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:police: :police: :police: To claim a character in the Cartoon-Obsessions Crew send a NOTE to the club with the title "Claim" (DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT!).  The note needs to include both the COMPLETE SHOW TITLE and COMPLETE CHARACTER NAME</u> to be accepted
SHOW TITLE: Star Trek: The Animated Series
CHARACTER NAME: Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
Click Here to Send a Claim Note

Space Ghost Coast to Coast/The Brak Show

:iconsilvolf: is Zorak
:iconroomeo321: is Brak


:iconhiddendragon-ipv: is Lizard
:icontheinimitableecypher: is Otto Octavius
:iconvierasketch: is Black Cat
:iconevil-ed316: is Venom
:iconpikakitty13: is Spider-Man
:iconchaoslanternxxx: is Carnage


:iconjillie-chan: is Ryoko Takamachi
:iconnekomarina: is Kanone hilbert-suiri no kizuna
:icontempermentalkitty: is Rio Takeuchi
:iconimprisoned-fire: is Hiyono Yuizaki
:icontoffee-owl: is Eyes Rutherford
:iconrachlurvesedelric: is Ayumu Narumi
:iconkitsune-tsuzuki: is Kousuke Asazuki

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron

:iconjuly261995: is Spirit
:iconfree-rain: is Rain

Spirited Away

:iconcggeek: is Lin
:iconnikki-chu: is Susuwatari
:iconjakanddax87: is Rin
:iconhaylieofcanada: is Haku
:iconblack-rider: is No-Face
:icongingernut211092: is Chihiro/Sen

Spongebob Squarepants

:iconhappy19: is Mr. Krabs
:iconfirebringerlover: is Sandy Cheeks
:iconwuteverdude: is Spongebob Squarepants
:iconthekenzai1987: is Squidward
:iconinfinibleu: is Mrs. Puff
:iconlettherainfalldown: is Patrick
:iconflorabelle: is Plankton

Spy VS Spy

:iconmallefunction: is White

Spyro :pc:

:icongunmoon: is Hunter
:icondragonpuppy02: is Blink
:iconwildwolf8615: is Spyro


:iconanaro22: is the little ghost girl
:iconsarcopdead: is Pepito
:iconannaweasley: is Squee
:icong-mads: is Obsessor

Squirrel Boy

:iconxxlilbunnyfoofooxx: is Rodney

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time :pc:

:iconryohinashi: is Albel
:iconodish42: is Nel

Star Trek: The Animated Series

:iconlv16-island-panda: is Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
:iconmoronic-muffin: is Mr. Spock

Star Wars

:iconladyarucard: is Leia Organa
:iconzologirl: is Han Solo
:iconstarswarsguy: is Obi-Wan Kenobi
:icontheawkwardpossum: is General Grevious
:iconiara-the-pyrokineses: is Anakin
:iconlinariel: is Mara Jade
:iconbanshee69: is Padme
:iconspaznaztik: is Qui-Gon Jin
:icongqd: is Luke SkyWalker
:iconpanna-vader: is Asajj Ventress

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic :pc:

:iconmotormouthmayu: is Carth Onasi
:iconcerberi-brood: is Darth Nihilus


:icons4tiv4: is Lt. Kerrigan

Starfox :pc:

:iconnanaxlucas: is Wolf O'Donnell
:iconnoodleshady: is Krystal
:iconskylarkin: is Fox
:iconkatie-yoshi: is Prince Tricky

Stargate SG-1

:iconzaylie: is Daniel Jackson

Static Shock

:icontagzii: is Richard "Richie" Osgood Foley/Gear
:iconmangafreakazoid: is Static/Virgil Ovid Hawkins

Storm Hawks

:iconrumoredxnights: is Stork

Street Fighter :pc:

:iconhentailvrguysgirl: is Yuri Sakazaki
:iconthemalefactor: is M. Bison
:iconannika-d-wolfwood: is Chun-Li


:iconwarwind: is Striperella


:iconsmexyriku: is Ran
:iconmangakandi: is Matsuri Honjou
:iconrephlexionz: is Sunao Fujimori
:iconnamako-chan: is Yuru

Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran

:icontatsukisgal: is Tatsuki Kuroi (Tatsukiichi)
:iconsandy004u: is Aye
:iconcelestdiggory: is Yuuya Aso
:iconbesuchan: is Ran
:iconimp-da-cat: is Miyu Yamazaki

Super Mario Brothers :pc:

:icondimentio0: is Lemmy Koopa
:iconsuper-princesspeach: is Rosalina
:iconlovegoddessdanielle: is Princess Peach
:icongoombajoe: is Yoshi
:iconstartitangirlfire: is Toadette
:iconoutofthisworld: is Mushroom
:iconholdyourfire: is King Boo
:iconkaestu: is Luigi
:iconshinji-leaf: is Pit
:iconmicknewell-bc: is Mario
:iconthejellybean: is Bowser
:icondaisyofsarasaland: is Daisy

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars :pc:

:iconflammingcorn: is Geno

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

:iconpermanent-chaos: is Mr. Hal Gibson
:iconanekamaru: is Otto
:iconnetbug009: is SPRX-77
:icon38southernangel89: is Antauri
:iconkcg: is Nova
:icondavidalex: is Chiro

Super Smash Bros Brawl

:iconbudgiegirl: is Meta Knight
:iconpixels-plz-k-thnx: is Dark/Kuro Pit
:iconranmamchugh: is Ike
:iconsexysonadow: is Prince Marth Lowell
:iconsunnychan89: is Lucas
:iconmotokogirl92: is Marth
:iconkimiko624: is Sonic
:icondistant-euphoria: is Sheik
:iconshinji-leaf: is Pit


:iconthemole135: is Cherice
:iconsailor-phantom: is The Mistress
:iconmellojello42: is Jackknife
:icontoxic-mist: is Dead Bunny
:icondengakupenguin: is Jared
:iconherrwar-denn: is Jailbot
:iconinvader-zim-14: is The Twins
:iconizzy-of-the-corn: is Warden


:iconditto-chan13: is Jake Clawson/Razor

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