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If you're a cartoonist, aspiring to be a cartoonist or just love cartoons, this group is for you.

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We love all cartoons, but keep in mind WESTERN CARTOONS. We hate to exclude anyone, but this group is not intended for eastern cartoon styles. Aka, manga/anime.

Also this isn't the group to hate on anything.
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:bulletgreen: Harmless fetishes will be bannable as well. For example, inflation, foot worship, etc. We aren't saying that your interests are poor in taste, but it counts as NSFW art is all.

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The Loud House is a 2020 American computer-animated comedy PG-13 Rating film produced by Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies, and Point Grey Pictures and distributed by Paramount Pictures and released to theaters on February 7, 2020 The film tells the story of Two Guys from Las Vegas,Nevada who unexpectedly find The Truth about the World. It features the voices of Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Kevin Hart, Sia, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera, Paul Rudd & Frank Oz.

Magic has always been identified as a "Teenager "; but, after having disturbing dreams of abandonment and rejection, he begins to realize just how alone he is in the world. One of his nightmares involves his being denied entry by Jonah in Nineveh. The next morning, Magic tells Senior  that he is getting tired of being referred to as a "Teenager." After an alien race appears to be trying to send him a strange mysterious message through his bowl of cereal, Magic realizes that he may not be so alone after all and climbs to the rooftop to watch the sky. Magic is hit by a shooting star and communicates with a pair of cosmic Snails, who reveal his origins as an alien from outer space.

Unable to convince Senior and his friends of the aliens' existence, Magic is lured by Agent Fig into the clutches of K. Edward Singer of A.1.1.3., a government organization disguised as a Toy factory. Singer is aware of the aliens' attempts to communicate and thinks that Magic is the key to convincing his superiors that aliens do exist. Magic and Senior are taken to A.1.1.3. by an agent. Senior's antics cause himself to be flushed down a tube by a man in Fancy Guy (Cartoon Voice Actor). Senior ends up having to go through A.1.1.3.'s guy training and medical research held by Dr. Micker, alongside other Senior’s Clones After Pongo’s interrogates Baker, she, Biff, Angry Jim, Zack, and Mr. Beer go to rescue Magic and Senior from A.1.1.3., using such inventions as a cartoon door in a jar, a rubber ball that emits invisibility spray, and mind control gas from Fred.

A talking Pizza from “Sausage Party” asks Magic where the alien ship can land, and Magic suggests Cape Doom (a beach), unaware that Agent P (Bob) is listening. The gang arrives at the military base to rescue Magic and Senior. They use invisible spray but when Pongo washes his hands upon exiting the restroom it wears off. Mr. Beer is unleashed upon a male guard. Senior frees Magic from the dissection table while the guys attack Dr. Alex McFarlane; Singer and General Luft witness the attack. Luft feels that his time has been wasted and leaves angry. Singer discovers from Agent P that Magic is heading for Cape Doom, and he prepares the Subatomic Neutro-Destabilizer to use on the aliens. Rentro tells Singer that his car has been impounded because of unpaid parking tickets; they use the company car—a truck.

The Gang rescue Magic then go to Cape Doom; a crowd of alien-happy spectators await their arrival. The ship comes to Earth and the aliens, who all resemble Magic, explain that many years ago they lost him but now welcome him back into the fold. Singer shows up and tries to kill the aliens, but thanks to Agent P (who has disabled his Subatomic Neutro-Destabilizer), he is unable to do so and is laughed at. Magic considers going into space with his long-lost family but chooses to stay with his fellow Show cast-mates. Singer is invited by the aliens to go with them and leaves as Earth's ambassador.

As the Gang are watching the stars from the roof, Magic tells Senior he wonders why his family asked him to build a Jacuzzi. Biff chuckles because he and Pongo had pretended to be them and asked him to do it.

Criticism caused by Toy Story similarities
The Loud House received some harsh responses even before the trailer premiered. described it as "Toy Story meets Sausage Party with Captain Underpants thrown in for effect."

The movie has too many similarities to Toy Story including its setting in Las Vegas, similar characters, and the primary plot of introducing Characters. The name of the film and the tag line, "Oh My", a play on the opening line from the "Theme from The Muppet Show", were both used as integral plot points in Toy Story. Rotten Tomatoes describes the critics' consensus on The Loud House as "With a rehashed plot and unimpressive animation, there's nothing creepy about The Loud House". The common theme with Sausage Party is a Cartoon Bloody Rated R Films. But considering the fact that The Loud House had been in production months before Toy Story, it only became a "clone" of the film due to its unfortunate release sometime after Toy Story.

This would not be the first time for Disney and DreamWorks that two films with a similar theme were released in proximity timewise. In the fall of 1998, DreamWorks released its talking bug film Antz mere weeks before Disney/Pixar released A Bug's Life. A similar scheduling occurred in 2000 when DreamWorks released The Road to El Dorado against Disney's The Emperor's New Groove, both set in Central/South America. In 2001, Pixar released Monsters, Inc. almost simultaneously with DreamWorks' Shrek, both telling stories about monsters (the two movies were even nominated for an Academy Award). Later on in 2004, DreamWorks released Shark Tale, which had an underwater theme resembling that of Pixar's Finding Nemo (2003).

Similar themes between Disney's and DreamWorks' films were not limited to animated films. In 1998, Disney's Touchstone Pictures released the blockbuster Armageddon two months after DreamWorks' Deep Impact. However, it should be noted that none of the other films were criticized for being a copy of another film.
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Characters I Dislike From Shows I LikeI have a bunch of requests to tend to on "Forgotten Cartoons". I'm currently trying to decide which one to do next. In the meantime, I thought I'd entertain you with a random journal. I'm gonna list my least favorite characters from shows that I enjoy. They are in no particular order, and I'm only doing one pick per show. Let's do this!HARVEY MCKENZIE (NUMBUH 363) - "CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR"What a brat this kid is. He's extremely arrogant, greedy, selfish, and downright mean to everyone. He has no respect for anyone and thinks he's important simply because his sister is the Supreme Commander. Him acting ungrateful toward Sector V for saving his life and only caring about winning the scavenger hunt cemented his status as a fan-hated character. Numbuh 5 was right to kick him out of the KND once she took over.SARAH - "ED EDD N' EDDY"Boy, this girl can be insufferable at times. She is so cruel to her big brother Ed and often tortures him and his friends for innocuous reasons. She's the kind who always resorts to either screaming and crying or violence just to get her way. Her yelling can get tiring pretty quickly. Ed standing up to her in "Little Ed Blue" was one of the most satisfying moments in the series for me.OSKAR KOKOSCHKA - "HEY ARNOLD"I already talked about him in my "Top 5 Least Favorite 'Hey Arnold' Characters" list, so there's not more more to add about him, but what I said pretty much stands. He is nothing but a pathetic mooch, plain and simple. He relies on his wife to take care of everything while he sits on his ass all day, and he tries to take advantage of people or swindle people in his spare time. Most times he's done something good, he did it only because he had no other choice, and anything he might have learned in some of his focus episodes is forgotten about by the next one.DASH BAXTER - "DANNY PHANTOM"He's really nothing more than your typical stock high school bully who takes pleasure in tormenting others. He had an annoying voice, and for a character who was featured quite often, he never changed over the course of the series. However, his involvement in the episodes "Splitting Images" and "Reign Storm" is the main reason I dislike him. Danny fights back at Dash in both those episodes for very justified reasons, but yet they make him out to be in the wrong for it. I don't care what anybody says. There is NOTHING wrong with standing up for yourself toward people who bully you. Danny had been putting up with Dash's crap a lot by that point, and nobody, not even the teachers, was ever going to do anything about it. Therefore, the way I see it, Danny had no other option than to fight back. Yet at the end of "Reign Storm", Danny feels the need to apologize to Dash, and then Dash goes back to bullying him? So Dash can torture Danny all he wants, and Danny was wrong to ever fight back? GET BENT!(Sidenote: I LOVE "Reign Storm". It's one of my favorite DP episodes. The Dash subplot was the only thing I didn't like about it.)BENDY - "FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS"What can I say about this scumbag that most other people haven't already said? Even Lauren Faust has since apologized for creating this character. "Foster's" had a number of episodes I didn't like even as a kid, and "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" might be the worst of them. He causes trouble everywhere and gets everyone else blamed for it by sobbing and pretending he's innocent. And of course, he gets away with it all in the end. I'm so glad we only had to put up with him once.AGNES SKINNER - "THE SIMPSONS"Now, lots of characters have fallen off the rails over the course of the show's ridiculously long run, but if there's anyone I never liked from the start, it's Principal Skinner's mother. She totally ruins Skinner's character every time she's around. She's extremely controlling and abusive toward her son. Seymour is an adult in his 40's who can clearly do well for himself, but Agnes literally treats him like a child. She gives him an allowance, a curfew, and a bedtime. What the hell?! She also verbally abuses him regularly, which leaves him feeling emotionally scarred (and that's pretty impressive, considering he was in the Vietnam War). Granted, she can be funny sometimes, but then again, so can pretty much every other character in the show. Rod and Todd Flanders may be annoying, but at least they're not unpeasant like Agnes Skinner.
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