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Emily 540 - We're A Thing

(This one was done in a hurry because of a tight schedule, but I still tried to make it look as decent as the previous ones.)

So, Matt and Annette are a couple now. Kinda. Sorta. Until further notice.

And that's the end of this story arc. But there'll be new ones soon.

Emily 539 - Matt's First Time
Emily 541 - Problems With Math Problems
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Yes a relationship is more than sex. That’s a lesson David is still learnings, I hope Matt learns faster than he did.

He's found a teacher, she's found an exercise buddy. Not a bad relationship to have, but if he or she ever meets someone they really are attracted to this could get... complicated.

Good point.

Someone in Matt's position is more likely to fall in love with his "teacher".

Meeting someone else is unlikely to be a black and white situation. There will be a grey area of uncertainty before a new couple forms when "seeing" the old friend could be considered infidelity.

Throw in jealousy.

Just good friends - with benefits? cf "Last Tango in Paris"

But "boy meets girl" is what half of literature is about ...

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Ah, to be so young and have a lovely tour guide to show me the way ... a dream come true. ♥

Cartoon-Admirer's avatar

No. They aren't related by blood.

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1-Until further notice this gives me ideas 😈

2-(from a different comment) the issue isn’t how Kim or ray will react it’s if they’d believe him. that does kill a few strip ideas I had but its not like they wanted some forbidden affair (doesn’t mean I won’t run them by you 😜). as you’ve told us many times this more of practice in a relationship

3-I’m partially Hoping maybe either doesn’t move on but we’ll have to wait and see

4-(again) I really enjoy these post coital talks it is also enjoyable because then say someone has been working on their character positions

Cartoon-Admirer's avatar
  1. Such as...?

  2. No reason they don't believe him. Just because Kim used to tease Matt every now and t hen doesn't mean she doubted he could ever find a partner.

  3. So you do like this pairing? I kinda thought you were pro-Mattricia. ;)

  4. Thanks for your appreciation.

Reviewer2016's avatar

1-In time😈😈😈

(gonna give you a cool down from this arc)

2-Not about that neessr but if you teased your kid would you actively believe they got it on with a non blood relative (plus I was partially joking)

3-To be fair i also still support Lizid even though they’ve only slept together once and little evidence says it’s gonna happen so that alone says I’m fluid with ships so long as both people are happy. But like at the start of this arc now I am suspicious . Either way I have plenty of fanfic material 😈🤡

4-welcome 👍

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lip kissing is safer

max15205's avatar

matt she already explained before then you were just going to be fuck buddies

Cartoon-Admirer's avatar

They'll be more than that.

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I wonder how Kimberly and Ray would feel about this.

Cartoon-Admirer's avatar

Matt will tell them. He cannot hide it from them, nor he wants to.

Zuko-Halliwell's avatar

I don't expect him to hide it from them. The question is, will they approve?

Cartoon-Admirer's avatar

Time will tell. And by time I mean the strip when he tells them the news.

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