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Some Lost, Defective Pearl

Pearls on homeworld are likely maids, or servants, or some other low class of gem. Without a guiding force in their lives, they become confused and listless.

They are certainly not built for combat.

Pearl © Rebecca Sugar

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This theory was confirmed in episode Back To The Barn
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Interesting little fact about pearls not all of them are round. The pearls we normally think of are the round white perfect ones. However the alternatives are known as lesser pearls which are usually oblong. If we apply this real world logic to the crystal gems Pearl we find that her gem is by the literal definition a "defective" or lesser oblong pearl.

What this could mean is a mystery, maybe pearls aren't supposed to have as much autonomy as this one, maybe her emotions aren't as stable as regular pearls, or maybe there isn't an actual difference beyond the superficial but defective pearls are discriminated against on the homeworld.

Just thought that was interesting when I found it out a few days ago ^_^
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True, though this does bring up something very interesting. If Peridot and other gems from homeworld are cut rather then grown like the kindergarten then they might have originally been parts of other much larger gems. Pearls however are naturally occurring from a biological source, growing individually.
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That certainly seems to be the case with Pearl, though she handles herself quite well regardless. I mean, she does fall off the wagon every now and again, but don't we all? Let she who is sinless cast the first stone.