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Hello and welcome to Cartoon-Space, the group for all varieties of cartoon science fiction. There were sci-fi groups on dA, but they were mostly filled with inimidatingly gorgeous works of realism. And there were cartoon groups, but they were largely devoid of aliens. This is my solution.

Feel free to look around and join! Please read the rules before submitting; they're right there on the home page. And have fun!
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Please read these before submitting! Submissions not following the rules will not be accepted.

1. Submissions must be cartoons. Cartoons can include images, animations or even Flash games done in a cartoony style. Realistic images, photomanipulations, or written works are NOT cartoons.
2. Submissions must have a science fiction theme. Science fiction is defined by as "a form of fiction that draws imaginatively on scientific knowledge and speculation in its plot, setting, theme, etc." Science fiction is usually defined by me as 'anything with aliens, robots or futuristic elements in it. OR ADVANCED BIOWEAPONS!' But, uh, you should pay more attention to the dictionary definition.
3. Please submit to the proper folders. Please look at all the gallery folders before you submit so you know which one your piece belongs in.
3a. Due to fanart-flooding I've seen in other groups, only one fanart submission is permitted per member per week.
3b. NO FAN CHARACTER-ONLY SUBMISSIONS. If you're going to draw fanart at all, it has to be of something recognizable. Examples of good fanart submissions: a pic of Mike and the Bots, or of a cartoonified R2-D2, or perhaps the Planet Express crew. Examples of bad fanart submissions: Some so-called Irken with piercings, heavy makeup, a spiky goth outfit, scars, and breasts.
4. Anything with mature content must be marked as mature, even if it's pretty mild. I'll tell you if your piece isn't marked and I think it should be. This rule is here because a lot of people don't really want to see thumbnails of sensitive materials showing up in their dA watch and might stop watching the group if it happens too often. Otherwise I wouldn't care as much.
5. There are a few quality standards here. No blurry, hard-to-see sketches that seem to have been captured with a webcam, no shoddy MS Paint jobs, and absolutely nothing that's been traced or copied from another picture. It has to be all your own work. (Exceptions: Lineart by another artist you colored WITH THEIR PERMISSION, as long as you also have their permission to put it in the group.)








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I'm not sure what's going on with this group or what everyone here's commenting about but might as well agree with them--
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Please do not close this group
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I have a question. May I submit pictures of my friends' alien OCs? (drawn by me, of course). :)
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