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This is another quick rant journal, so it probably gonna short one if I have to.

So, why is an upcoming event, like upcoming TV Series, movie, video games, episode, etc. are extremely overhyped bullshit. LOL 

Well, here the answer... They get so hyped up that fast when their favorite characters, pairing (or rather, precious OTP), and so on that people are seriously way over obsessive certain things they love and squee their heads off and fired up their asses through the hype to death. Believe or not, it wasn't long before revealed through previews that something bad happened and so and easily got offended and pissy like an apeshit monkey just like Friendzy in The Loud House from Twitter I have heard and it's already bad episode just enough.

So, I wouldn't say I'm forcing you to start hating on it, I'm trying to say that it doesn't last long and it eventually went downhills and suffer Seasonal Rots and some shit, whether or not trying improving and failing too many times unlike Spongebob Squarepants when Stephen Hillenburg, the original creator of his show, came back just a long time ago alongside Cartoon Network after Thunder Roar and doubtful trying to be improved in Infinity Trains and some stuff. And plus, not everyone has to excite about something happened that find not interesting and cliches, don't try provoke or act like it the "best" things bullshit, too

In that way, people are way contradicting themselves the way they don't handle the truth or anything as well as they abuse certain terms like "I respect your opinion" and "(things) is a best" at least worshipping and bash one of stuff to the ground they hate.

In meantime, I really wish people just cut this shit out and understand that it won't take last long and whether or not fail to improve their stuff and so and don't get too high like a rabid fangirl. And hopefully, it can die down soon. However, as the long typical manchildren and womanchildren still get too high and hyped today. Roll Eyes 

Oh, by the way, don't force writers like "I want (things) to focus on (due date)" to do something with your headcanon and some stuff that are not your important and make you impatient lowlife spergs who doesn't how to lay off from TV and so and find something better activities. And don't even get too excited about your precious characters and some stuff on there too as I said before (so, I'm not gonna repeat myself).

The end.I salute you! 
Please note this is quick journal rant that I need get off my chest and getting my nerves how they react
on their shitty parents or dozen people, but I'll skip introduction so
I don't have time for this shit and make it quick.

*sigh* I have been asked here today to why parents and people
are extremely shitty just like everyone else (but not entirely that not every parent is abusive).

So people got nothing better things to do, by throwing a fist at their own kids and typical abusive them and
treat them like they complete shit all the sudden (or sometimes, they somewhat neglect them, but that
a difference, that is not what I'm talking about it). People are abusive to each children and they
deserve no mercy whatsoever and should be prosecuted under the jurisdiction of the country. They
well deserve to lock them up in prison, so they had it coming and prevent them to get away scot-free.

Hell, the parent is also abusive their own kids so they deliver abuse them to death back in fourth to
"teach them a lesson" for what they did as the punishment.

The parent has "good" reason to spank their child for bratty behavior, but next times if it screws up or anything,
it will be hell difficult by doing anything physical and type of abusive
activities by whipping it with a belt til they bleeding, pushing them,
beating them up, pinching too hard, etc. That showed people are a sadist fuck and endlessly child hater
that they don't lay off and put them risk by horrific activities. So why bother to put a condom on
before they were having sex and some shit if they pissed off already whether have a kid or not. 
Its no wonder why the parent was hesitated to have a child and give them a hard time and wanted to get rid of
them all together in coldhearted prick.

Don't even get me started on these infamous videos, Grounded Videos with used of GoAnimate and don't ask me about
the abuse that I don't want to talk about it and face forward. So glad I'm turning 18 years old soon, so I could get out
their slight and be done with it while making sure I'm not having a kid and have a better life without it.
Unfortunately, though, as the long, they still doing same shit today and
spend time humiliated them all the times. So, yeah, child abuse is against the law
and I know animal abuse exists too, but I'm going to talk about it that this is a quick rant
and probably repeating myself. Grump 
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Well, it's been awhile since I haven't submitted any journal since late 2017. So, I have no introduction and get it over with to how I feel about Cartoon Network...

Oh, if you're typical Nostalgiatard and rabid Nickelodeon and/or Disney fans who bashing on CN 24/7 especially modern one, then get the hell of out. This isn't for you and people were who taking channel way too seriously and treat like this fuckin end of the world. So, watch your step if you know good for you. Police 

Anyway, Cartoon Network is my long gone favorite channel since I was a kid when it used to be good that has a certain cartoon that was part of my childhood and good to watch, just before live action came along (although it doesn't last since they don't do live action anyway) and spam bomb schedule Teen Titans Go premiere. I mean, I used to watch one of a cartoon of all times and one of the show find funny, gain interested and other stuff and people enjoy their childhood show and smile on their face and laugh at some part. But now... I'm not sure about the classic show has to stop rerunning and move to Boomerang at some point as well Live Action show step in before it makes go away for a long time ago and fail to "become" Nickelodeon and Disney Channels live-action sitcom understandably. Also, I remember that Pokemon has moved to Disney XD after XYZ finished that come to end and there no more anime CN for now on. In addition, I also remember Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, The Problem Solverz, Almost Naked Animals, Robotomy and The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange (and even Sidekick too). Yeah, it pretty much it was a sucky cartoon that one of the show is disgusting and straw disturbing where it has fur cut off and has cringeworthy plot.

And now at this present day, it went going downhills nowadays. I mean, I personally don't give a shit about this channel nowadays, because most of the show has shallow boring to watch, can't find something I like, uninteresting and piss poor cartoon too.  Ever since Regular Show already ended as well Adventure Times is come to end and The Amazing World of Gumball is ended too after season 6 is finished, pretty much I can't find it anything I like and I may watch rerun show on the way to online and somewhat On Demand. For extra, Cartoon Network's 25th Anniversary shallow disappointed and barely celebrated. Back in 20th Anniversary, it was all good, that it was well blasted celebrated party and has some classic cartoon brought in and music is awesome. And 25th Anniversary is pretty cool too, so don't get me wrong. But the problem was, about a schedule like I said before, Teen Titans Go spam flooded all over schedule leave no other show ever since 2015 and it still spams today back in fourth and there nothing to do to stop it. One of reboot cartoon doesn't help either where typical self-inserter fall for Blossom who underage and make himself complete sick fuck pedobait after I heard about writer have a crush on underage characters. Stare Not even decent animated and childish acts too. So, yeah reboot cartoon are disappointed and straw cringeworthy and I don't care about Teen Titans Go, so I'm not wasting time to bitching about it especially if it flooded schedule already and move on without worship Nickelodeon or Disney that cartoon spergs huge boner for the precious cartoon they love and treat them like the best cartoon when it has zero perfect cartoons and make them complete unhealthy obsession at some point.

So, I'm only to watch CN show that good remaining is OK KO Let Be Heroes, We Bare Bears, Transformers: (Robot in Disguise) and Ninjago (which is currently hiatus). And I'm not fans of Steven Universe considering find the main character, himself is slightly annoying and bland through a plot, to begin with, but I'm neutral on this show for now. At least, some mini-series like Villainous is doing good things now and wonder if it greenlit to premiere...

Oh, sometimes Cartoon Network hatebrat who constantly bashing on this channel all because of Teen Titans Go "taking over" this channel and "destroying" their precious cartoon by canceling or ending their show when the respective creator is actually the one who ended or canceled this series for any reason and balls to accused Christa Millers for "killing Cartoon Network" and hate all classic cartoon despite she doesn't feel like rerun one of old show and cartoon spergs is the one who killed Cartoon Network like *cough* BeeWinter55 *cough* which means when 90s and 2000s tard give CN fans bad name, by bashing opinion, unhealthy obsession boner towards classic show like The Powerpuff Girls (Original), Teen Titans, Dexter Labobatry, Steven Universe (only people who love modern cartoon) and other show they love, drawing cringy hate draw out of certain charatcers they hate and begs to greenlit to premiere upcoming series or mini show. And hell, they sent death threats and wish to certain people who did terrible jobs at these show make the cartoon look bad and Listen, if you hate CN, that fine by me but yelling, agonizing, throwing fit and anythings butthurt activities won't solve anything and doesn't make you a better person. It looks like shallow sadistic manchild and womanchild who have no life that doesn't care about everyone, but themselves and can't be bothered to watch or read an article about tragic news and rely on cartoon getting canceled or ending or even delayed. In neither way, that won't bring back your classic cartoon and no one cares about your stupid ass childhood and if you wanted "take note" how Ducktale Reboot succeeds on Disney XD, do it for yourself to cartoonaboo and Enterbot, not CN companies or everyone else, but on your own.

If you wanted to find something to watch instead of bitching about TTG all the god damn times, you probably learn to switch the channel or watch online or whatever and other activities so you know got something better to do and move on.

I'm done here. :shakes head sadly: 
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Since 2017 is officially over when New Year comes tomorrow, I thought I wanted this reviewing year like I did this before and what going on lately. And this is gonna be a short journal. :p (Lick) 

So, how is 2017 exactly? Well, it was okay, but the year just got shitty situation between starter and end of 2017.

Everything it has:
Famous people died (Especially Adam West, who used to be voice actor of Family Guy, Batman, Chicken Little, etc.)
The whole Chris Savino's fired situation (not even batshit The Loud House fanboys and fangirls constantly blame Viacom and Nickelodeon Studio for getting creator of this show fired after two days of suspension when he cleary it his own fault for sexual harassment allegations even he did apologize for what he did and lucky this show is still going without him)
Former friends/allies of YouTuber like someone named JackTheNinjaGamer800 (aka Jalacktiga) after I learned that he directly responsible for showing Xander's private part in Discord and child pornography and get end up throw in the prison for 30 years (I believe)
Some cyberstalking (not giving name, so I don't want to deal with shitty situation) got my address by doxxing and leaking (which I didn't doxxed my address) and have the criminal will permanently hunt me down and murder me and my family (hell, not even got the car stolen and found junkyard with scrap apart, stolen item and some stuff) And I was lucky I moved to new home and hopefully they better not to doxxed and leak it.
My parents are acting shitty lately (even they taught me to respect and some sort of things)

And hell, one of the show doesn't last long and come to end like Regular Show (which it already did), Adventure Times, The Amazing World of Gumball and some stuff, but instead of complaining or throwing hissing at it, it just sad the show is ending or getting canceled and find something interesting rather than without bring up bullshit online petition to thinks it will bring back the show and blah blah blah.

Only good remaining that:
Movie premiere like, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Star Wars: The Last Jedi (although I haven't seen it since The Force Awaken), Thor: Ragnarok, Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League, and other awesome movies stuff
My awesome birthdays
Congratulations 11th Grade High School (which I'll be done in one year at school)
Nintendo Switch, the new console premiere

And yeah, 2017 is really not that good, but okay. I highly doubt 2018 will be better. Otherwise, it gonna be another previous year, 2016, and 2014 all over again when cyberstalking constantly continually harassing me, make more hate article and other bullshit, gain several dramas, etc. And it needs to end now... Someday.

That all I have to say.
Hello guys, as you know, I have a quick announcement for people that I'm going to do and the event happened...

So, me and my family moving out to a new home in next month, so that makes a better place and keep criminals out of sight because last time someone stole my mother's, car and stole one of an item like babysit and umbrella and manage to destroy it. At least, my stepfather's car still here in the garage and I kinda doubt it if they going to fix it that it takes for while or get new cars soon, so... To be honest, I kinda excited and disappointed that I won't make it home that far away and can't ride that far, regardless my mother might pick up after school or have Uber to get to me, but oh well. And I'm not telling what my new home address is because I don't want to pull out any personal information, so...

Then, what I'm going to do on channel review that I don't make any videos and abandon, so I suppose I'm starting channel review videos on YouTube without insulting like "this channel is cancer", "this user doesn't deserve to live" and blah blah blah and other stuff. So, I'll start with yes-man cartoon fanboy, Vasilkibum94 the infamous cartoon reviewers, so it probably takes for weeks or so to do so, and I might plan to commentaries, one shot commentaries, gaming videos and countdown videos on YouTube (and DA) too, but it not gonna be easy to do so. So, I'll be tried the best and be creative unlike most of the GoFanbrats who been making boring and uncreative videos like Grounded Videos, User Videos (even YouTube Editor got removed in month ago and still making videos today), Reaction Videos (copyright material and same with User Videos), What do you think of videos, etc.

And the last scarp, that I also might start drawing pictures out of fictional characters and so on despite I'm not good at it. I'm not gonna draw hate art with killing, torture and other stuff that I hate/dislike, disgusting fetish and incest pairing and other uncreative that extremely waste of time and make people disgusted hell out of it than usual. I'm pretty sure it gonna be difficult that I might be going to draw something, otherwise I'll watch the video how to draw or just trace it without recoloring and just actual color that looks like.

So, I got nothing else to say and this is CAFD7 signing out. Peace out. I salute you! 
Today topic, I'm gonna talk about Breadwinners, the infamous Nicktoons/Nickelodeon show that appears in 3 years. And no, I'm not taking this show way too seriously that I'm going to explain why I hate Breadwinners, to begin with. With that out of way, let go (and this is gonna be short Sweating a little... ).

To be fair, I loath Breadwinners and I never liked this show. Everythings it has disgusting humor, dirty sex jokes, weird plots that make no sense, cruel humor, half-witted, and infamously, twerking. Honestly, adult jokes may be funny sometimes (at some point), but apparently, while twerking frequently is not funny and disgust me. Mabel Eye Twitch Icon In matter fact, this animated look terrible in my eyes. I mean, creator claims that it has duck when the duck is nothing alike and look like it has lollipop or basketball around their face and kindergarten that kids play with and make something as well recolor of Flappy Bird.  They set up in TV-Y7 with a lot of adult humor. Like really? Facepalm  Are Breadwinners companies out of their mind? I have to say creator is blindless put up kid show is really unacceptable with adult humor and treat Nickelodeon like Adult Swim and so on. I mean, sure, I know people allowed to put adult humor while watching kids show, the creator shouldn't put up TV-14 or TV-MA when they doing a lot of fart jokes and stuff and I'm not gonna say this again. Also, the main characters, Sway Sway and Buhdeuce are extremely loud, obnoxious, and unlikable to the point where you pray a hunter comes along. They did really poor jobs with all shaking their butt, childish, and terrible singing. Hell, I watch that show back then and it was terrible. This show is really annoying that not only their voice sounds like when someone never hit a puberty or rabid fangirls (especially squee), but their song, cheesy and blah blah blah You talk too much! and so does writers did terrible jobs like the creator. Not to mentions, here is the main reason why Breadwinners premiere Nickelodeon to tried to make a good show in first place and none of them pleased that this show is pure garbage and how big of a disaster this show is just like Sanjay and Craig, Pig Goat Banana Cricket and one of them.

At least Breadwinners got canceled back in 2016 due to getting a lot of negative since mean-spirited, gross content, and poorly animated. So, which is why this show is 100% awful and cancerous Nicktoon show and I never care for it. Only good Nickelodeon show remaining is The Loud House (despite their abomination fanbase)

So, that all I rant about Breadwinners and I'll rant about cartoon or whatever that I hate/dislikes show. The End and peace out.
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Well, this is gonna be a short announcement just for today, but I have let you know that I'm going back to school and my summer vacation ends after Labor Day weekends, so I have to spend a time to some a lot of homework shit, learning, and other shit. And I probably won't be do anything activities while I'm at school and while do some homework (unless finds the answer if necessary) until it finishes. 

But hey, at least I'm gonna be congratulation from high school in June once I'm finished senior years.

That all.
Hello, people. Welcome to Top 10 Worst Fandom in my opinion. I thought I could make this of my own by making a journal. Not only that, I tried to find that meme for templates of Your Top 10 Hated Fanbase to make this, but unfortunately, I can't find it when no one re-upload templates meme and creator probably can't reupload it either doesn't involve with other people to deal with drama or maybe too lazy to that, so someone make this in order to I can make this meme to explain reason why I hate fandom without taking seriously. Well, without further ado, let go ahead and make irritating fanbrats that people absolutely can't stand of fandom who can't handle different opinion and other shit and tried keep its belief.

#10. Teen Titans Fandom

Oh, Good, LORD! Teen Titans Fanboys are full of CJWs/SJWs, Nostalgiatrd, and hateboner of Teen Titans Go (which I don't care for/ dislikes this show). They absolutely nothing better to do with complaining stupid ass cartoon all day and night long AND/OR people just bargaining towards Cartoon Network's company and some shit. I mean, Teen Titans Fans are currently purists hate Teen Titans Go the spinoff show (or parody show) when it contains toilet humor, cruel humor, twerking, etc. and go all out for bashing on TTG's company and send multiple death threats to them. Are you fuckin serious? They callously treat Teen Titans Go like a slave and Satan alongside Cartoon Network themselves the way they believe this is the end of the world and wanting original Teen Titans back to cancelled it so they could make Petition to do so. Okay... Wait?! Teen Titans Fanboys should know that this isn't the end of the world because I know Nostalgiatard not making feel better to bring back original to make better than spinoff and stuck in living past that people already move on and nothing else. It's really fucking annoying that Teen Titans fanbrats are casually obsessive boner worship, godawful review by making Animated Admirable, etc., the way Mr. Enter and his Enterbot (which I'll talk about him later) taken over this show and believe this show is underrated and TTG is overrated. Really, you really think Teen Titans is underrated and Teen Titans Go is overrated. No way. Unimpressed  I don't believe that and bullshit excuse to all people who claim Teen Titans is underrated when it isn't. Because I fully aware that people who cheering for the Teen Titans to beat Teen Titans Go and other shit when I see hateart or something like that, praising the original show, etc. so, it's more like overrated (I know X more like Y is overused and take over by IGUA Members, but...). In fact, they act like don't know about DC Comic the way it based on and too stupid and lazy to realize that. Oh yeah, did I forgot to tell you that people are callously shipping war who can't handle different opinion when they fighting over and blah blah blah. You talk too much! Let say Beast Boy x Raven vs Beast Boy x Terra for example. Seriously? That completely ludicrous. Beast Boy x Raven and Beast Boy x Terra are all raging overgrown man the way they act like got their genital chop off with a meat cleaver or anything else whenever giving harsh punishment and one of people treat couple like God act like becoming OTP (One True Pairing) and blah blah blah while other disagree and go out butthurt around people and so on (which I'll talk about it later so I don't have time explain more). As much I like Teen Titans, they really stop living in the past and treat this show like God and even accusing Teen Titans Go ruined original bullshit alongside Cartoon Network and of course, they really stop building excuse of Teen Titans is the best show ever too. Disbelief  At least, I'm glad that I never join any hatedom community shit and never bashing on TTG, unlike most of the people.

#9. Wikia (Websites) Fandom

Well, Wikia fans are probably biggest asshurt people in the world and none of them being sane fandom and loads and loads of GoFanbrats, SJWs, and Anti-SJWs shit. Not only that, I've seen people just bitching about certain stuff they hate or hear announce that their favorite getting cancelled or ended whatsoever. I mean, it just like Tumblr fandom when most of SJWs take over, taking stuff too seriously, sore winners shit, apeshit towards people who have a different opinion and anything, etc. as well Wikia creating godawful fanon and some shit for plagiarism content. Not only that, I've GoFanbrats (which talk about them later) take over websites and leave Wikia Staff put up feature with other versions that people have shitload of makeup lie out of users (although most of them probably deleted and so), abusing innocent people who absolutely don't do anything or just having different opinion etc. not even most of them are worship certain cartoon, anime and other stuff and be butthurt about it. Oh, most of the people start making up lies other people and still making today by building too many cyberbullying, false information, doxxing (which is revealed someone's personal information by showing street address, email, password, etc. that definitely illegal to give), etc. just for fun. Ok, is this suppose to be fun by making pages out of users to hurt someone feeling or pissed off about huh? Hahahahaha. No. No, it not. Because User Pages maker get their account (and/or IP) banned for week, month, year or infinite (especially got their account global banned for infinite for vandalism or anything violation ToS, so no one can edit pages or anything) and then they keep on going to avoid banned by using Puffin Browser or VPN to continue makeup lies way after staff blocked them, and later find inactive wiki who never use it for a long time and/or local founder and/or admins global blocked. In matter fact, Wikia fanboys whine about when got their pages deleted or wiki sites close down and call other people Wikia Supporter for a report to VSTF or contact Wikia Staff to close Wikia down or anything else even got their account global blocked too. Really? Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you. I think I find sad since one of them believe this is the end of the world and probably go barging towards staff and users who reported it. I mean, it's time for them stop making User Pages because it violates term of ToS (and against the law if you doxed someone's address or anything) and complaining about Wikia Staff because it not your job and boss of them who is too busy doing their jobs and treating this website like Pastebin and some shit. Oh, did I forgot to tell you that people whine about swearing the way people (especially staff themselves) can't handle swearing and treat this site like babies sites. Seriously? People don't allow to swear comment in any Wikia sites? Damn, sound like people don't give a fuck about Freedom Of Speech and be cowardly and scary cats when they neither blocked, deleted or edited the comment after someone post swear comment. What I can say, Wikia fanbrats barge around people for swearing comment and be like "BAW! STAHPZ SEARIG COMENTZ111!!!!11" or "ITZ DA KIIDZ WEBITZE AD ITZ N0T ALLOED 2 SEAR COMENTZ!!!!!1111" and be like abusive local admins shit and doing godawful jobs if you asked me (oh, I know Abusive Staff between Wikia Staff and VSTF since none of them help people, abusing blocking people, laziness, doing dirty jobs and of course, they completely asshurt trollish when someone report to infamous wiki sites like Gree City and GoAnimate with all version. I have no idea what up with them nowadays especially in the past when they start abusing around users who absolutely don't do anything to them). Well, that being said, I really wished Wikia fanbrats should stop thinking about certain stuff they like and think User Pages is funny when it doesn't, make them sadistic trolls and nothing else and time for them to grow up already. And I know I'll probably keep on going by repeating myself and another why Wikia going downhills nowadays when it has fucked up new layout and updates and changing websites named to Fandom that people are confusing. So, I may still be using it, but I'm officially done using it for real and never come back to the websites if staff keep this shit up or anything. Moving on.Okay... Moving on now... 

#8. Shipping (Couple) Fandom

Oh boy. Shipping is so butthurt monkey the way people barging and manipulating around people who hate shipping between Canon and Fanon shipping. Oh, if you guys think I'm talking about the vehicle, then you're wrong. It about people who support or have a particular interest in a romantic pairing between two characters in a fictional series (such as TV Series, Video Games, Movie, etc.), often when this relationship is one portrayed by fans rather than depicted in the series itself where people magically ship one of them before or after confirmed of canon whether or not who really want to involved in a romantic relationship by load of fanbrats. To be honest, I support canon shipping once they confirm and there will be no problem about that something I like and I like sometimes fanon shipping as the long not build up godawful shipping especially pedophilia (you know, person who have sexual attraction to underage children) or incest (which they love each that is relative other than everyone else who isn't family members like siblings or cousin) or even zoophile (who sexual attraction to animal rather than real people) as well. Therefore, they have nothing better to do by complaining about shipping they love all day and night long when they brought random characters that suppose to ship with and/or canon is not confirmed or delayed way after someone discussion of theory and never happened (possibly). I mean, most of the Canon Nazis go around batshit and send majority death threat, rape threat, and other illegal to give, to other people who hate canon and treating like pride, warriors etc. and act like they never hit a puberty, even Fanon Nazis who like to begs for writers or creator to becoming canon shit and attacking one of them if they don't because they have something things to do or maybe wait in the future as well. Not only they can't handle different opinion themselves, they callously start shipping wars and attacked various people for not supporting canon or fanon each other. In fact, when someone supports canon other than fanon, they come and rage at you, then they can talk back towards people and start fighting over to cause a lot of drama shit.

Example that will be: Beast Boy x Raven vs Beast Boy x Terra (which I said that earlier, but I have to say this again), Makorra (Mako x Korra) vs Korrasami (Korra x Asami) or Makorra (Mako x Korra) vs Masami (Mako x Asami), Amourshipping (Ash x Serena) vs PokéShipping (Ash x Misty), Sonamy (Sonic x Amy) vs Shadamy (Shadow x Amy), Shadouge (Shadow x Rouge) vs Knuxouge (Knuckle x Rouge), Robin x Starfire vs Robin x Raven, Kataang (Aang x Katara) vs Zutara (Zuko x Katara), Wendip (Dipper Pines x Wendy Corduroy) vs Dipcifica (Dipper Pines x Pacifica Northwest), Mordaret (Mordecai x Margaret) vs Mordejay (Mordecai x CJ), Duncney (Duncan x Courtney) vs Gwencan (Duncan x Gwen), NaruHina (Naruto Uzumaki x Hinata Hyuga) vs NaruSaku (Naruto Uzumaki x Sakura Haruno), Starco (Star Butterfly x Marco Diaz) vs Jarco (Marco Diaz x Jackie Lynn Thomas), Lucky (Lucy Loud x Rocky Spokes) vs Silcy (or whatever name is; Lucy Loud x Silas), etc.

Also, they even sore ass loser when fanon doesn't confirm to be canon and never happened while canon nazis act like sore winners while cheering for it and be asshurt about it whether or not. They probably stop shipping war shit and let them decide themselves or maybe ship one of them to make threesome or so on, you know. Oh, did I forgot to mention about incest pairing that people decide to ship on family themselves and act like it no big deal with "1NZET IZ OKaY1111!!!" the way people go straight stroking, kissing and blah blah blah and make love as well. Heh heh heh. Hahahahaha. No. Are you fuckin serious? I think I am going to PUKE! Incest is not even cute or romance, that absolutely creepy, revolting, squeamish and disturbing. I mean, I've seen most of the people ship with a sibling, cousin, twincest, father & son, mother & son, father & daughter, etc. and magically start worshipping and cringeworthy fanart or fanfic and post everywhere like wild fire in the forest. Even selfcest (you know, genderpart, alternate dimension, future, or past or clones) exist too that would be the problem when probably revolting whether or not.

And talking about rabid yaoi and yuri (which are gay and lesbian) fanboys and fangirls are also cringe, butthurt and SJWs (and even Anti-SJWs) shit who cannot learn respect opinion or anything. All they do, they automatically ship nowhere whenever they never met, just becoming friends, dislikes each other or even family members (which is incest and I have to say this again), so they can start worshipping culture of LGBT, sore winners whenever One million Mom or Soccer Mom failed to banned episode or banned few and some of the countries, etc. It really annoying as fuck when rabid yaoi & yuri fanbrats magically start worshipping culture and treat them like warriors, gods, masterpiece, pride, etc. and act like it was healthy and some shit. Sometimes, not even they like to ruined their fans to make their life miscible some point and getting overpraised to death (like NaruSasu (Naruto Uzumaki x Sasuke Uchiha), Ereri (Eren Yeager x Levi Ackerman), Craig Tucker x Tweek Tweak, Sonadow (Sonic x Shadow), Luaggie (Luan Loud x Maggie) etc. included) the way people can worship each pairing, cute art, and some stuff and begs them to become canon. And they even can't handle difference opinion by calling other people homophobic for the bullshit reason (or whatever) and assassinate one of them who hate yaoi and yuri or even doesn't support it. Oh sure, rabid yaoi and yuri hater can be bad as fans themselves, but sometimes these fanbrats have an issue with gay men toys so they probably jerk off not one bit and they are full of heterophobic as well.

To be honest, I'm not fans of Yaoi and Yuri alongside LGBT myself, even I support gay rights or pride to use icon when I have to and I guess it was hard to enjoy to deal with rabid yaoi and yuri and poorly written in fanfic, wasteful idea, etc. and SJWs ruined everything for people who support it and mature.

Like I said before, I support canon and fanon (well, sometimes) without accusing "(insert pairing) IZ DA BEZT SH1PZ EVAR!!!!111" or "(ship 1) 4EVAR, (ship 2) NEVR!!111" shit and they really need to grow up, learn to be patient or let it slide other than go apeshit towards writers or creator and believe this is the end of the world when it won't budge about theory, and begging them, so think before you can ship someone, come up with idea and hard.

#7. Dragon Ball Z Fandom

Man... These fans are 100% butthurt overgrown manchild and womanchild and quite overpraised anime. I mean, these fans are so obsessed with DBZ and use imagine to act like DBZ characters by turning Super Saiyan Form, strong fighter, etc. and it was failed miserably and terrible at it. They are nothing, but obsessive boner, childish, anti-social, and Weeaboos most of the people like to accusing that DBZ is the best anime ever. In matter fact, I've seen people who callously gain praising a lot and believe they are the strongest fighter in the world and beat everyone especially crossover and other shit. Let say Goku for example. Sure, they are indeed strong characters I believe, but apparently, not all of it. Goku just magically not strong enough to defeat one of the people or has his weakness that having a problem with heart virus where he forgot to bring health medical before he faces off with Android 19 during Android Saga (or Cell Saga). I mean, sure, I know Goku love fighting people when they strong enough to beat them and even he did kills one of them like Frieza, Kid Buu, King Piccolo and some of them, but that doesn't make him stronger and good or bad characters and he dies for like 2 times when Goku sacrifice to himself once he holds Raditz back and have Piccolo kill them both with Special Beam Cannon and change location and took Cell to King Kai's planet and completely blow up, killing them all when Cell's self-destruction, although Cell survived when the remaining cells that were not destroyed and had stored the state of his final form.

Another thing is, DBZ fanboys are full of loonies sore loser who whine about their favorite characters lose to someone they hate or something and send majority death threat to other people especially companies. The rare example that will be Goku vs Superman on Death Battle. I see a lot of people whine about Superman beat him and lose their interest and turning against him and ScrewAttack's companies of course. Not only that, DBZ fanboys magically rant on Death Battle between Goku vs Superman with screaming and yelling that Goku should be won instead of Superman and claims that Goku is stronger than him the way Goku is only 160,000 tons strength and Superman is 6.6 quintillion tons and Superman is definitely he immortal, so it impossible to kill him especially Super Kamehameha. When Superman beat Goku for 2nd times on second round, they grew even worse and whine even more. :annoyed:  And of course, they also send a death threat to ScrewAttack's companies for letting Superman win and blame him for DBZ Hater shit. Like really? I think I find sad for DBZ fanbrats who is a sore loser and bawwing around and drive them into suicide. Come on, Death Battle isn't meant to be taking so seriously and think this is the end of the world like mentor hit the ground and explode entire planet. I know it pissed when Superman win Death Battle in 2 times, but, do I even overreacting? No, I don't. I don't go butthurt towards ScrewAttack or Superman. Besides, I like both Goku and Superman and I don't care who wins that I'm pretty much enjoy watching Death Battle. Even most of the people hard to enjoy Death Battle due to butthurt people who fans of certain stuff they like and moaning, whine and a sore loser and commit suicide and sore winners too whenever deserve to give one of characters death wish they hate, of course.

Oh boy, do I forgot to mention about revolting yaoi pairing that loads and loads yaoi fanboys and fangirls ship on Goku x Vegeta, Gohan x Piccolo, Gohan x Goten, Goku x Gohan, Goten x Trunks and other certain pairings on male? Oh trust me, it gets worse. WAY worse. I mean, I've seen Goku x Vegeta has revolting activities and want breakup with the respective wife like Chichi and Bulma who marries and treat them like sex toys alongside Gohan x Piccolo and other. I think I am going to PUKE! They were a discussion about godawful theory (possibly) that fanbrats really want to happen in order to gain more praise and none of them keep their mouth shut and begging them to make them canon when creator don't accept their request or find something to do so. I'm pretty sure that pairing is quite infamous DBZ yaoi pairing (and yuri pairing) that cause 100% sick to death when it considers another species or pedophilia (and not even poorly story plot and written fanfic) and they probably start shoveling their own throat afterward.

As much I like DBZ, they probably find better things to do other than thinking this is the end of the world when your favorite DBZ characters lose to certain characters on Death Battle or anything and are like "BAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!111111 GOKUZ SOULZ BEE W0N INTEDZ 00F SUPRMAN1111!!!! Cry emote"  or something else and take a chill pills, so that calm your tits down a bit.

#6. Fairy Tail Fandom

Well, while I never watched Fairy Tail for a long time (I don't know why I stopped watching) and like badass anime like DBZ above, I would like to say, this fandom is definitely toxic and abomination. All they do, they magically start worshiped each character and other stuff and treat this show like warriors, god, saviors, etc. and claims to be the best anime ever like DBZ. Likewise, most of the people are technically so obsessed with this show especially prefers English Sub rather than English Dub and believe Dubs is terrible when it isn't and make them Weeaboos and overpraised each character such as Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, etc. other than one of them who is not overpraised and not love enough (and not one bit). Sometimes, Fairy Tail fanboys and fangirls can defend this show and be treating opinion like fact and act like don't know what the opinion or opinion as an excuse who force have the same opinion as them and blah blah blah when accusing that everyone like this anime and believes Natsu strongest is the characters in the world. When someone hates this anime for any reason, they will go apeshit and send majority death threat, rape threats, outlaw threat etc. for not having the same opinion as them. Heh. Sound like they got their genital chop off or never hit a puberty for not having the same opinion, can't handle the truth or anything. People casually defending this show whatsoever and they probably have no sympathy and act like this anime is the masterpiece the way people not liking this show and not their favorite eventually.

In matter fact, people are obsessive boner each character and call them Waifu and treat them like people whatsoever. Fuckin weeaboos fall in love with fictional characters and believe they strong fighter, magic and blah blah blah the way they have a huge sexual attraction towards Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia, Mirajane Strauss, Mavis Vermilion etc. and draw pornography picture to disgust everyone and doesn't know how to keep their fetish to themselves. Even worse, it has "balls"  to draw revolting fetish out of Wendy Marvell, Happy, Carla, and other who is an underage of 17 or less and has a shitload of child porn alongside vore, feet, inflation, diaper and other disgusting fetishes. I think I am going to PUKE! Oh god, what the hell wrong with pedophile artist?! Is that really necessary to draw pornography out of underage children to make you cool?  No, it not. It makes you sicko, creepy, molester, and freak! Seriously, how you feel when someone chews you out for drawing fetish art out of Wendy and posts to DeviantArt Cringe in Google+ Community, huh? It definitely not cute or kawaii when they draw underage children and even zoophile who also a sexual attraction between human and animal the way people can draw poorly half human and half animal, even professional and good picture fanart and want them to make sick, but worse...

They also whine about Erza lose to Zoro from One Piece on Death Battle and urges ScrewAttack's companies to win Erza and possibly gain the lost interest of One Piece. Man, I know I already talk about Death Battle, but I have to say this again minus Goku vs Superman, though. Most of the Erza fanbrats casually sore loser and pissy that they believe this is the end of the world state that Death Battle is just a joke and drive them to suicide. I mean, I know Fairy Tail fans are pissed that Zoro won the battle, but again, do I go butthurt about it. No, because I just let it slide or shrugged off whoever win this and it was no big deal about it. Besides, I like Zoro because of his badass characters swordsman next to Erza, herself, who also badass female swordsman too and I like both Fairy Tail and One Piece as for extra. At least, Natsu win Death Battle after he beat Ace from One Piece and wants to defeat Zoro after what he did to her and sore winners and gloating towards One Piece and be asshurt about it, even rabid One Piece Fans exist too of course, but I'm not gonna talk about this fandom because I know I'll be probably repeating myself and/or reversal that I already talk about earlier from Death Battle.

Another thing is, they whine when manga ending and I think one of them who screaming and yelling at the camera and begs creator to don't ended and bring back Fairy Tail. Ha ha ha... Are you fuckin kidding?! The creator really wants to end this manga because I know ran out an idea or doesn't want to go downhills or whatever, so you gonna think about this or else it gets you nowhere. Not all of it, they use a petition to attempt to stop him from ending series or bring back that won't solve anything and creator don't listen to them when they keep begging and urges back in fourth. Sure, it sad that Fairy Tail has been ended after I hear an announcement of Hiro Mashima and there a no more new arcs story or anything, but, I'm not gonna whine or begs creator to bring back and some shit. Otherwise, if I was him, I couldn't have to make overrunning for a long time and gain more interest and getting a lot of viewers just before the end this series eventually. I'm sure Fairy Tail Fandom is pretty much toxic, lowlife, mental, lack of intelligence and shitful as DBZ Fandom and other anime fandoms.

And not let forget about shipping wars between Nalu (Natsu x Lucy) and Nali (Natsu x Lisanna) and Natza (Natsu x Erza) and Jerza (Erza x Jellal) and other who arguing and fighting over their shipping and cause a lot of drama alongside yaoi and yuri pairing, and I'm not gonna say this again when I already talk about it and cover one bit.

Well, moving on.Okay... Moving on now... 

#5. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Fandom

Oh boy. What I have to say this about this fandom? I fully aware that people who love this show and they give an automatically favorite show to gain a lot praising in order to start worship and.... you know, draw cringeworthy fanart and other shit. I never watch My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic before and I suppose I'll start watching anytime soon and I believe it was a good show in my opinion, but, these fans are SO immature as fuck. I've seen people who literary fapping each character 24/7 and treating them like real people and role model who taught them a lesson and act like they teacher to them alongside people treat this show like warriors, overlord, angels, god etc. of course.

When someone hates My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic for any reason especially "too girly" as bullshitting excuse, they give you automatically bad time by bashing on you, rage at you, send death threat, rape threat, and blah blah blah and abusing multiple report system and blocked you like a retard for having different opinion or anything. Every brony has the bandwagon and spreading around the internet. Not only bronies give one of the people triggers who hate this show, they fighting over with Anti-Bronies and begin overwhelming each other for years! Seriously, both bronies and anti-bronies magically chaos to cause a lot of drama, assassinate each other and blame them for being homophobic (possibly) for not supporting bronies while anti-bronies called them gay, etc. Sure, I know male allowed to watch MLP:FIM (which I'm not sure why, though, but still), when they want to, but sometimes, they typically use autistic as an insult who have a mental condition (you know, autism) and stereotyping themselves. Likewise, they grew even worse when SJWs bandwagon them and start treating them like real people (which I have to say this again... Of course. Roll Eyes) and called one of them Waifu bullshit and make godawful fanfic when they made disturbing content during dark fanfic (which I have no problem with dark fanfic except gore parts and some of them), weird plot, remake fanfic story after episode whether worst episode or not, etc. So yeah, bronies learn to stop barging people for having a different opinion from them and they probably grow up and get over with (and I know rabid anti-bronies/MLP:FIM hatedom exist too, same with rabid bronies, and I'm not gonna talk about hatebase because it will be reversal that I talk about earlier and probably use same lines, so both rabid bronies and anti-bronies are just abomination).

Oh, did I forgot to mention about a shitload of pony porn? I think I am going to PUKE! Oh trust me, you probably give true nightmares and get 100% vomit to death! I've seen it has too many zoophile artists who draw between human and animal or animal themselves the way they really want have sex with main characters so bad, that really disgusting as hell! Of course, it has inflation, vore, diaper, feet, fat, fart, and other revolting fetishes that completely disturbing as fuck and definitely not cute at all. Disbelief

And another perfect reason why My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is popular show nowadays because of people typically hard to enjoy that bronies and anti-bronies fighting over for having a different opinion, accusing best show ever bullshit, and other stuff. Not even most of the people who copy off opinion from other people who use Animated Atrocities and some stuff in order to use the same line all over and probably act like don't know how to use their own lines no thanks to Mr. Enter and his supporter/white knights (again, I'll talk about his fandom later). Well, enough said about MLP:FIM's fandom and move on to next list.

#4. The Loud House Fandom

I would like to say these fandoms are full of disgusting pedophiles when they draw child porn and some shit, sore winners whenever getting a lot of ratings lately or make theory dream come true, whiny about when the characters didn't appear any episode or not set up canon when theory and/or Fanon make happen, CJWs/SJWs, GoFanbrats, and too many obsessive boner worship by drawing load and load of cringeworthy fanart and thinks it "cute" (even some good fanart without fetish or anything cringe). Also, Loudcest fanart that absolutely disgust everyone, Animated Atrocities, Animated Admirable, etc. of repetitive explanation maker and even accuse of The Loud House is the best Nickelodeon show ever or this show is underrated when is not and give automatically having bad time when someone hate this show and giving people in trigger that they can't handle different opinion and apeshit one of them.

Do I need to explain more? You may click here about why I hate TLH Fandom because I know I'll repeat and mention everything that I already talk about it.

#3. FNAF & Undertale Fandom (2-way tie)

I have FNAF & Undertale fandom and both of them are bad and toxic fandom and accusing that both games are the best games ever when isn't and treat them like a masterpiece. Plus, this is the 2-way tie and I'll keep it belief altogether.

3a FNAF Fandom - I never played FNAF before and the long time that I used played it just for fun and these fans are typical butthurt fantard. Basically, too many raging kids who play this game all days and nights long, screaming and yelling so loud that give them a headache and/or ear bleed every time they got jump scare (possibly) and overhyped when the new games came out. Whether or not, they contradicting and couraging that FNAF is popular games the way most of the people treat Scott Cawthon like God all the sudden. When someone said that FNAF isn't best horror games ever played, they will rage at you and send a death threat to other people and have FNAF's fictional characters jumpscare them (which they won't work and solve anything). Plus, they claim that Fazbear Pizza exists when it never happened in real life that no such thing. Therefore, they also have cringeworthy fanart and ships that none of them I find cute or nothing. Disbelief Even Foxy x Mangle (which I barely remember I used to ship them) that I find good remaining couple (although I'm not sure if Mangle is male or female, so I believe Mangle is female) and pretty much better than Foxy x Chica or Foxy x Bonnie that I find good couple, but still. Not only that, they also ship with crossover and it was terrible as hell because I don't find cute, amused or anything when they ship with MLP:FIM, Capcom (possibly), Sonic, Steven Universe (possibly), Gravity Falls, etc. that consider zoophile (despite they are animatronic, but still). They also ship themselves (you know self-insert pairing) that they claim to be Waifu/Husbando and want have sex with them so bad. What. The. Fuck! What the hell wrong with mental man-child and woman-children?! They typically treat them (especially Freddy Fazbear and Foxy) like the godfather and claims them they cute and act like it was no big deal about self-insert and don't know what fictional characters are. Likewise, it has a shitload of revolting fetishes, poor writing whenever make a fanfic, cringeworthy fanart, and blah blah blah. You talk too much!  And another reason why FNAF is going downhills nowadays due to fandom ruined for everyone and destroying their life and fun the way people giving annoying accuses that FNAF is the best games and I'm not gonna say this again like I said earlier. And let not forget about ripoff and plagiarism games who copy off the idea from Scott Cawthon and make terrible fanmade games (such as Five Night At Fuckboy, even some funny part like game over screen, Five Night With 39, etc). Only YouTube gamer like Markiplier that I can watch and good remaining that he can play any FNAF fanmade that I have to. So, I have nothing else to say about FNAF and head to 3b.

3b Undertale Fandom - Undertale fans is biggest cringe fandom around the internet (especially Tumblr) and they frequently begin bandwagon that expected to do the other things as spite on Undertale hurfs the fanbase and the game and biological imperative like reproduction going, it tends to be tough for living creatures to NOT want to facilitate the furthering of their genetics. However, just like FNAF, most of the people got nothing better to do by overwhelming towards people who have a different opinion from them, saying Undertale isn't the best game ever made, etc. and complaining about certain stuff they hate majority time. In fact, it has cancerous fanart by loads of revolting fetishes, poor drawing skills, so called "cute" art, and other shit and downright rude and hardest to ignore. 

Another thing is, Sans fanboys are even more cancer as rest of the characters and start treating him like real people and claim he cute when it isn't. I mean, so many people magically telling godawful theory that makes no sense and poorly explanation or written or anything, shitposting (except for once), vocal minority that gives the non-vocal majority a bad rep and giving other people bad names. Also, they ship cancerous couple with crossover pairing like Sans x Luan Loud, Sans x Frisk, Undertale x MLP:FIM, Undertale x Sonic (possibly), etc. and of course they ship themselves with Sans who want have sex with him as well. Are you fuckin kidding me? :puke: You do realize that Sans is skeleton that considers Necrophilia (you know, people who sexual attraction to corpse when someone murder him/her or commit suicide or something) and they make shitful ship between Sans and real people like Mrs. Sans, Sans=fangirls, or whatever names called is and act like he the king or whatever. Seriously, they really need to stop giving Sans attention because he not real, not sexy and not your boyfriends, so you probably stop playing Undertale games 24/7. Here the main reason why this game is going downhills nowadays because of typically fangirls (and fanboys) bandwagon each character, post cringeworthy about Tumblr (unless something who didn't draw self-insert pairing and some shit), DeviantArt (same as Tumblr), YouTube, etc. and ruined for them.

What I say about Undertale that they salty, greedy, overhyped, revolting, lowlife, freak and they full of SJWs. So, only good remaining that I can listen to the soundtrack that I enjoyed rather than toxic fandom, cringy fanart (except something good without revolting fetishes or anything), poor explanation of the theory, etc.

#2. TheMysteriousMrEnter Fandom

Ahh... To be fair, I don't like Mr. Enter myself, that he been to waste time to repeating same lines while reviewing certain cartoon he hates (like making Animated Atrocities, despite I use this meme when I have to) or he loves (like making Animated Admirable), Nostalgiatard (despite he likes My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, The Loud House, Steven Universe, Ducktale (possibly) and some of them,), bashing certain cartoon, basement dweller and SJWs/CJWs wannabe. I mean, seriously, Mr. Enter is definitely infamous cartoon critics and reviewers and typically he takes cartoon too seriously (such as Teen Titans Go) that he can't still with poor animated, cruel humor, toilet humor, etc. and acts like this is the end of the world for him and spam same schedule all over again. Likewise, he also part of Cartoon Community and he directly responsible for ruining cartoon and treat them like Satan he hates and warriors he loves (and I'm not gonna say it again Roll Eyes). Not even he hates a good show like Wayside, The Mischievous Flapjack (possibly or just like it a bit since he reviews Love Bugs) and some of them for no reason, defending each character he like chewings writer out with zero sympathies whenever "Torture Porn" issue and be asshurt about it.

Oh, I know they probably attack me for this, but most of the Enterbot are also soulless copycats to use same lines and treat him like a savior! I mean, seriously, why so many people like him the Nostalgia Critic ripoff (no offense to sane fans without whine about stuff he hates or anything)? I've seen people giving annoying accuse that overused terms and take over by IGUA that "Mr. Enter hate is getting old" or  "Mr. Enter is the best cartoon reviewers ever" as an excuse and make them butthurt whatsoever. If you hate Mr. Enter, they will rage at you, blocked you, false report you (or better yet, abusing, multiple report system) or have Mr. Enter blocked one of them to prevent them post a comment while you dislike/hate him. Also, Enterbot or white knight of Mr. Enter or whatever you want to call them are full of Nostalgiatard and Moderntard (when they frequently obsess with new certain stuff and worship culture) and that people are typically liberals, basement dweller, culture, lacking intelligent and much more. In fact, most of the people like to copy off the lines and opinion from Mr. Enter or everyone else and they believe one of cartoon characters role model and blah blah blah and begs for writer or creator to make more episode, don't cancelled or ended this series (only they want to be cancelled or ended they hate), making main focus in one of main characters or so, etc. and sign Petition that won't solve anything and nothing else. Plus, most of the people basically use overused terms that they casually contradicting themselves and used by a load of IGUA such as "I respect your opinion" or "IRYO" phrase and act like respectful elder or so. Seriously, the opinion doesn't have a feeling that people allow having a different opinion without go any butthurt. Sure, I understand people have a different opinion and let it slide and take it, but just because you do so, doesn't mean have a feeling and make you contradicting yourselves whether or not. I'm pretty surprised that people still using this phrase and contracting themselves whatsoever. No, I disagree! 

Well, I'll probably keep going on and on to repeat myself about Mr. Enter's supporter and I believe MarsReview and RebalTaxi (despite I don't watch one of their videos) are better than him alongside PhantomStriders, Valiskibum94 and other Cartoon Community who whine about cartoon they hate, getting favorite cartoon cancelled or ended and other shit. BTW, to all Mr. Enter's white knight/supporters, you should look up what definition of opinion and I'll be ready when someone post asshurt comment while making sure I activated flame shield on.

#1. GoAnimate Fandom

GoAnimate Fandom is definitely biggest cringeworthy, cancerous, lowlife and disaster as fuck! I know what going on lately with GoAnimate Users, they been making shitload of infamous videos so called Grounded Videos where parents ground children for bullshitting and retarded reason (such as getting something from the store, getting majority fat at restaurant, getting trouble school once teacher send him/her to principal office and suspended or expelled them one of them and send them home for chewing gum at class, sleeping in class, getting math answer wrong, cheating on test, quiz, or exam and other school issues, create any social media account, etc.) and give them horrific activities by cutting their genital (you know, male penis), beating them up, barfing or shitting on them, forced to watch something they hate, etc. that completely disturbing as hell. Not only that when they probably still making Grounded Videos today, GoFanbrats magically copy off the same idea in over and over (seriously, have they ever ran out idea or something) after someone made first videos and/or request something for Grounded Videos, thus make them plagiarism, making pointless ripoff idea from TV Series or so (such as Character Eliminated that is rip off of Total Drama and Survivors the Game Show, although I don't watch it, I play at Roblox), Punishment Days Videos/Assault Videos (which is disturbing content like Grounded Videos, similar with this videos), and other shit and still treating this websites like God and masterpiece of course. GoFanbrats pulls the trigger and barging them who hate this website, Grounded Videos and other stuff and even Flash or any animated program better than GoAnimate.

Therefore, I've seen people who make grounded videos out of fictional character from certain cartoon they hate and typically ruined their childhood, taking them too lightly by bashing on them and other shit. I mean, why, why people still making cancerous grounded videos out of little kids show like Caillou and Dora, huh? Even I don't care for Caillou and Dora anymore despite part of my childhood a little, they have gone too far and not make any better the way they treating Caillou and Dora like Satan whatsoever and called them "baby show" (which is not actual baby show when it only preschool show). I have no clue who started this shit and brainwashed a lot of people to have the same opinion as them and worship. Only one problem, they also make revolting fetishes video on GoAnimate that is gross as fuck and build up disturbing content by swelling their butt and poop on someone, inflation, swelling their breast, etc. Oh, remember Trent Morrison who used to make GoAnimate Videos for while after GoAnimate updates that were before removing Comedy World and other Non-Business Theme (not entirely, leave remaining some of them) back in 2015? Oh, trust me... I think I am going to PUKE! Trent is definitely pedophile who do this to underage children and put up fucked up the picture in kisekae (which I never used it for while). I've seen it has a lot of bombs dislikes one of his videos and negative comment and flagged multiple videos and tell him to stop it or keep his fetishes to himself and delete their videos and Trent refuses to listen, urges them to accept his opinion as excuses, blocked them like a wussy and make videos out of them (possibly). At least everyone glad that his YouTube account got terminated due to Copyright Infringement when he probably make too many User Videos, Reaction Videos (like "Yes" or "No" something happened event), etc. on January 24, 2016, and leave Google+ account to remain alongside some of his YouTube accounts.

Also, they have too many cartoon groups (old topic since collapse after mid-late 2016 I think) that people barging other people's opinion and shit, taking a cartoon or certain thing too seriously, etc. and load of troll feeders (even I hate trolls (except some of them without sending death threat or anything), but I'll rather block, reported, and get out his slight unless someone threatened to doxxed someone's address and personal information and other criminal activities that are not "oblivious trolls"). Let say that group are VGCP (VideoGameCartoonPolice), UTTP (UTubeTrollPolice), EDCP (EveryDayCartoonPolice), TPNG (Troll Punisher Ninja Gear), TEIT (The Epic Impossible Team), NDCP (NightDayCartoonPolice), NODD (Network Offense Defense Divide or whatever name is), AUTTP (AntiUTubeTrollPolice), AVGCP (AntiVideoGameCartoonPolice), OWN (Ours World Now), and other cartoon group. They have nothing better things to do by making unoriginal videos, complaining something they don't like, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, grounded threat, death threats etc. and too many apeshits raging kid as well! Good lord! Here is another reason why a lot of hate Cartoon Group nowadays due to GoFanbrat's behaviors, destroying their life and ruined everything for them. And I'm glad I never joined any bullshit group and I have to get away from sociopaths GoTard who still stalking people and nothing else.

Even worse, they also whiny about GoAnimate's updates issue. I've seen GoAnimate Users lose their cool and got angry at Alvin Hung who founder of this sites when their music got removed (such as Street Fight theme that doesn't want to be sued by Capcom), removing GoPlus (because he was running low for his money), removing Talking Pics (to prevent get any worse to sued this) removing dashboard (to prevent cause drama and fighting over), replacing color palette into new one (so, everyone can easy to use by copying each color like it or not), removing comment, favorite, message and followers (so that make them peace and end of drama, barging in and cyberbullying), removing Facebook Login (to prevent hacker can be lurking around and do anything criminal activities), removing certain voice and language (like Eric, Alan, Dave, Susan, etc.), old music (just before replace it) and Non-Business Theme when license expired. Likewise, most of the GoTard callously bashing on him, send a lot of death threat to him, begs them to bring back one of old Non-Business theme etc. and accuse Alvin Hung ruined GoAnimate and destroying their life when they the one who ruined themselves by making too much Grounded Videos, cyberbullying, Assault Videos, drama etc. and don't know nothing about him or GoAnimate (and they made Grounded Videos or anything cyberbullying videos out of Alvin Hung that their account can get themselves suspended or terminated and not feeling better for them). It really fucking annoying, childish, lowlife, sociopath manchildren and womanchildren and sore loser GoFanbrats still nitpicking on him that he evil and trying destroying this website when he really wants to save money to keep this website active in order save money for his family. Come on, people! This is not the end of the world when your favorite websites got a new layout and update certain stuff. I know you feel pissed that your old stuff got removed or replace or even layout and updates and make them mess (believe me, so am I, especially YouTube, Google+ and Wikia), but it time for them to get over with instead of whiny and be like "BAAAAAAAWWWWW1111!!!!!!! G0AIMAE IZ RU1N3D BUY ALIN HUNZ AD HE DEZTOYIG W3BSIZES AD HEZ N0T P000R!!!!!1111 BAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!!!!!!11111111Cry emote "  and think Alvin Hung is Satan to them that he wants to save money.

And talk about GoRants, GoCommentaries, GoReaction (Not Copyright Content) and GoSalutes are horrible and shit that most of the GoTard basically contradicting themselves and overused as insult names and repeating same lines all over again (such as X more like Y, this thing sucks, it about (certain stuff) and they like go on failure adventure, character is annoying, theme song is cancer and aminated is shit, do you know who love (certain stuff)? "baby show"/"bad users", do you know who hate this (certain stuff)? "adult/teenager show"/"good users" etc.) and use annoying phrase like "hate getting old" as bullshit excuse, "good users" and "bad users" don't exist and treat them like superheroes and supervillains, "IRYO" and "I respect your opinion" statement and so on. And what should I say about GoAnimate fanboys/fangirls that they greedy, salty, Mr. Enter's and Cartoon Community worship wannabe, child abusers, sadistic, creepy, lowlife and mentally ill!

Here is main reason why GoAnimate is downhills and ungrateful websites nowadays because of idiotic fanbrats who ruined everything for them, loads and loads of unoriginal videos, child abuse fans, opinion basher, accuse that GoAnimate is real animation when it nothing about real one and most of the people just sit here barging people and no remorse or anything, especially harsh treatment with Alvin Hung and send so many grounded threat that not their parent and other shit. In either way, GoAnimate is not my tea cup anyway and I really wish GoAnimate don't exist and never happened to make Grounded Videos or anything, so people be happy about it and have a peaceful life without GoAnimate Community afterward. I'm glad I never join back this shitty website and never coming back ever again. And let not forget about a shitty couple with a crossover (like Sky x Boomboxer and Caillou x Dora) that makes no sense and too many self-insert of Waifu and Husbando bullshit and don't know what fictional characters are. I think this fandom is officially collapsed despite some infamous user who still around like Brendan Barney.

Dishonorable Mentions

Sonic Fandom
Regular Show Fandom
PhantomStriders Fandom
Matrooko11 Fandom (Even he deactivate his DeviantArt account and still has YouTube and Twitter account)
Pewdiepie Fandom
Steven Universe Fandom
Pokemon Fandom
Nostalgiatard (the 90s or older stuff)
Nickelodeon Fandom
Samurai Jack Fandom
The PowerPuff Girls Fandom
Wander Over Yonder Fandom
Naruto Fandom
Zootopia Fandom
Disney Fandom
Gravity Falls Fandom
Star Vs The Force Of Evil Fandom
Total Drama Fandom
Vailskibum94 Fandom
Call of Duty Fandom
Spongebob Squarepants Fandom
Nostalgia Critic Fandom

Well, there you haven't. This is Top 10 Worst Fandom and I have no conclusion about this. So, I'll build Worst Hatedom media in next journal soon. So, the end and CAFD7 out.
sigh, Well, I like to say, that these fandoms were supposed to have peace and quiet without having apeshit. I mean, I really like this show and no, I don't hate this show, but these fanbases are so fucking butthurt as hell, okay.

These fanbase are completely asshurt man-child who likes to bashing on writer who makes "Lincoln Torture Porn Episode" by putting scene for only few seconds or just less longer and other shit 24/7, obsession specific characters worship, pedophile scum who ship real people with underaged characters (Like Luna Loud, Lucy Loud and other Loud Sisters included), and other retarded shit.

Not only that, most of people being obsessed with this show since years ago on May and there no wonder this show so getting popular like SpongeBob SquarePants, Teen Titans Go (which I dislikes/don't care this show and I'm not bitching about it like Enterbots and only shitload of negative review, so I don't know why), Regular Show (though it got cancelled/ended in 4 months ago), Adventure Times, etc. that most enjoy modern show entire time, not even designed, plot, characters and humor are good animations too you know, I believe it has become underrated, but nowadays it definitely becoming overrated nowadays thanks to fanbrats. Heck, I already have Loud Sisters in worst characters fandom and my own stamp back in the time and I can't say that most of them not good enough to explanation (especially copying opinion and explanation as well), so I thought I could make this of my own.

Deep breath Now, let begin with when people taking stuff way too seriously and some other stuff.

#1. Taking Episode, Scene and Stuff Way Too Seriously  + Opinion Basher

Oh boy, I seen tons of people who still complaining, whining, childish and immature about episode like Brawl In The Family and No Such Luck (and even Making The Grade) who made "Lincoln's Torture Episode" and believe they like child-abusing, Ronnie Anne absence multiple episodes (though it confirmed that she finally appear in Shell Shock), scene and other shit. All they do just bashing on episode rather than reviewing (such as Animated Atrocities), hate art out of staff (which I've seen komi114 that he made hate art out of staff like Chris Savino who made creator of this show and believe he love torturing main character Lincoln Loud; however I think he deleted due to hatred comment and probably can't take criticism whatsoever), sequel or remaking fanfic from original episode, making meme picture and even remixing scene to heartwarming.

I mean, these people just so overwhelmed, oversensitive and other shit that people were doing it. According to overwhelmed and oversensitive, "Lincoln Torture Episode" (like Brawl In The Family and No Such Luck for example) that people were seriously batshit on this episode and all that shit and not even blaming on Loud Sister and writer who wrote it and thinks to try funny scene and want them dead by cars crash and other shit making them heartless and all the shit. Seriously, why you people bashing on a writer and wanting to kill them just because they make Lincoln Torture Episode and thinks they like child abuse shit (like GoAnimate fans who made bullshit Punishment Day Videos or Assaulted Videos) and making you feels better? No, that not it, because that make you heartless, hypocrites (say the one who hates send death threats) etc. can't you guys at least don't watch "Lincoln Torture Episode" and find something to watch you liked unless putting review episode like I did and everyone else, it really simple! At this point, if you even hate any episode or certain things related to TLH that everyone loves, they will rage at you in all caps and goes on apeshit on you, so they can either send you deaths threats, outlaw threat, grounded threat (which is made by GoTard) and other shit that illegal to give. Like seriously, this fandom is really the majority of the fandom to be very problematic. If you hate this episode, you probably don't watch it and make a review about this episode (and no, I'm not going to say "it just a cartoon" which annoyed the shit out of everyone who acts like mature, overused and even excused shit).

Not even they like to make rewrite story to make a "better" ending and/or extended on fanfic and that shit is terrible. I mean, I've seen the writers who put up terrible treatment towards Loud Sisters to teach them a lesson (although, Loud Sisters is their own fault for do anything stupid and harsh treatment with Lincoln, but still), by killing, torture, and other disturbing content. Seriously, what up with your bashing on Lincoln Torture Episode (although I do not like Lincoln for getting harsh treatment and wanted review for episode without taking too seriously if I have to) and hateboner of certain stuff you hate especially Lynn Jr after No Such Luck (which I also hate this episode, so why people neutral over this episode and defending her and no sympathy act like you can't handle different opinions when someone hate her) huh? So, you can shovel their own throat and then you can beat the shit out of writer if you have to right? Well, sound like to me when you got your own body part chop off or ripped apart or anything for punishment that breaking the law and some stuff. And let not forget about cringeworthy fanfic that exactly make no damn sense and build up shitty same line like GoFags do when they make rant videos on the GoAnimate version. Not cringeworthy or disturbing fanfic like :iconktblade91: (which I have no concerned about him since I don't talk to him) who put up a good story and make better than original from the episode I don't like or even scene as well.

Also, if you even hate The Loud House that everyone love, they will rage at you with caps lock on, disrespect your opinion, harassing you and even send majority death threat, outlaws threat, rape threat, grounded threat (which is used by GoTard who love GoAnimate), etc. and proof they asshurt manchild and womanchild. Like come on, do you thinks that The Loud House is or maybe you don't know what the hell that is... Or maybe episode they think it is? It so annoying that people still bashing on a writer (which I know they been doing dirty work, but can at least blame someone who requested it or something), believe they like making "Lincoln Torture Episode", making a weird plot that makes no damn and other shit. And oh, it never stopped complaining and whine about stuff they hate... Seriously, this is fuckin cartoon, not genocide act like this is the end of the world for everyone). And so, I believe it another SuperMarioLogan since he been making any torture videos and possibly got away from punished (which is so called Karma Houdini who prevent them getting punished by their own parents or even government whatsoever) and possibly have same common as Chris Savino despite The Loud House is only premiere in year ago on May while SuperMarioLogan joined YouTube around 2007 and load of heartwarming of TLH unlike SML themselves. Well, I think got nothing to say and head to next problem fandom.

#2. Cringeworthy, Screenshot Stolen and Repetitive Meme 

The second problem is that making a cringeworthy and repetitive meme. I know you people have fun making meme and even chart, believe me, so am I, but these memes are so repetitive, irrelevant and unfunny meme as fuck.

I mean, really I know people, like :iconfunnytime77: (sorry, because screenshot meme is absolutely pointless and consider stolen art, so why not make Scoreboard, Top 10 and other meme rather than this one) that one of them were making neither screenshot or make their own meme as well. So, I think I seen aware of the cringeworthy meme and not funny and all the shit. Not even one of them probably does the same meme in over and over again just like Grounded Videos on GoAnimate who ran out any idea. For example, :iconmatrooko11: (although his account got deactivated and I'm pretty sure he probably keep coming back in fourth, so it been while he never reactivated, so I'm surprised) who has been making a repetitive meme and makes Waifu chart shit and nothing else. Can these people just come up with the different idea rather than copying people's meme or repetitive meme to prevent you being called plagiarism? I know the meme is the most popular type of photo or whatever that people can screenshot and add to make like either DeviantArt or any other sites as well and make funny about it. Hell, they have been making a shitload of a meme (well except for once, so I wanted to get something off the chest you know) and cringeworthy some shit you know. Also, they even use overused meme and all the shit and proof they are been making cringeworthy meme than usual. So, why don't they do drawing instead? Heck, I'm not good at drawing any picture except stick figure which is only drawing I used to draw and make start doing that soon you know when I read out any idea whatsoever. I have probably been aware of has a shitload of copyright content (which someone who steals from a picture and uses and post on DeviantArt), repetitive, irrelevant and even copying some of the memes in order to remake it and same style of people's idea as well. And let not forget about copying other people's opinion from :iconmrenter: by making toxic review of Animated Atrocities (although I used it for fun and don't talk Mr. Manchild Who Cries About TTG that much) to repeating the same explanation, copy off from description from other people etc. and repetitive stuff like scoreboard (which is suppose to wait until neither season 1 or so is over) and other kinds of shit. How fucking plagiarism they really are. Smoking

#3. Loudcest

sigh Oh boy... All the times that writer who doing hard work by building heartwarming together and why? Just why the hell they ship on Lincoln and his own sister (especially Lily, who toddlers), plus parents? Speaking of which, I been aware of these photo picture of Lynncoln (Lincoln x Lynn), Lincy (Lincoln x Lucy), Luancoln (Lincoln x Luan), Lincori (Lincoln x Lori), and much more. Not only that, but their load and load of Loudcest fanart (especially DevianArt, Google (you'll see of image search bar) and even Tumblr) make romantic fanfics, etc. I was like.... What. The. Living. FUCK! Yami Shocked I think I am going to PUKE! What the hell wrong with you?!?! These damn people are load of disgusting incest pedophile creep who love to sick people to death on purpose and no sympathy. I'm sure Loudcest fanbrat can actually react when someone hates this pairing:

"0h $uz3s, 1 w!11 k|1l 0N3 00F T3M Wh0 Ht3 MEH Sh1PP1G!!!!!!"

Tsk. What a butthurt pedo incest creep they are.

Also, I"ve seen that picture of:   The Fandom Does WHAT With Us?! by PhoenixOfGrunvale from :iconphoenixofgrunvale: (so, I have no concern about him, and possibly can't truth or criticism whether or not) that he and everyone can't stand of Loudcest who still making cringeworthy art whatsoever and never stopped making them (and they also post to pornography websites like Rule 34, The Loud Boorus, etc.) Also, I have been aware of Die For Our Ship from TV Tropes since Ronnie Anne appear for the first time in Save The Dates (aka overrated episode) and one of them decide to bashing on her, ship between her and Lincoln and make hate art out of her as well. In fact, I think it started of Loudcest ships is neither Lincori or Lynncoln who may be started it (although I have no clues who made them for Loudcest in the first place) at this point.

That being said, they may throw electronic device out of window when they see load and load of Loudcest fanart and fanfiction that they seriously ships on themselves other than someone else like Ronnie Anne and Bobby and claims to be canon when they sibling and one of them were confirmed couple and never happened and even attacking several people who hate incest pairing and abusing multiple reports system. Don't forget people, as you long get away from rapid sociopath Loudcest shippers, you should lay off, don't look at the picture and move on especially when you taking incest pairing way too seriously. Ok, they really grow up and learn to accept criticism, truth or opinion and hard!

#4. Cringeworthy & Fetish Fanart

Fanart just these complete worthless fanart and make them cringe fanart. Not only I've seen cringy fanart that none of them are good at all (except one of them that make something good), but I see it has a shitload of Fetish Art (which is known as "The Lewd House" so, I have no clue who made that terms) out of underaged characters by drawing porn, vore, feet, balloon body, fart and other disgusting art that completely disturbing as hell! Seriously, fetish art it not fuckin cute or funny, what kind of sick people are they. Did you even want to become a pedophile and/or endophile who have sexual attract towards underaged like Luna Loud or Lucy Loud or any underaged children?!?!

No? Then that what I thought! I think I am going to PUKE! Fetish art out of underaged doesn't make you cool, it makes you creep, sicko, pedo, and freak! So, why people start shoveling people's throat that people hard to enjoy with all disgusting or cringy fanart? Oh, well, of course, they decide to want to make people life's on miserable on Earth and have force have the same opinion or respect their opinion. Seriously, there no way I'm not accepting any opinion and handle fetish art to let it slide because it fuckin creep and disgusting. In fact, they decide to put up Waifu Chart in order to even MORE pedophile like Matrooko11 did on Waifu chart (not even he delete Waifu chart back in fourth and still making repetitive meme today, which I already cover), similar to fanart, but it, not the same thing. I've seen a lot of people like Enterbot like to defending their pedophile with lacking their empathy and forcing respect their opinion. Let say, when someone hates fetish and/or called cringe that chewing creator out for making cringeworthy and fetish art, they will block you like a wussy and they absolutely can't handle the truth or constructive criticism at all.

Oh sure, these asshurt manchild/womanchild can say something shit like:

"0H!!111! U CAT REPECCST MEH Op1N10H?!?1?1 UR B1OK3D AD GEET DA FUK OF 0N D3V1aNTAAT11111! Angered " 


"FUK U11!!! MY AT 1Z N0t CING3 AD UR B10K3D FOM MEH P0F1l3111!!!!"

To proof how asshurt they really are. Not even Loudcest (which I already talk about this, but I have to say this again when I have to) drew fetish art out of them and make people sick to death. So, why you people keep your hideous fetish art to yourself, so no one will attack you. I honestly hard to respect the opinion on fetish art and find one of art are cringe despite I don't post a comment to calling them and ignoring art lately(although, only I can post to Deviant Cringe on Google+ Community to show how cringe, disgusting and uncomfortable they really are). Seriously, people, this is DevinatArt, not porn websites like Hentai, Rule 34, e621, The Loud Boorus etc. who thinks DeviantArt is porn websites when it isn't. And let not forget about recolor drawing each character to make them plagiarism, making "original" characters, based drawing and even stolen art from other sites like neither The Loud House Wikia that is a screenshot, Tumblr, InkBunny and anything else, that consider copyright material and kiss their own DeviantArt account goodbye.

#5. Crack-Pairing, Self-Insert Pairing And Shipping Wars

The fifth problem was that pairing. Yep, they are a load of butthurt man-children and woman-children who can't respect any opinion on these pairing, disgusting pedophile who ship on real people and fictional female characters underages, make up shitty crack-pairing, crossover pairing or even non-canon, etc. Well, I think some of the ship I like is Ronniecoln (Lincoln x Ronnie Anne, though this ship ruined by GoFags (probably), SJWs and even some Anti-SJWs who make cringeworthy, bashing on hatebase and other shit), Tabbcoln (Lincoln x Tabby), Pollycoln (Lincoln x Polly Pain), and some of them. Well, I can't say about pairing that minor is only one appear at the times, well...

Let start with a crack pairing. Crack pairing is one of pointless and unless type pairings in my opinion. I mean, crack pairing just pretty useless than usual (well, except for once), it like Clyde x Lori (Clori or whatever names is, also known as non-canon), Lincoln x Polly Pain (Pollycoln, which is only minor characters in one at the time possibly), Lincoln x Shy QT (Shycoln), etc. Not even some popular overrated like Luaggie (aka Luan x Maggie, who is created by :iconboglinabbey: and :iconcoyoterom: (again, I already talk about this from worst fandom characters and couple that I like and/or ship with as their friends, and I have to say this again if I have to) who started it and make Yuri out of them and I have seen aware of people hate this pairing, who bitching about this pairing and never shut up or anything. So it almost better than Loudcest that may healthier, but still, it make me uncomfortable and I think Luaggie fandom are bad as hatedom who can't respect opinion, call out for being homophobic for bullshit reason just because they claims it disgusting, weird and lesbian pairing and so on, but still), Lynn x Dipper (from Gravity Falls) (Lypper which is crossover pairing who created by :iconmathew-swift-va: and I 've seen aware a lot of people despise this pairing) and so on. Well, I think some creator of ships got better.... Not! Because I know some raging kid can't respect any opinion who hate it and they decide to make up cringeworthy art and other shit.

As for shipping wars, though, people just casually moving forwards to head to head between Lynncoln and Ronniecoln (which I have to say this again without repeating explanation from Loudcest) and people don't how to respect the opinion, bashing on their ship and much more. What I can say, most of Loudcest shipper are not happy about Ronnie Anne to appear in Save The Dates and have good "romantic relationship" (although they were just friends and secretly relationship to prevent getting involved with other kids or everyone else) and possibly start drawing hate art out of her. Loudcest should get over with and don't be greedy pedo and attacking various people who shipped them other than Lincoln and/or Loud Sisters themselves like Luaggie, Lypper, Lynnrgo (the new ship, although I don't see it, except one fanart and fanfiction), etc. So, as much I like Ronniecoln that I ship them, these fanbrat should really give up on overhyped pairing when she appear any episode and be worshipping with 24/7 and make up their minds (and of course, if I keep going on and on, I'll end up repeating myself)

Oh, and self-insert pairing are also a worse type of pairing. All these people just seriously ship on underage of fictional female characters and wanna fuck them so bad and marry them whatsoever. Like what the fuck? Are these people are completely sicko or something? Because:
  1. Shipping yourself and fictional characters don't make you cool.
  2. Getting criticize or attacked by several people who hate self-incest pairing.
  3. Making cringeworthy art and other shit (especially Waifu chart) to tried people like their art between a real person and fictional characters.
  4. Making cringeworthy about X reader on fanfiction which also sucks in my opinion.
  5. Fapping these fictional characters.

When someone fictional characters are not real and call them pedophile for shipping underage, they probably raged at you and get at you like an asshurt monkey. Seriously, it not cute or impressed because that make you childish and immature as hell and I don't care if it okay with that makes you creep the hell out of someone like Matrooko11 did (which I already mention about repetitive meme). So, it's time to you realizes that and fictional characters are not real and make you Cartoonaboo like Weeaboo do too.

#6. Obsession and Overhyped Specific Certains Characters and Pairings

The sixth problem is the obsession and overhyped of specific characters and pairing.... WITH 24/7! Seriously, that TLH fandom just absolutely treating them like a god, angel and other shit a lot of people are so fuckin obsessed and overhyped with these characters and pairing. These specific characters are included Luna Loud (which is my favorite characters), Leni Loud (2nd favorite Loud Sisters), Lynn Loud, Lori Loud and more. Especially they really Luna make her main focus and see her so bad than usual like this: Still waiting... by Powerpuff-Pony,(despite none of them were forcing the writer to make her main focus and make everyone happy. Really, not even fantard like to force the writer to her main focus right there. It really annoying, childish, immature and impatient brats who don't give a shit about waiting or nothing, even it full of goddamn overhyped of certain episode like Ronnicoln event, Luna Loud, etc. who becoming main focus worship especially cringeworthy fanart and wanting kissing or hugging so bad to see squee like Justin Bieber fans (which I don't care for Justin Bieber except for some good song) and they even begging to make episode good, waiting one of the ships like Luaggie becoming canon, wanting to build extra heartwarming on any certain stuff and other shit, And what next, the fanbrats is now proof they don't know how to keep their damn mouth! :annoyed: Not even ironic users, like MrToon1999, DigiCartoonist99 (I have no concern about him), PowerPuffPony1 (which I have no concerned about him neither), etc. who claims to be mature when one of them do the same as Mr. Enter and his white knight/fantard who taking cartoon way too seriously, treating fictional characters like real people and so on. And they also like to blurt out the spoilers that no one are watching new episode yet (especially on Google Plus, who doesn't know how to keep their damn mouth shut, especially writer who also blurt out the spoilers way too early) When someone hates these characters and/or pairing or said overrated just because how much fandom they got into, they respond:

"0h fck u! Lun@ Lud itz aw3ome ch@rt3rs nd WFiu d sh3 n0t 0vrrat3d and 1 n3v3r $0p c@!!iNlg w1FU ad i n3v3r w1lll!!!!1111"

Or maybe this...

"H0W Dr3 F0R S@Y1G LUD SIXTERS nd LUDCXT OVRRt3d!!!!! THT ITZ, G0 2 B3D N000W!!!!11111"

Devilish Tsk. Oh, these fantards... They callously can't accept their opinion or nothing. Hell, not even one of them who ruined it for me and everyone who being mature about it and most people start making fetish art out of them (which I have to say this again about fanart; such as vore art, feet fetish, balloon body, and so on) and even some pairing too even most of the Ronniecoln and/or Ronnie Anne fanboys and fangirls wanted to see Ronnie Anne again, so out heartwarming so badly like someone hurried to escape and get away from whenever get attacked by criminal or wild animal or even police and fully impatient shitbag who won't shut their mouth 24/7 and nothing else. So, it that what you obsession and overhyped you care about Ronnie Anne appear huh? Even obsessed with this show with 24/7 and act like it the best Nickelodeon show ever and save the day too isn't? And I've seen Ronniecoln fanboys and fangirls (which I have to say this again for) who completely asshurt and whine when he and Ronnie Anne got separate at the end of The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos who don't know how to keep their damn mouth about they got separated and possibly never see each other again and moan and beg to come back and still with Lincoln. I mean, I'm pretty sure this ship is probably fading away (although I highly doubt that Back Out There is probably whether they got back together or not and I don't see rapid fanbrats goes apeshit about it) and possibly another Die With Our Ship and/or Abandon Ships afterward. I suppose Secret Relationship just couldn't take long to do so and become canon some days. And who? They never revealed and writers decide to split away from Ronniecoln and that just too damn fast (so, that make since when they save it for Season 2 finale or Season 3 like Regular Show, Adventure Times, Total Drama and even Ned Declassified School Survival Guide that reminded me) and one of them just casually blurt out and thinks they canon when it isn't because I look up in TV Tropes and it has secret couple and that definitely, not official couple (yet, even they did kiss on their lips in one episode in Save The Dates...). And enough talk about Ronniecoln's Fans because I don't want to repeat myself that I talked before from Shipping Wars.

In matter fact, I think there the main reason why these characters are a load of obsession specific characters worship 24/7 nowadays it of because people who like to faps fictional characters, talking to themselves by making sock account and have cringeworthy RP, and much more. Even that SJWs are taking over this show and ruined everything thanks to SJW (and Anti-SJWs), so how you feel when you RUINED THIS SHOW HUH?!

Sorry, this is technical difficulties.

And also, let not forget about when people has 2 new episode special and rival fandom torment with Steven Universe. I've seen that people just casually fighting over when people doesn't which one to watch and one of them can proof they may get tons of views to get there.

Not only, I've seen that picture like this: Img 20170531 124240 by CartoonAnimeFanDude7

The one picture from PRStorm (although, he delete it from DeviantArt, to prevent getting involved and attacked by SU fandom and/or one of the users who tried to constructive criticism or stalking him, but luckily, I downloaded from toxic websites of Wikia to post journal to explain more and not with his behaviors and don't talk to him since he can't reply), that he'll think The Loud Will Conquer the Universe to get there and getting most view. Are you serious? Are you trying to get TONS of people to cheer on The Loud House that easily? I think that make you asshurt and can't handle the difference of the opinion, not even Steven Universe Fandom is also bashing on this show and tried to get more views as well, but still. I do not understand why people just casually building more drama to do so and possibly send majority death threat and other shit for hard to chose and hard people to enjoy and painful to watch. So, they should want neither kimcartoon, On Demand or any watch online or even recording it to save it for tomorrow and no one getting involved. And they probably still talking shit about and fighting over today.

That being said, these specific characters and pairing worship who like to shovel people throat with no sympathy and anything else, no matter how much fandom could get and just literally difficult to enjoy and favorite one of the characters, etc. In addition, it called The Loud House, not The Romance House or The Harem House (which Lincoln the main target since I've seen a people who ship alot with other people especially his own sisters), and other shit who believe it whether romance or not. Well, it time to move on...

#7. GoFaggorty

1plxvv by CartoonAnimeFanDude7

sigh, What we have here... GoFaggorty (aka GoAnimate Fans) just came here to ruined this show along with fanbase who make cringeworthy Grounded Videos, GoAnimate Style Rants (such as "X? More like Y", "This thing sucks" "Do you know who like this (bad things)? Bad characters!" "Do you know who hate this (bad things)? Good characters" "Good things is better than bad things" and some more), User Videos, Reaction Videos and so on. I mean, grounded videos out of Lincoln and his sister just getting grounded for the shitty reason and I don't know why people still making them today. Here, let show you some cringe ass videos moment: like this and this and even this! Like what the hell wrong with them? I mean, GoFaggorty would like to ruin people fun with lacking all their empathy and no regretful whatsoever. They make a godawful avatar that exactly doesn't look like it, make grounded videos out of each character and so on and they even disrespect opinion on this show or anything (which I already cover from above) like this.  It really, really annoying that GoTard literally makes sockpuppet account in fictional characters (not even some turd who make them and act like she real characters when they don't) to send majority grounded threat to other people, make reaction videos to get taken down by the company for copyright content, and so on. What I can say, GoTard who fans of this show, look like the same style of Mr. Enter and his white knight/fanbrats by copying opinion especially using salute videos with GoAnimate Version, repetitive videos, and other kinds of stuff.  I believe it nothing worthless and it seems they were planning to make cringy pages on GoAnimate Wikia with other versions in the future and make cringy fanfiction about Grounded Videos on the script as well... Booooring! grumpy worker - now a PLZ Smoking 

#8. Rigged of Kid Choice Awards Torment

Ahh. The Kid Choice Awards still building Favorite Cartoon and add SpongeBob SquarePants in order to rigged vote all over again and I don't know why it still doing that. Not only KCA always rigged the vote for SpongeBob and still not let other cartoons win other than SpongeBob (who keep winning awards for every year, except in 2008 where Avatar The Last Airbender won awards when I look up original sites of Wikipedia) and I know people are complete bitching about it. What I can say, they are full of hateboner SpongeBob SquarePants who complaining about fricken SpongeBob won KCA instead of The Loud House all day long. Not only they complaining about The Loud House didn't win, but they callously send majority death threat towards Nickelodeon company, SpongeBob's company who work for SpongeBob and even Viacom and wanting The Loud House win. And they also put up Petition to win The Loud House in KCA and canceled SpongeBob to teach Nickelodeon variable lesson.

Oh, it that make you feel better? Hahahahaha. No. Hell no, because you take KCA and SpongeBob way goddamn seriously and I don't give a shit if you trying to chew me out. Not even asshurt fanbrats, TotalKid on YouTube who likes to kills SpongeBob that he is fictional characters and declare cancelled SpongeBob on purpose and possibly send majority death threat to one of company (although, his videos got deleted to prevent getting attack, criticizing, and bashing by SpongeBob fans, TLH haters, and one of the people) as well YoshiPlayer who bitching about SpongeBob won for 14th times (although his videos is neither deleted or taken down for copyright material)

These fanbrats just don't know how to move on and I'm sure they still being sore ass loser and react like:

"BAAAAAW!!!1111 Y DA FUK TEH LUD HUSE D1DNT FUKI1G W1N TIS K1D CHOO1C3 FUK1D AWaRD!!!!!!!111111 S Extreme Rage v2"

"UR FUK1G DED 2 M33333333 SP0G3B0B SQuR@3Pnt$!!!!!!! OUR$ F@V01T3 SH0W$ S0UD BEE W0N IST3aD!!!!!"


There, enough said about typical The Loud House fanboy and fangirl who still living in the past and bitching about KCA. I honestly believe that KCA is officially rigged since SpongeBob fans keep on voting in over and over again to piss everyone off while some of them overjoyed and wished came true. I highly doubt when SpongeBob keep winning awards for entire years and there no stopping him and nothing we can do about it.

#9 and Final Reason. SJWs and Anti-SJWs (Social Justice Warriors and Anti-Social Justice Warriors)

Oh boy. So many overgrown manchild and womanchild who bitching about this show whatsoever and they still not giving up on these obsession specific characters (which I have to say this again).

I have seen people who talking shit about whether this show is hiatus or not, out focus characters (especially Ronnie Anne), and other certain things. It so damn annoying that fanbrats are still not keeping up with social stuff and never move on from living in the damn past and so on. Not even they overhyped of another season and another season and nothing else.  Also, SJWs just ruined cartoon and take the fuck over when Enterbots start obsessed with these fictional characters, called them Waifu who claims to be a real person and begin fuckin hallucinating about it and other shit. Let not forget about post toxic websites that already been take over like Tumblr, Wikia (which I despise this website, but I'll still might be using and then I'm done using it for real if neither Abusive Staff fucked up issue or asshurt fandom or SJWs batshit, whine, etc.), DeviantArt, and much more that they post shit about cringy review, theories (unless good explanation without copying shit), etc.

Let not forget about Anti-Social Justice Warrior who callously despise SJWs, defending their specific characters with no sympathy and be whine about it (similar to SJWs) and others kind of shit. In matter fact, they were just major hypocrites. I mean seriously, I've seen ironically users from above who fan of Mr. Enter (which I have to say this again for one last time and that it, so I don't want to repeat myself) who bad mouthing to towards people who hate their specific character for any reason. Not even they earn themselves asshurt of:
"BAAAAAAAAW!!!!!111111 LEVE LYYN JuNN10R A1ONE AD STaHPZ H81NG ONN HEER!!!!!!!111111 Cry emote

See what I mean, that proof make you taking asshurt level and possibly you can't handle opinion like a man (and like a woman) especially you treating Loud Sisters like a real person (similar to SJWs), so it's time for them open their eyes and look up definition of fictional you don't understand.

So, I see exact good reason why people (like :iconnightshroudaxl:, :iconellythetomodachi:, :iconmrjason200:, etc.) start hating on this show (or never liked this show or even dislikes this show) due to fanbase and ruined for them and I know exact reason why The Loud House is getting damn popular nowadays with all getting most view like SpongeBob SquarePants, Avatar Series, Teen Titans, etc. is because they made up good design despite too crispy like Ed Edd n Eddy, load of heartwarming and proof fandom believes it romantic and drama TV Series when I see comedy and adventure in genre and other shit.

Phew. There you haven't. Here is the main reason, why I hate The Loud House Fanbase and they like to make cringy fanart, fanfics, toxic review of Animated Atrocities and Animated Admirable, whine about this show didn't win in KCA, send majority death threat towards writers, etc. as well far worse and ungrateful shit fandom as Sonic Fandom, FNAF Fandom, Undertale Fandom, MLP:FIM Fandom, Steven Universe Fandom, Star vs The Force Of Evil Fandom, Wander Over Yonder Fandom, etc. So as much I like The Loud House, they really time for them to grow up and learn respect opinion and start mature for one day, so we can peace and quiet and have fun that people enjoy.

The End. I salute you! 
Edward Ledford made imposter account out of me by copying off my usernames and planning to impersonate me and some shit.

Not only he didn't steal my art, icon or even my description that he was planning to copying ​my stuff, but he insult and telling me I do bullshit (like he thinks I supporting hate wiki when he support it since he obsessed with this hate wiki by making up lies and some stuff especially creating hate pages 24/7, just because I report him for making up lies, vandalism, spam and other stuff) that he started it.

Fellow people, you may begin take down imposter account  for copying and impersonate me (he was planning to do that)
Since Regular Show got ended/canceled for yesterday, look like I can't find to watch and still airing with Teen Titan Go by putting god damn marathon and nothing else whenever put up on schedule for show.

Also, if you plan to put Petition to bring back Regular Show, then it not going to work. Cartoon Network (and even creator) will never respond to you and they may ran out idea and nothing else. So yeah, will you at least move on and find something to watch. So, I think this is why 2017 is start to downhill after first celebratory death of couple people.

So, I hope this year is not gonna make any worse or this world turn into cruel world for real.

Regular show
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Hello, as you may know..... I think I'm gonna go ahead and make Atrocities Animated Review and other stuff. But instead of re-uploading old ones, I'll gonna make remix it and I'll better make sure that I have come up with explain why I hate TV Show, episode and some stuff you know...

Not only that, I may be review on Channel Review that something to do for users (but instead of trolling, I have explain reason why I dislikes/despise some users without taking stuff way too seriously and possibly hypocrites) and I also event happened or anything without dealing with butthurt trolls or other bullshit happened. So......

That all folks.
So, what is your review and scale about 2016?

Well, 2016 is...... Most piece shitty years ever!Angered

2016 is nothing, but tragically, cruel, disaster, disturbing and cringeworthy as hell.

So, let see 2016 why sucks and where should I start?

Oh yeah, let start topic about trollish shit then explain anything else.

First off, this users trollish is really irritating, repetitive, whiny/butthurt troll, anti-social, chemical and hypocrites lying shit name, :iconadedbiatch: (if you don't know who he is, he infamous troll and criminal hacker who stole a lot of content from mod and he lie about to making his own mods and hiding his true identity so no one will hating on him and/or threatening him or anything else).

But instead of taking him way too seriously, I just explain reason why 2016 sucks now and there only event what he been doing on internet.

Not only that, back in time in January when he first met me in Wikia (which I don't care for websites after staff laziness, blind, derp, abusing to other people who didn't do anything and YouTube Heroes wannabe), he like to bashing on me for no reason at all that I didn't frickin do anything (which I know why John explain me everything that he was one who started by giving me hate by forcing people trolling and/or same opinion as him, even brainwashed his friends and Goldberg (old news, founder of;even though it never happened in real life) and betrayed him for having different opinions after apologizes back in late 2014).

Also, he been exposing my too many personal information (which is why I shouldn't show everyone in public like  LogoAndMetalFanatic1999 who accidentally post his personal information in public and never exist for exposing personal information) and keep using overused, repetitive and cringeworthy insult. Even worse with annoying and headache, he post same insult and comeback in over and over again and he never come up with different insult that when people doesn't know how to come up with comeback and act like don't know something and he probably copying other people's comment and/or message and anything whenever he post it. Just how spambot, cringe comeback and plagiarism isn't he?

Eventually, he been using Puffin Browser and he use one of websites to make bad pages out of users in Wikia (which I know reason why he use Wikia and Puffin Browser nowadays for avoiding banned before he quit it) to piss someone off just for fun. Seriously, if you think bad pages out of users is fun, that make you warlike like every cartoon police and/or butthurtness group (like VGCP, EDCP, NDCP, TEIT (disbanded), TTF, AUTTP, UTTP, etc) and make up lies. And Eddie thinks bad pages out of users is funny as well. Does bad pages out of users is just for funny right!? No it not funny. You know why, it because it tragic, cyber-bullying and warlike and nobody cares about fuckin pages. Let not forget it been appear since years of 2013 or less in 2010s and users are still making them today and they end up getting account blocked by staff or VSTF. However, I think bad pages out of users is collapse nowadays.

So, will he finally stop trolling innocent people? No, he don't. Because he keep bashing on innocent people and taking them way too seriously instead of ignoring them. All he do ruining other people's lives so he make himself happy life instead of feel sorry to himself and realized what he have done. Not just bashing innocent people, but everyone else who being butthurt and some stuff including me. He been bashing on me in everytime when I was been doing on internet. Every. Fucking. Times!Pissed  I'm not kidding. He been bashing on me everyday which is give me headache if he keep up with that.

So, let see here......

Oh yeah I think I remember something what he been doing on internet.

On July 4 2016, he created hate account out of me with my full name (which it consider violation Term Of Services for making hate account out of users and they're end up losing their account by getting terminated/suspended) along with his imposter sockpuppet account (which is consider impersonate and same with hate account for termination or suspension). This is frickin pissin me off. He been posting spamming link, exposing too much personal information and be butthurt about it (and he even disabled discussion so no one post comment negatively and/or criticizing him). However, in late July or early August (since I can't remember), he decides to close his imposter account because he said that his second account is boring and he decides to use one of his cringe comeback and he probably keep bashing and think it funny when it not. Soon, when his hate account got hacked by John (which is illegal to hacking other people's account and arrest by people for hakers), he'll go on rampage and he start bashing on me for all the fucking time. I mean come on, I didn't asking someone to hack this, it was him who knows his password to want his warlike end and peacefully in order to give up his lifes.

Also, when he move from Michigan to work with McDonald (which he end up get fired for switching places and does he have his own jobs in McDonald from Oregon) and visiting his own parents, he probably do something illegal and he likes to exposing my information. Come on, I didn't post my place in public and anything else. Not only that, he also hypocrite and lying about bullshit stuff. He don't know what define word is and act like didn't care about (Example: He claims that I supporting hate wiki when I'm not and thinks supporting hate wiki who helping them to block every users and deleting pages. Well, it not, because he put up wrong definition and he the one who supporting his OWN hate wiki who started it and one of staff support themselves not everyone else unless they promote it). And he even rage in all caps lock everytime when someone deleting his pages and/or wiki sites he made by neither staff and/or VSTF after someone report it hiding in his emotion so that prevent him getting rage and pretend to be smile (which is pychopath I can tell). Another reason why he cares about cyber-bullying is because he want ruining people's life and he never stop until life ends. Like what the fuck? Life ends is only options to stop trolling people!? It..... Sound like when people want to kill them so bad and probably celebrates people death. If you want get tired of getting picked on, then report him for cyber-bullying, threat and spamming, then arrest him for what he doing on internet and block him if you want to.

Right around October 12 or something, when has DeviantArt account back in January (which I don't what date is), post shit about bullshit stuff that he been doing on internet. Evenutally he decide has other plan to post bad pages out of users in Wikipedia instead of wikia after he finally wuss out from this sites due to his pages and/or wiki site keep getting deleted thanks to staff and VSTF, so he attempt to stay on hate page for limit time without getting reported or taken down automally by staff.

Then few days later, after he keep posting lying shit about page bullshit and got out from school, let me say this. Guess what happened and look what he doing?

He hacked my all my account and deleted one of my account (including :iconmrryan5308:). Like what the fuck, he managed hack my account and he change my email and password so that prevent me get on it and attempt to getting back my account and he also hacking John account too, so he can ruin his life (but he got his account by resetting password and verified (possibly)) and changing my email to Facebook account and changing my email the rest of account (like, before someone reset it or whatever) and deleted one of my email notification so I can't get it back to one of his account.. So I don't wanna talk about my reaction and attempting to suicide and other tragic event.

So this is why I fucking troll and hacker and which is pissin me off. I wish these trolls and hacker never fuckin exist and leave people peacefully whenever necessary and hacker will go to jail for long time. Eddie just ruined everything and he probably go ahead to ruining other people as well. However, I think he now becoming inactive nowadays because he probably got arrested for hacking other people account since last month ago.

There enough said about him and move to TV Show getting cancelled/ending and new cringe worthy show.

I'm not gonna whine or anything about what happened but, one of good show just got cancelled and/or ending for good due to creator ran out idea that he come up with. I know that Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder got their show ended after one of creator decide to do it and ran out idea and put up 2nd season end that just too early and too fast eventually.... Which I'm pretty sure that most of fanboys and fangirls are bunch of crybabies who decide to end their show on purposes and they probably attempt to use petition (which it never worked and it don't solve the problem). Seriously people, can you at least move on and find something else to watch? Because it EXTREMELY ANNOYING as hell and give everyone headache and/or brain hurt like freeze brain. Let not forget, Regular Show, Adventure Times and The Amazing World Of Gumball are also ending/canceling these show too. It like sometimes 2017 in The Amazing World Of Gumball and Regular Show and Adventure Time in 2019. I'm pretty sure that good modern show fan is like "THIS IS END OF WORLD FOR CANCELLING/ENDING OUR GOOD SHOW AND NOW I'M STUCK WITH TOILET HUMORS BULLSHIT" and possibly attempt to suicide too, but come on, can you at least find something to watch like Anime instead or anything else?

Also, you know tragic event about is a lot of people death! Seriously, most of people are completely dying for almost everyday and night such as David Bowie, Steven Hill, etc. that most of people cry about these famous actor, singer and other stuff died due to heart attack or something. I know, I felt bad for some of these fan, but they need to move and find something else to do about it. In matter fact, most of fan been listening music, watching TV Show or movie and other stuff that people are being obsessed and now they went to funerals altogether and be sad forever and there nothing we can do about it.

Well, I think that enough rant about 2016 for now, and this only last month for 2016 and move on to next life in 2017 (except for The Amazing World Of Gumball and Regular Show since they canceling/ending their show altogether and might be tragic events more). This year is completely shit as hell as 2011 (which after elementary school and middle school is turn into shit as hell), 2012 (early to early-mid 2012), 2013 (late), 2014, and 2015. So, this rating score is -10/10.

If I see anymore tragic event of December in next month, then I may be adding to explain more. And is there make 2017 any worst? If 2017 turn into shit so badly........

I don't want to live on this planet anymore :Then I don't want to live this planet any more!

I'm not joking. And of course I might close my account and never coming back until butthurt trolls get off fuckin internet if I see any rage in all caps, taking stuff way too seriously, etc.

Well, that I have to say for now.