larry: Yeah, maybe I have been acting rather reckless with my yo-yo. I'm sorry about that.
Archibald: It's quite alright, Larry. Perhaps I can teach you how to properly use a yo-yo. I'm quite the master
at yo-yo tricks, as you must know.
Larry: Wow, really, Archibald?
Archibald: Indeed.
Bob: (clears throat) Anyway, let's see if Qwerty has a verse for us today.
Qwerty: (singing) And so what we have learned
Applies to our lives today
And God has a lot to say
In his book
Archibald: See, Larry, you hold the yo-yo like this.
Larry: Yeah, I think I got it now, Archie.
Bob: Larry!
Qwerty: (singing) You see, we know that
God's word is for everyone
And now th
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 2
VT - The Wind in the Willows (Part 7)
[Scene switches to inside an underground tunnel, where Badger, Rat, Mole, and Toad are quietly sneaking in, all while
armed with different weapons to fight back against the Weasels. Badger is holding a whip, Rat is holding a frying pan,
Mole is holding a baseball bat, and Toad is holding a tennis racket.]
Badger: Remember, we must be very quiet when sneaking through this tunnel. This tunnel is located right above Toad
Hall, and odds are that any loud noise in the slightest will attract the attention of anyone above us.
Toad: Right, no loud noises, got it!
Badger: (quietly) Shhhh! Quiet, Toad!
Toad: (quietly) Sorry, Badger.
[The quartet resume sneaking through the tunnel, while the sounds of the Weasels and Stoats partying and singing is
heard from above. However, Toad can't resist singing along with the Weasels and the Stoats, but Rat and Mole are
able to get him to be quiet. The four friends still continue to sneak through the tunnel, until they reach the
door at the end of the tunnel
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 2
VT - The Wind in the Willows (Part 6)
[Scene switches to back at Toad Hall, where the Weasels and the Stoats are still partying and making a mess of the
place. Outside, Mole peeks in the window, horrified at what he's seeing.]
Mole: I must tell Rat!
[Mole leaves Toad Hall after that, while the Weasels and the Stoats still resume partying. Scene switches to Mole
meeting up with Rat.]
Rat: Mole, did you find any sign of Toad?
Mole: I haven't, Rat, but I've got more bad news. The Weasels are still occupying Toad Hall.
Rat: This is dreadful. There must be an explanation as to how those Weasels took control of Toad Hall, but what?
[Badger comes up to Rat and Mole after that.]
Rat: Oh, Badger, thank goodness you've come! Did you find Toad?
Badger: I'm sorry, you two, but I haven't. But I did find out the reason for the Weasels living in Toad Hall.
Rat: Well, don't hold out on us, Badger. Tell us!
Badger: I'm going to! Don't rush me! (sighs) This is what I saw.
[A flashback starts up from earlier, showing Badger still looking for
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 0
VT - The Wind in the Willows (Part 5)
[The screen is black, before a white text reading "Several months later" comes up. Scene switches to show that it is
now winter, while snow is falling in town. The camera then pans over to the prison and zooms in on the outside of a
prison cell, before cutting to inside, where Toad is sadly sitting on his prison bunk.]
Toad: How did I wind up in this mess? How was I supposed to know that that motorcar was stolen? Could it be that
those salesman were not what they seemed to be? (gasps)
[Toad then starts to remember everything that his friends told him earlier.]
Badger: (V/O) When we're reckless, not only does it cause problems for everyone else around us, but it also causes
us to make lots of rash decisions without thinking about the consequences of our actions.
Toad: (sniffling) Oh, wise old Badger.
Rat: (V/O) Come now, Toad! Please try to abandon this insane idea!
Toad: Oh, clever and intelligent Rat.
Mole: (V/O) He's right, Toad.
Toad: Oh, sensible Mole. Why didn't I listen to my fri
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 2 2
VT - The Wind in the Willows (SSWL)
[We then see a picture of Junior playing with a ladle while swinging on a swing, while a light green and
yellow text reads "Playtime Songs with Junior".]
Announcer: And now it's time for "Playtime Songs with Junior", the part of the show where Junior comes out
and sings a Playtime Song!
[Scene segues to Junior, who is playing in the backyard with Laura, while Junior is holding a ladle.]
Laura: Junior, where did you get that ladle from?
Junior: I got it from the kitchen.
Laura: Does your mom even know that you got it from the kitchen?
Junior: Not yet, but boy do I have quite a story to tell with it.
Laura: Tell me, Junior.
Junior: Here it goes. [singing] There was a man lived in the moon,
Lived in the moon, lived in the moon.
There was a man lived in the moon
And his name was Aiken Drum
And he played upon a ladle,
A ladle, a ladle,
And he played upon a ladle
And his name was Aiken Drum
Laura: Wow, a man in the moon? That's amazing, Junior!
Junior: It sure is, Laura. But there's more. [s
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 2 2
VT - The Wind in the Willows (Part 4)
[Toad still continues hopping down the open road, when the Weasels suddenly come out from behind the tree,
disguised as car salesmen.]
Lead Weasel: Hello, my good sir.
Toad: Whoa! (leaps backwards in surprise) Who are you guys?
Lead Weasel: Uh, there's no need to be alarmed, sir. We're just a group of car salesmen come to seek your
Toad: Car salesmen? Are you sure you guys aren't really those sneaky weasels in disguise?
Weasel # 2: Positive!
Weasel # 3: Nobody here but us car salesmen!
Toad: Oh, okay then. I guess your alibi checks out.
Lead Weasel: Now, as I was saying. Us car salesmen have come to seek your attention. We couldn't help but
hear about how you've been looking to buy a new motorcar, after having smashed up your last one.
Toad: Yeah. My friends locked me up in my room to keep me from buying another motorcar, but I escaped. They
just don't understand that I love motorcars.
Lead Weasel: (to himself, quietly) Ah-ha, just as I thought. He really is a reckless fool
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 2 2
VT - The Wind in the Willows (Part 3)
[Toad continues driving his motorcar all through town, causing all kinds of mayhem, such as driving really fast past
the other woodland animals, knocking over items, and going too fast.]
Toad: Tallyho! Tallyho! Take that, Badger! You and your boring lectures!
[Toad continues driving his motorcar, driving it down the open road, not realizing that he is now driving it right
towards a large tree. Toad then drives the motorcar off the road and towards the tree, which he finally notices.]
Toad: Uh-oh.
[Toad tries to swerve, but it's too late, as the motorcar crashes into the tree, causing the motorcar to become
destroyed. The impact also causes Toad to get sent flying in the air until he lands back on the pile of wreckage
that was once his motorcar.]
Toad: Hmm, I guess they don't make them like they used to. Oh well, maybe I can get another one to replace it.
[Toad picks himself up and heads for home, leaving the damaged motorcar behind. Scene switches to Toad returning
home, becoming surpr
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 0
VT - The Wind in the Willows (Part 2)
[Rat and Mole approach Toad Hall, as Rat prepares to knock on the door. Before Rat can knock on the door, the door suddenly
opens, causing Rat to fall forward to the ground. Toad is revealed to be the one who opened the door.]
Toad: Hello? I heard someone coming. Is anyone here?
Rat: (groaning)
[Toad looks down to see Rat laying on the ground.]
Toad: Oh, hello, Rat! Whatcha doin' laying down on the ground like that?
[Rat picks himself up off the ground before angrily facing Toad.]
Rat: Toad, we've got a bone to pick with you!
Toad: A bone? But I don't even have a dog. How can I have a bone to pick if I don't have a dog to give it to?
Rat: (frustrated) I mean, we need to talk to you about your reckless ways!
Mole: (meekly) He's right, Toad.
Toad: Reckless? Pish-posh, good rat! Don't be ridiculous! I was just going out for a ride in my new motor boat. And speaking
of which, I'm no longer interesting in boating. I mean boating is so last season.
[Rat stares at Toad in cautious confusion.]
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 2 0


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