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Emily 537 - Let's Look At The Facts

So... Matt accepts Annette's indecent proposal. Were you expecting something else? (I wasn't asking rhetorically, maybe someone actually was?)

Yeah, things are getting interesting now. What would you do if you were Matt in this situation? I most probably would've accepted too.

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Emily 538 - Painful Lesson
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You know, this kinda reminds me of Liz's Big Day.

She really is an amateur therapist. This is completely unprofessional psychological counselling. If she wanted to pursue him, she should have taken him out on a date and been honest with her intentions from the get go. Matt may be an adult, but he is still childish when it comes to sex.

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She said herself she's not a pro. And I don't think Matt minds. I mean, she's offering him something that's better than any counselling and therapies, something he actually needs instead of a bunch of yip-yap.

I prefer the yip-yap from my therapist, but I am not Matt. Talk therapy can be more valuable over the long term than a small amount of satisfying physical intimacy, but perhaps, this will help Matt be more clear headed and confident for a little while. The important thing is Matt comes to see he has worth even if he never ever gets lucky with a lady in his life.

As has been said, "Pleasure that is taken without thought out often leads to sadness in the future"

If I were Matt, I would have some anxiety over the proposal. I would talk a little with Annette, maybe with a little flirting and dirty talk, and if I was still comfortable with it, agree.

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Maybe that’ll happen and they just won’t get straight to the sheets.

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Hold up, aren't they related?

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"Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?"

Mrs. R: Laughs...

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1. well this went in the direction that I was expecting and I Iike it 2. I wonder if Matt will keep this to himself or boast a bit about it because I could kind of see it go either way

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1-How so, like what were you expecting?

2-I can imagine him keeping this little win to himself and Make it feel all the sweeter (can definitely see him thanking Mallory for sending him to Annette)

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  1. I'm not sure exactly

  2. Yeah I could see something like that and I could also see Mallory apologizing for going for a bit of a low blow because the look on her face when she realized she messed up was genuinely heartbreaking.

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2-Yeah I can see those ideas working

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1- Yeah

2- Right

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2-How do you think Kim and ray would react?

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2. I'm not sure.

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1-Oh good another guilty pleasure arc.

2-Truth I was expecting maybe she was teasing but this could be good. Like Liz’s big day they are just getting frustrations out of their systems. from Dialogue this may or may not become a reoccurring thing between them but it’s an interesting dynamic change and I kind of wanna see where this goes (not like just wanting to see them in the sheets like maybe some before or after talk)

3-i probably wouldn’t go for the opportunity. I’m from Arkansas and I hear enough inbreeding jokes as is. Plus I was raised to believe no sex till marriage so there’s that.

4-For a second I thought Annette meant she started rethinking her offer(before I re-Read the last box but that wouldve been matt‘s luck)

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  1. What do you mean?

  2. This plot does have some similarities to LBD, yeah. But I plan on making the story a bit deeper this time.

  3. Inbreeding jokes...? These two aren't related by blood, if that's what you're insinuating. Annette is Ray's sister-in-law's cousin, meaning she isn't related by blood with the Pickett-Campbell family.

  4. He is lucky indeed, but considering how unlucky his character has been all this time, I think he deserves a little luck for a change, wouldn't you think?

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1-Just another arc I’m gonna feel bad about liking (but it’s early so maybe implicit sex is gonna happen but I’m just gonna wait to see)

2-Can’t wait to see

3-I know I meant their are a lot of inbreeding jokes on people in southern states.

4-I meant I thought it would be his luck a person would immediately rethink their offer of sex, but yes considering his own mom jabbed at his lack of sex I’d say he’s earned some

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