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My Animaniacs OCs.Ok, so last year, I created two Animaniacs OCs, that I would play during me and my friend Jade's roleplays on SkinSeed, and because I'm on the Animaniacs hype train again, I decided to share them with you. Disclaimer: this contains a tragic backstory, some shipping, and a fan child. Winifred "Winnie" Wolf. Age 10. She was my first Animaniacs OC, and I believe my first fan child, but I could be wrong. Basically, she's Wilford and Minerva's daughter, she was born a mink like her mother, but she has a wolf's tail like her father. She has snow white fur, and black eyes like her mother, but she has the hair and tail color of her father. She is dressed in a long sleeved, pink dress, with white cuffs, and tail, pink and white boots. She's very sweet, kind, and smart, very smart, she's a bit shy, but she doesn't let it hold her back. She likes to read, draw, and spend time with her family and friends. She's close friends with the Warner's, and acts as a love interest for Wakko. She spends the most of her time with Wakko, but she also spends a lot of time with Dot, as they often have some girl time together. She has a few nicknames, Winnie is her main one, but she's sometimes called Kiddo by Yakko, and Sweetie or Sugarplum by her parents. Only Dr.Scratchnsniff, and Brain call her by her full name. She isn't cursed with lycanthropy like Wilford does, although strangely, her teeth will become a bit sharper, and her tail becomes fluffier during the full moon, which is kind of hard to tell, since she already has a pretty fluffy tail. Foxanne Vulpine. Age 13. She is an orphan, who comes from the wrong side of the tracks. No one knows who her family was, but it was said that her parents had died in an accident. Her parents death, combined with an abusive foster family turned Foxanne into a tough girl, who was originally closed off, and kind of standoffish, until she met the Warner's and Winnie. She's a red fox, with short, rose red hair, green eyes, a fluffy tail with a white tip, and is dressed in a dark gray tank top, blue jeans, white sneakers, and a light blue jean jacket. She ends up becoming close to the Warner's and Winnie, and eventually becomes a love interest for Yakko. Originally she played hard to get, but after some reassuring, and comfort from Yakko, she eventually opened up to him, and found herself falling for him. After some time, she'd eventually become more open to the world, and stops acting cold, and standoffish, instead becoming more social, sweeter, and a lot happier. Well those are my Animaniacs OCs, I hoped you like them. Animaniacs belongs to ©Warner Bros. Winnie Wolf, and Foxanne Vulpine belong to Me....
Malvina Sentons Yuri by KaigunMontoya
I'm always chasing rainbows by Annieartworld
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Attorney Angelica - Mac and Bloo by Jose-Ramiro

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Undyne's pants were torn by mommysavannah

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He Touched the butt... by Iyzeekiil
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Gift by thekingvillain
Hinata like Sonya Blade(Mortal Kombat) 07 S 2 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Sonya Blade(Mortal Kombat)08 Special 3 by gekkodimoria
Hinata RTN Hokage 3 by gekkodimoria
Kanojo mo kanojo by Flynnkoro
Chipmunks by Tiny-Toons-Fan
Love Death And Robot by thekingvillain

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Brainy Barker by Midnight-Leopard
The Fox And The Minkpup*The story begins in Mr.Plotz office* *The Warner's are seen sitting in front of the desk* Mr.Plotz: Fourty five thousand dollars.. *The Warner's tilt their heads in confusion* Dot: Fourty five thousand dollars? Wakko: We don't have that kind of money. Mr.Plotz: *growls* No you imbeciles! That's how much damage you caused today! The Warner's: Oh! Yakko: Well you could've been more specific. Mr.Plotz: Shattered windows, broken props, ruined sets, and don't get me started on the projector! Yakko: In our defense, that projector was already falling apart at the seams. Mr.Plotz: *growls* *Mr.Plotz moment of rage is interrupted, by a knock at the door* Mr.Plotz: Huh? C-Come in! *Hello Nurse walks into the room* Hello Nurse: Mr.Plotz, the new stars have arrived. *Yakko and Wakko's eyes go wide, and they start panting* Yakko and Wakko: Helloooooo nurse! Dot: *She looks at the camera* Boys, go figure. Mr.Plotz: *sighs* Would you two for once go for someone, your OWN AGE!? Wakko: Like who? *Mr.Plotz' look of anger immediately turns into a look of nervousness* Mr.Plotz: Uh... *He looks at Hello Nurse* Go tell them that I'll be with them in a moment. Hello Nurse: Yes Sir. *She walks away* Dot: I didn't know we were getting new coworkers. Wakko: *He smiles brightly* I can't wait to meet them. Mr.Plotz: Oh no, you stay away from the new stars, you've driven away more new employees than anyone can count. *Flashback* *Mr.Plotz is seen walking around* *A guy runs out of one of the rooms* ???: *screams* Mr.Plotz: Wait! Where're you going!? ???: *He turns towards him* I quit! Those children are a bunch of menaces! *He runs away* Mr.Plotz: Wait! Come back! *groans* He was our new accountant.. Yakko: Hey Mr.Plotz? Mr.Plotz: *He turns towards him* Yakko: You're gonna need more money, let's just say...uh....Wakko got a bit hungry. *Wakko is seen eating a blt, except there's money instead of lettuce in it* *A horrified look appears on Mr.Plotz' face* Yakko: And we ran out of lettuce.. *End Of Flashback* Mr.Plotz: And that's just one instance! Yakko: That's why I always make sure we have lettuce, nowadays. Mr.Plotz: *growls* Just stay away from the new stars! Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: Alright.. *Outside Of The Building* *Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are seen walking around* Yakko: Great, we finally get new coworkers, and we can't even meet them! Dot: *She crosses her arms* It's not fair! Wakko: *whines* I wanted to meet them... *A piece of paper flies past him* Wakko: Huh? *He runs after the paper* Yakko: Also, go for someone your own age? Hasn't he noticed that I'm the only one here MY age?! Dot: Yeah... that was kind of stupid on his part. *Yakko suddenly stops, causing Dot to bump into him* Dot: *grunts* Yakko! What the heck!? *Yakko has a look of amazement on his face* Dot: Yakko? Yakko: Uh.. *A fox girl, with short, rose red hair, and a fluffy tail is seen* Yakko: Wh-Who is that? Dot: Ooh! Maybe she's one of the new stars. *The girl is seen walking towards them* Dot: Hey! *The girl turns towards them* Dot: Hello, I'm Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca The Third! But you can call my Dot, just Dot, call me Dottie and you die. ???: Ok..? Dot: And this is my brother, Yakko! Yakko: *He has a flustered look on his face* ???: *She turns her attention towards Yakko* Yakko: Uh huh uh uh... *He smirks at her* Well helloooooo nurse! ???: *scoffs* *She storms off* Yakko: *A horrified look appears on his face* W-Wait! I-I-I'm sorry! ???: *distantly* Sure you are! Yakko: *He looks down in shame* *whines* Dot: Yakko..she just got here, could you not act so headstrong!? Yakko: *gulps* Uh........Hold that thought, Dot! *He runs after the girl* Dot: Hey! You can't leave me alone! *growls* *Meanwhile, in another part of the studio* *Wakko is seen chasing after the paper* *Wakko waves his hands around, until he manages to grabs it* Wakko: Got'cha! ???: Come back here! *The person runs into Wakko, causing them to fall to the ground* *The person drops a bunch of paper onto the floor, upon getting hit* *Wakko rubs his head* Wakko: Ow.. *Wakko looks at the papers, and starts picking them up* *As he goes to grab one of the papers, another hand touches his* Wakko: *He looks up* *A look of amazement appears on his face* *A young mink girl, with light gray hair, and a gray wolf tail is seen* *She has a look of amazement on her face* *The two blush a little* Wakko: H-Hi.. ???: Hello. Wakko: *He smiles at her* ???: *gasps* *She immediately stands up* Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! *She picks up the paper* I-I-I lost one of the pieces to my script, and I- Wakko: Hey hey, it's ok. *He stands up* No hard feelings. ???: *She smiles at him* Wakko: Y-You look familiar. ???: *She chuckles nervously* Don't know how, this is my first day. Wakko: Oh! You're one of the new stars! ???: Mhm, my parents are stars here, so I thought I'd try to be a star too. Wakko: *chuckles* I'm sure you'll like it here, ms..? ???: O-Oh, my name is Winifred Wolf, b-but you can me Winnie, it's a pleasure to meet you.. Wakko: *gulps* I--I'm Wakko Warner. Winnie: Wakko? Wakko: Y-Yes. Winnie: *giggles* I've heard of you, Mommy says you and your brother used to go crazy for her, before she married my Daddy. Wakko: *He chuckles nervously* Guilty as charged..? Winnie: *She smiles at him* Wakko: Um..If you'd like, I-I could give you a tour, sh-show you the rest of the studio? Winnie: *She looks down, before looking back at him* I'd like that.. Wakko: *He jumps for joy* Faboo! Winnie: Huh? Wakko: I-I mean, great! Winnie: Well.. *She grabs his hand* Wakko: *He blushes hard* Winnie: Lead the way, Wakko. Wakko: *His tail starts wagging* *He smiles at her* With pleasure. Winnie: *Her tail starts wagging* *The two walk away* *Meanwhile, in another part of the studio* *Yakko is seen walking around* Yakko: *groans* Where'd she go? *He looks around* *The girl is seen walking down one of the walk ways* Yakko: *gasps* Ok Yakko, just be calm, act natural. *He walks towards her* ???: *She's looking down at the ground* Yakko: *He walks up to her* H-Hello? ???: *She looks at him* *scoffs* Great, it's you again.. Yakko: *gulps* ???: Here to gawk at me again..? Yakko: Well no actually, I-I just really wanted to talk to you. ???: Well I don't wanna talk to you.. Yakko: Come on, I just wanted to- ???: Look, why don't you go stick your head where the sun don't shine..? Yakko: *He blows a kiss to the audience* Goodnight everybody! ???: *She rolls her eyes* *sighs* *She goes to walk away* Yakko: I-I just came to apologize. ???: *A look of surprise appears on her face* Wh--What did you say..? Yakko: I--I wanted to apologize, I didn't mean to offend you. ???: *She turns towards him* Yakko: I really didn't. ???: *She's just standing in shock* Yakko: What's wrong? ???: Y--You actually apologized.. Yakko: Yeah, what kind of person doesn't apologize? ???: I... Yakko: Um.. *He blushes a little* *He holds his hand out* I-I'm Yakko Warner, my sister tried to introduce us earlier. ???: *She looks at his hand, and back at him* *Yakko gives her a nervous smile* ???: Foxanne Vulpine.. *She reluctantly shakes his hand* Yakko: *He looks at her eyes* Whoa. Foxanne: *She glares at him* What're you staring at? Yakko: *He smiles at her* You have really lovely eyes. *A look of surprise appears on Foxanne's face* Foxanne: Y--You really think so..? Yakko: *He blushes a little* Y-Yeah, most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Foxanne: *She blushes a little* I--I should be going.. Yakko: Ok, hopefully I'll see you later. *He goes to walks away, but waves at her before doing so* Bye! *He walks away* Foxanne: *She has a look of shock, and confusion on her face* *Her tail starts wagging* H--He actually said something nice to me..? What the..? *Somewhere In The Studio* *Wakko and Winnie are seen walking around* Wakko: And there's the prop section, and there's the costume house, and there's the fi- Winnie: *gasps* Oh my goodness! Wakko: *He turns towards her* *The water tower is seen* Winnie: *She has a look of pure amazement on her face* The Warner Brothers Water Tower! It's even more amazing in real life! Wakko: The tower? Winnie: Mhm! It was built in built in 1927, standing here as the official land mark of the studio, and has since been declared an historical landmark. Wakko: Whoa. Winnie: Standing 100 feet tall, the water tower contains a 100,000-gallon tank! Although it currently holds no water. Wakko: Yeah, instead it houses me and my siblings. Winnie: I've only seen pictures of it...but now I'm here, I'm actually seeing it with my own eyes! Wakko: *He smiles brightly* What else do you know? Winnie: *She looks at him* You really wanna know? Wakko: Mhm, your words of wisdom intrigue me. Winnie: *She smiles at him* Well..did you know the studio was founded on April fourth, nineteen twenty seven? Wakko: Wow! Winnie: It was founded by four brothers, Albert Warner, Jack L. Warner, Sam Warner, and Harry Warner, who in nineteen o four, founded the Pittsburgh-based Duquesne Amusement & Supply Company- Wakko: *He looks like he's in heaven* *She's so smart, much smarter than I could ever be..* *Somewhere In The Studio* *Foxanne is seen walking around* Foxanne: Ok.. where's the place that's supposedly shooting the cartoon..? *A bunch of people are seen walking around* Foxanne: *sighs* This is ridiculo- ???: Excuse me coming through!! *A golf cart is seen rushing towards her* Foxanne: *screams* Yakko: Foxanne! *Yakko rushes towards Foxanne and jumps at her* Foxanne: Ah!! *The two fall onto the ground, and the golf cart rushes past them, hitting a wall soon after* Foxanne: *She has a horrified look on her face* Yakko: Are you ok? Foxanne: *She looks up at him* *Yakko has a look of concern on his face* Foxanne: *She has a look of surprise on her face* Y-Yeah.. *Yakko stands up, and holds his hand out for her* Yakko: Need a hand? Foxanne: *She looks down* *sighs* *She looks up at him* Yakko: *He gives her a reassuring smile* Foxanne: *gulps* *She grabs his hand* Yakko: *He helps her up* Foxanne: How are you so nice..? Yakko: Well, I'm nice until someone is rude to me, or my siblings. Foxanne: *She gives him a slight smile* Yakko: *He smiles at her* Well..I should be going. *He goes to walk away* Foxanne: W-Wait! *Yakko turns towards her* Foxanne: Um... I'm kind of lost.. I'm trying to get to studio sixteen, and I can't find it.. Yakko: And..? Foxanne: *She smiles at him* I could really use some help getting there.. Yakko: *He smiles brightly* I'd be happy to. *He grabs her hand* Foxanne: *She blushes a little* Yakko: Right this way. *The two walk away* *Somewhere In The Studio* *Winnie is seen laughing* Wakko: And then I said "You kidding? Whack is in my name!" Winnie: *chuckles* That was great, Wakko. Wakko: *chuckles* Thanks. *They smile at each other* Winnie: You know Wakko, you don't seem to be as bad as Mr.Plotz made you out to be.. Wakko: *He tilts his head in confusion* Huh? Winnie: Mr.Plotz made you out to be this crazy, monstrous, ravenous psycho. Wakko: Nah, I'm only ravenous at dinner time. Winnie: *giggles* But.. you've been nothing but sweet, and kind, and funny, very funny. Wakko: *He blushes hard* Y-You think I'm all those things? Winnie: Mhm. Wakko: *He smiles at her* seem very sweet, and smart too, v-very smart! Winnie: *She blushes a little* Mr.Plotz: Winifred! Winnie: *yelps* *The two turn around* *Mr.Plotz is seen walking towards her* There you are, I was looking all over for you! Winnie: Oh I don't need a tour anymore, Mr.Plotz, Wakko gave me one already. Mr.Plotz: Wakko?! *He looks at Wakko* Wakko: *He nods his head* Mr.Plotz: I thought I told you to stay away from the new stars! Wakko: *A look of sadness appears on his face* Winnie: But why? Wakko's such a sweet boy. Mr.Plotz: Sweet!? He and his siblings are menaces! Winnie: He's not a menace, he's wonderful. Wakko: *He blushes hard, and smiles brightly* Mr.Plotz: *growls* Nevermind, head to studio sixteen, you're about to go on. Winnie: *gulps* *She looks at Wakko* Can you please come with me..? Wakko: *He smiles at her* Of course. Winnie: Thanks Wakko.. *The two walk away* Mr.Plotz: *sighs* Those Warner's are something else.. *In Studio Sixteen* *The stage is set up, and the spotlights are shining bright* *There's many people in the room* ???: Ok everyone, take your places! Foxanne: *sighs* *She looks down* Yakko: *He looks at her* What's wrong, Foxanne? Foxanne: I don't know about this.. Yakko: Hey.. *He puts his hand on her arm* You've got this, I believe in you. Foxanne: *She smiles at him* *Winnie is seen frantically reading the script* Wakko: *He looks at her* Winnie? Winnie: *groans* So many lines..! ???: Winifred, take your place please! Wakko: Good luck Winnie! *Winnie walks onto the set* *The spotlight shines onto Winnie* Winnie: *gulps* ???: And...action! *Music starts playing* Winnie: Um..I uh.. *gulps* *Dot storms up to Yakko, Wakko, and Foxanne* Dot: There you are! Why did you- *Yakko covers her mouth* Yakko: Shush sis..! Dot: *She glares at him* Wakko: Winnie..? ???: Winifred, your line? Winnie: *She looks at the script* I-I-I.. *She starts breathing heavily* Foxanne: Come on kid, you can do it.. *Everyone has looks of concern on their faces* Winnie: I--I- *tears well up in her eyes* Wakko: *groans* *He runs onto the stage* Yakko and Dot: Wakko no..! Wakko: Ah! You must be Winifred Wolf! Winnie: Huh? *She looks at him* M-Me? Wakko: Yes you, you're the girl everyone is talking about, they say you're the smartest girl in town! *He looks at her* and the sweetest too. *He winks at her* Winnie: *She blushes and smiles at him* Y-Yes..but you can call me Winnie. *She grabs his hand* Wakko: *He blushes and smiles at her* ???: Marvelous! Just keep acting like that! *Dot has a look of pure excitement on her face* Foxanne: Heh, your brother ain't half bad. Yakko: *He looks at her* Yeah, he's a good boy. Foxanne: *She looks at him* Yakko: *He smiles at her* Foxanne: What? Yakko: You have really lovely eyes. Foxanne: *She blushes hard* *She looks away* Yakko: But you have an even greater personality. Foxanne: *She looks at him* *She smiles at him* So do you.. *They both blush and smile at each other* *Outside of studio sixteen* *Everyone is seen leaving the studio* ???: Great job everyone! Keep practicing, and we'll do even better tomorrow! *The Warner's are seen leaving* Winnie: Wakko! Wakko: Huh? *He turns around* *Winnie runs up to Wakko and hugs him* Wakko: *grunts* Winnie: Oh thank you so much! You really helped me! Wakko: *He smiles at her* Anytime, you did very good yourself. Winnie: *She smiles at him* Thank you.. Dot: Aww..! *Someone taps on Yakko's shoulder* Yakko: *He turns around* *Foxanne is seen standing in front of him* Yakko: Oh, hey Foxanne. Foxanne: Hi.. Yakko: *A look of nervousness appears on his face* Foxanne: So...Maybe we'll see each other later? Yakko: Y-Yeah, b-but only if you're ok with that too. Foxanne: *She chuckles a little* You amaze me, Yakko. Yakko: Huh? Foxanne: See you later. *She walks away* Yakko: *He blushes hard* I amaze her. Winnie: Bye Wakko, I'll see you later! *She skips away* Wakko: Bye Winnie! *The two brothers sigh heavenly* Dot: Aww...My brothers are in love... *growls* And I didn't get to see any of the romance! *She crosses her arms* (The End.) Animaniacs belongs to ©Warner Bros. Winifred "Winnie" Wolf, and Foxanne Vulpine belong to Me....
Hello Foxanne! by Venicequeen1011
The Dorks: Protection by thekingvillain
MOJAD and Disney Friends by Tronic33
American cartoon2

Mature Content

Smurfette by tart-barter
Thumbs Up from Buster by Tiny-Toons-Fan
Waiting for your date- Fifi POV by Iyzeekiil
Furrball as Pasadena Jones by Tiny-Toons-Fan



Welcome to Cartoon-Fanart^^

Rules...(Don't serious I don't have many rules)

-free to join!!

-You can submit anything but should be about cartoon or anime series .

-Original Characters are accept too!

-You can submit as much as you like.

-Please choose correct folders for submit your arts

-Have enjoy in my group!! :D

Drawback of this group is doesn't have any spacial activities ,I'm sorry ;_;








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