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Game Night at Marsh Home by JoanStorm
Levi Broflovski [South Park OC] Character SheetSouth Park OC ProfileFull Name: Levin Gerald "Levi" BroflovskiNick-Name(s): Levi (Ken & Sam /later, sometimes Derick)Parents/Family: Kyle Broflovski (father); Bebe Stevens (mother)Age: 8Grade: Third gradeGender: boyHair/Hair color: Slick Back and Quiff; orange.Clothing: wears a orange shirt with green sleeves and grey pants with black shoes. (None of these colors help his slightly pale skin pigment).Personality: He's a true boy scout and a very kind soul. He gingerly tries to negotiate anything like it's a hostage situation but always knows when things don't pan out and knows how to fight his battles. He is, however, very skittish, and gets easily jumpy if scared enough. He has a sense of social purpose and moral outrage. Occasionally flirts with girls like how his mom flirts with guys.Likes: bananas, spaghetti and meatballs with ketchup, hanging out with his friends; long hours playing video games; learning how to play instruments (even if he is slightly tone deaf). Dislikes: haunted houses; sudden loud noises; Derick Cartman, Mr. Cartman.Other Info: He's the green eyed kid with the first aid kit, compass and a map in his backpack just in case (in some far-fetched scenario)he and his friends get lost. He's a very bubbly young man when around people he trusts. Levi has been responsible for getting Sam out of several altercations. His behaviour is often similar to Tweek’s in terms of skittishness. Much like Sam, he has grown up in a household with very strong morals and he feels responsible to be a good person. Takes after his mother in terms of his ability to woo girls.Ship/Future Ship: Malory Coles.
Sam Marsh [South Park OC] Character SheetSouth Park OC ProfileName: Samuel Quinton “Sam” MarshAge: 8 years oldCurrent Grade: Third GradeFather: Stan MarshMother: Wendy TestaburgerSister: Beth MarshAunts: Shelly Marsh McCormick, Lizzy McCormickUncles: Kevin McCormick, Kenny McCormickCousins: Benjamin Ben McCormick, Kendall McCormick and Kelsey McCormickGrandmothers: Sharon Marsh and Mrs. TestaburgerGrandfathers: Randy Marsh and Mr. TestaburgerAppearance: Has shaggy black hair and blue eyes. He wears a brown jacket with a light purple scarf and dark blue jeans with black shoes. Under his jacket, he wears a purple T-shirt.Personalty: He is best described as a mature, sensitive, liberal and an intelligent male feminist whose stubbornness sometimes gets the best of himLikes: pepperoni pizza, his pet pig Bobo, coffee, singing in a band with his friends, being a male feminist, his girlfriend Sophie Anderson, His super best friend Levi BroflovskiDislikes: bullies, Derick Cartman, people calling his sister a slut, snakes, grandpa randy, parents fighting, cousin Ben McCormick, Aunt ShellyOther Info: He hates snakes because they scare him. Sam has beautiful ocean blue eyes.He struggles with asthma and always carries an inhaler. His mom taught him how to speaks arabic when he was very little.He’s a Very mild-mannered young man and gets his good nature from his mother (at least she thinks so) Sam frequently attends animal rights marches with his parents and really enjoys them.He’s Very quick to jump downs people’s throats when they use sexist language. He’ll Often confides in his pet pig bobo when he feels he has no one else to turn to.Sam Enjoys being a part of a rock band, but his confidence fluctuates. His stubbornness has landed him in many sticky situations.Being the more level-headed of the pair, Sam takes it upon himself to calm Levi when he becomes too skittish.
South Park Fan Fiction: Escaping Michigan CH.4Chapter 4: He's coming!The smell of bleach hit Lana's nose like a truck, abruptly waking her up from her sleep.Grumbling and getting up, she walked through the hallway."Up early aren't you?"Rachel looked up at her lover and gave her a seemingly forced smile."Yeah...I'm trying to get these last few spots before-.." Rachel said before pausing "he.. comes"Rachel saw the immediate but slight mood change in Lana. Sam came running down the hall, crashing into Lana's leg giggling."Good Morning, Mommy!"Lana's eyes softened as she smiled back ruffling his hair gingerly"Morning, Sam""Isn't Uncle coming today?""Unfortunately, Yes" Lana mumbled followed by a quick punch to her shoulder by Rachel.Sam wondered Why Lana said "Unfortunately" but didn't want to push it any further, She Looked Stressed.Her hair was a little bit more greasy and her bags under her eyes looked Bigger then before, But, she looked fine overall."breakfast, Hun." Rachel Told Sam, Ruffling his black hair.Sam chuckled Cutely, Sitting on the chair.On the plate was waffles and some Strawberries with whipped cream. (sorta like the Steven Universe Together breakfast)Sam started eating as Lana and Rachel Talked."I know your scared, Sweetie, And I will admit... I am too. But, we have to stay strong." Rachel told Lana, hugging her. "Also, Don't let him Affect Sam." She quickly Added.Lana Walked to the couch, Sitting down in silence."... Okay." Lana muttered.Rachel smiled, Kissing Lana's Cheek.Sam put his plate in the sink."Sam, Why don't you go get ready? Get extra fancy." Lana tells Sam, Kissing his forehead.Sam chuckled, patting the place Where the kiss was."Okay!" Sam walked up the stairs, Going into his room.Sam's POVI walked to my closet remembering what mommy said."Sam, why don't you go get ready? Get extra fancy.""fancy..." I muttered, tying to find something.I found a T-Shirt, a Fancy T-Shirt.I took off my Pajamas, Not caring about taking a shower, and Putting it on.I looked down in my pants, My Super Man pants were old news. They had Super man's 'S' LogoLike the quote says —"out with the New, in with the old"...Oops, wrong way.I looked around, trying to find Jeans that Fit with the Shirt."Sam, come down! Uncle will be here soon!" Mommy (Lana) Yelled at me.I looked around, Then seeing the closest thing... Oh pug in a pizza box.Author(s) POVThere was Knock at the Door As Lana Was fixing her Golden Bow in her hair, Her Baby blue sweater and Black jeans.Rachel wore a Red Shirt and Strauss Jeans. She held Lana's hand, Smiling at her.She smiled back, Letting go of her hand.Lana walked to The door, hesitating to open the door, but did so.There in all His glory, Was Him.He had Black hair, Dark gloomy Blue eyes, and Pale skin.He Wore a Black Buttoned up shirt and Red jeans, with a Pair of Dark brown cow boots.Sam walked down the stairs "Hello, Uncle!" Sam smiled, Innocently."I'm Sam!" He added, Still smiling.He looked down at Sam, Studying his Appearance.He chuckled, Looking at the two females."I didn't know I had a Nephew. When did this happen?" Uncle asked, Gruffly.Lana gulped "H-He's Actually... Adopted..." Lana Said, Sam's smile faltered.He didn't liked being called "Adopted." He thought he was Apart of the family Blood like. Who say's Family has to have the same Blood?Rachel Noticed Sam's Pants, Seeing pink Pajama pants.She face palmed as Lana started Intensely sweating.Uncle laughed "Any way's, will you let me in?" He asked.Lana sighed " of course." She stepped to the side, As uncle took of his shoes and Put them down."nice house." He muttered, going up the stairs like he owned the place.That's what uncle always did, Own it.He acted all sassy like he owned everything.Rachel growled as Lana looked at her, with a smirk.""oh Lana, stay calm, everything is going to be okay."" Lana mimicked, In a Sweet high tone. Her eyes turning big.Rachel Growled more, as Sam went to uncle.He was asking questions like;"What's your name.""Hold are you?""Whats your job?"Etc."Why don't you three all talk why I make some food and snacks?" Lana suggested, Smiling."Okay then." uncle smiled.Lana walked into the kitchen, closing the little door behind her.There was a silence apart from Lana's Clacks of pots and pans."So..." Sam started, Making the two adults look at him."Uh... What's your favorite food, Uncle?" Sam asked."Steak." Uncle answered, Coldly.Sam gulped, Slouching."Why did you want to come?" Rachel asked, Glaring at Uncle."Well, I-"Lana opened the door, With Three glasses of Water."Who wants drinks?!" She quickly asked.Sam raised an eyebrow in confusion."Sure."Somewhere elseWendy sat In her bed, Having a Mini mental break down.Her Only child, Sam, disappeared about 4/5 day's ago and She hasn't gotten any sleep. Also Hasn't eaten much in day's.Stan is worried, Kyle is worried, everyone's worried.(Apart from Cartman.)The police opened the door "Ma'am, we might have a lead of where Sam is." Police officer, Yates, stated"REALLY?!" She yelled, Smiling."Yes, Really, ma'am." Follow us.Police County JailWendy and Stan sat in the Chairs, Looking at the Camera footage.It started as Sam Playing on the Swings when a Black figure came to him.They'd started talking and they led Sam away.Stan winced at the Scene as Wendy looked in rage."nobody is taking my Baby from My hands.." she muttered, Her fists clenching.Back with The Clovers familyThere was an awkward tension and Sam did. Not. Like. It."Why is there an Awkward Silence? Can't we all talk?" Sam asked, Angrily.This took Rachel by surprise, Sam was almost never mad.Uncle laughed "I like this Kids style. Are you sure this kid isn't actually your child?" He asked.Rachel Growled "He actually is my child." Rachel growled out.They both started arguing, Lana hearing it.While Lana was cutting the Carrots Sam walked in "Hey Mommy..." Sam muttered."Yes, Sam?" Annie asked."Why do Mommy and Uncle fight?" Sam asked, Fiddling with his fingers.Lana stopping Chopping for a moment.... Maybe I should tell him..."It's nothing, Mommy just doesn't like Uncle that much, dear." Lana told Sam, smiling."can I stay here for a Little while, Mommy?" Sam asked, sitting on the floor."Sure, dear." Lana noddedWith the MarshesWendy Got a little bit of Hope from the Last Police Meet so She started investigating.She went To where Sam was recently went (At the park) and looked where the Figure took Sam.She sighed as the Flashback Kept Replying in her head.Wendy winced, But she didn't cry.No.She was tried of crying, tired of being weak.Tired of being in the Background.tired of being...A Rat. Weak. Anything that isn't Wendy Marsh.Wendy followed the Way the stranger Brought Sam.Trying to find... anything...I want my baby back... Wendy thoughtBack with SamSam's POVI sat on The floor, Playing with Mom's phone while Mommy and Uncle fought more and more.Lana sighed as she put food on the plates.Rice, Carrots, stake, Mash potatoes, Etc.It looked good.While I was playing with my Phone a Weird buzzing noise came from it.Amber alert, missing child Sam Marsh of South Park, he has black hair, chubby, wears a purple scarf and brown jacket, has blue eyes. If you have any information please contact (xxx)-xxx-xxx or SouthparkpolicedepartmentIt described me... perfectly.I was missing?...I looked at "Mommy" and "Mom."The people I loved... Kidnapped me?.."Lunch!" Lana yelled, smiling.I hesitated but Git up to The dinner.I looked at the food, Staring at it."what's wrong, Sam?" "Mommy" asked."nothing." I muttered, eating the stake.The went back to eating and making small talk.I looked once or twice but.. I was... I was scared.Wait... Why didn't I see this before?FlashbackI played on the swings, all by myself. I was bored."Hey kid."I turned my head, seeing a Black figure."you okay?" They asked."no..." I muttered."Whats wrong?" They asked."Well.. I'm bored.""Why don't you come with me?" They asked...."Sure.""You guys kidnapped me..." Sam muttered."What was that, Sam?" Annie asked."YOU GUYS KIDNAPPED ME!" Sam yelled, Throwing The plate into the wall."Excuse me?" Rachel asked, offended."Whats going on?" Uncle asked."They kidnapped me! I didn't even see it!" I yelled.Uncle suddenly pulled out a gun "I knew it!" He yelled."It's not what you think!" Lana Said, shaking.This part gets pretty graphic and bloody. Proceed with cautionRachel pulled out a gun too "STEP THE FUCK BACK.""Where did she get a gun?!" I asked.There was a gun shot and I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.I looked at my shoulder, seeing blood pour out my shoulder."O-Ow..." I muttered, Tears bubbling in my eyes due to the pain."My baby!" Lana yelled.That was the last thing I heard before everything faded to black.I think I Fainted of Shock...Author(s) POVLana Started crying as Rachel pushed Uncle out of the house.Pretty sure he's going to Call the police, but who cares...Lana picked up Sam "HOSPITAL. NOW." Lana yelled, running out the house to the car.Rachel finally realized and she nodded, Opening the car door.Lana Hugged Sam as Rachel Choked down on her sons.Why did this happen, why did it have to be them?Those were the type of words that were rolling around in the Two lesbians heads.You can't adopt, The Child needs a Mother and FatherEw, Lesbians...LaterLana sat in the Chair as Rachel hugged her, a side hug.Lana's eyes were blood shot. Same as Rachel, Both of their hair were greasy and All over the place.The doctor walked up to them "Okay, Sam is okay." stated."oh thank god!" Lana gasped, Smiling."The bad News is that...""POLICE!"Police burst through the door, guns in their hands."Hands in the air!"They did what the police man said.They suddenly got pushed to the ground."Rachel and Lana your under arrest for Kidnapping and Attempted assault." The chief stated, Kicking Rachel's Leg.It caused her to wince"Don't touch my wife!" Lana yelled."Whatever." The chief of police muttered.Lana and Rachel got shoved into the polices car As they screamed profanity's."Case closed, Gentlemen. Well done." The police men cheered as Wendy and Stan walk (More like run) into the hospital as fast as they can."My baby..." Lana muttered, Crying. She's having a melt down.Rachel hugged her as Annie cried in her chest."It's okay... we'll get through this. I promise.""I hope so, R..."Sam's POVFew day's laterI opened my eyes, Seeing a Burning white light."Am... Am I dead?..." I asked myself."No kid, your not Dead." A man answered.I screamed, Getting up."kid, calm down. Your in the Hospital." The doctor stated."I-In the hospital? Why?" I asked."you seriously don't remember?" The doctor asked."no.." I muttered, Embarrassed. The doctor huffed "you got shot.""What?!" I asked, Suddenly feeling a pain in my Left shoulder."Ow.." I muttered.I saw bandages go across my Chest."Yeah, that happens. You might have some weight loss and Migraines."..."What's a migraine?" I asked."You'll figure it out, kid." Doctor muttered, walking out.I sighed, he was mean.I got up, Dragging the IV thing with me.It was dark, Probably night-time.All the Flash backs came back to me.Lana, Rachel, Uncle, everything.I'm so bad... How could I forget?I suddenly fell On my Face, No wonder the ground was coming Closer and closer.It's going to be a long Week. Ain't it?...
Cartoon Network
Rowdyruff Boys Live Action by TimBurton01
CD: Death With Elegance by HaraaJubilee
HH: Looking Good In Black by HaraaJubilee
Happy Mermay by HaraaJubilee
Blorg Toons! by Fyrekobra
Speed Demons by MegaD3
Lumity 6 by KeySeyRuto
CD: Red and Goth All Over by HaraaJubilee
Hot Tub Time for Rita and Lynn (Request) by DragonBat362
Dress Up Time! (Request) by DragonBat362
The Nightmare House - Leni's Nightmare by DragonBat362
Go For It, Sam! by MegaD3
The Hub
Applejack as Jax by chanyhuman

Mature Content

Commission - My Beautiful Rose (censored) by Cyber-murph
MP100: Nimboda Nimboda by HaraaJubilee
MP100: A Dance We'll Remember by HaraaJubilee
CD: Cemetery Bloom by HaraaJubilee
Cool Cat by Macaronow
Mokuba Kaiba and Tech E Coyote (Request) by DragonBat362
Not so little anymore by Godzilla2137
Original Stuff
Fender And Nelson In Their Tune Squad Outfits by TheEnderToonist
Mikey in Space (Digital) by PizzaWolf20
The New Girl-pg 4 (Promo-Teaser) by T5-Comix-Cartoonz
Commission: Vespina by Acaciathorn
Cross Overs
Alana And Sophia In Their Tune Squad Outfits by TheEnderToonist
PMD/L3 crossover: Jigen and Fujiko by HCShannon
Club Techno Thylacine Toons! by Fyrekobra
Horror Movie Recast Meme by userup
Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl react to being blocked by chanyhuman
Care bears meet Inspector Gadget Penny and Brain by Godzilla2137
Dawn in Pennys place by Godzilla2137
Penny by Godzilla2137
BNHA: The Telekinetic Pacifist by HaraaJubilee
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$6 Commission: Iris by Bramble-Violet

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Here are some rules you need to follow in the CCC (Cartoon Craze Club).
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NO HATERS! Since this is a care-free group, we will support anything.
A piece of cartoon art you submit does not have to be from a cartoon show. It can be fan made or an OC as long as it's a cartoon.
There is not a limit on what you can submit. Go crazy!
Thank you for reading. Have fun :)

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