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Hype Train 2018
Happy 3rd Brthday,Galactic Kids Next Door video!
BTW,Sonc is reffering to Christian Whitehead and Ian Flynn,respectively.
Numbuh 1 belongs to Cartoon network and Mr.
Sonic belongs to…
Sonic says...
I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this.
This new IDW comic isn't terrible,just mediocre. I read the scans of the first issue leaked on 4chan and the story was pretty boring and predictable. There are some positive points here and there,but the bad ones kinda outweigh the good ones.perhaps you'd like to see for…
I'm not saying not to buy the comic,but you probably should think before you do,because it was a pretty lackluster first issue.
Sonic belongs to SEGA and IDW. Original cover by Tyson
Replacement Scrappy
 This is no meant to offend her fans,it's just to show that no matter what,Sally will always be Sonic's best companion (Sorry Tails).
Day Of Negativity
Do you guys remember Spongebob's Day of Positivity? It was a event to celebrate the premiere of the movie "Sponge Out of Water"- which was a waste,considering the movie was pretty uninteresting to me. Anyhow since there is an Invader Zim TV movie scheduled to release next year (well,it is for TV only,but the Phineas And Ferb movie did get a theatrical release in some countries,right?) or so, I thought "hey,why not make an fan-event to counter The Day of Postitivity?". with none other than Zim himself as the host.
Basically,this event is the complete opposite of DoP. Zim gives you tips on how to be a major Jerkass to everybody and also insults the audience with his typical "Filthy Humans!" attitude. And also a marathon of the most mean-spirited episodes of your favorite Nickelodeon Cartoons,including but not limited to:
-One Coarse Meal, A Pal for Gary,Driving Buddies and many more(Modern Spongebob)
-It's a Wishful Life,Vicky gets Fired,Crocker Shocker (Fairly Oddparents)
-No such Luck,Study Muffin,Brawl in the Family (the Loud House)
-And many more
It is an event to make you fell very unconmfortable and offended,Invader Zim style.
Do you guys have any other ideas about what stuff we can add to this event? tell me on the comments.
Invader Zim-Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon
virooz GIR
in case you don't know,Invader Zim have a comic now. and in issue 22,GIR gets infected by a virus called VIROOZ,which makes he want to kill Zim during his latest plan. during the whole issue,GIR was wearing a Fonzie wig and I thought about making my own version. and some of the weapons he used in the issue. sincethere's not much artwork of this new version of GIR (which is a shame. he looks pretty cool),I decided to make my own ,with a leather jacket and boots to match with the wig and the angry look, instead of the lab coat that he wore for the issue as well. anyway,tell me what you guys think.
GIR and VIROOZ belong to Jhonen Vasquez,Nickelodeon and ONI press comics.


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Daniel Lopes Lima
i'm currently at the 9th grade,living with my mom and my step dad,Jorge.i also got a couple of cats.


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