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Linguistic map of Western Europe - ca. 500-525 CE by LSCatilina
The Greek 'Far-West' in Gaul  (500 BCE to 300 BCE) by LSCatilina
Rots Worldmap by Djekspek
City of Kelbrand by Sapiento
Japan black and white 8K template by Anzhc
2290 - Core Region by LSCatilina
Grid pattern brushes  for map by syeon
Map making action for photoshop by syeon
The Witcher Map by stratomunchkin
World Fantasy Map - RPG - Free to Use - Stock by Dark-Eyed-Junco
World Fantasy Map - RPG - Free to Use II - Stock by Dark-Eyed-Junco
June 28, 1914 Colored, Second Levels, Outlined by Sharklord1
Betanien by Sapiento
Kingdom of Riparia by Sapiento
The Principality of Albernia by AdrianDelany
Lost Realm Map - basin zoom by Dark-Eyed-Junco
Thermal Wells by TereruArt
Slugfottle's Catacombs by Hexdrake
Slugfottle's Catacombs GM Key by Hexdrake
Encounter in Yartar Streets by Hexdrake
Real World
Ladymere by Sapiento
The South Seas Mandate [OTL] by MarsandCadmium
Karafuto Prefecture / South Sakhalin [OTL] by MarsandCadmium
1991 Serbian plan for new borders of Yugoslavia by PathtoEnlighten
Map of Sector Stronghold 5 by Hogmi
Galaxy map - Arm of Orion. Sci fi by Hogmi
Map Space With Nation by Hogmi
Nebula Alqua. Sector map. by Hogmi
Town and City Maps
Fairnhain by AdrianDelany
Nairobi Nights by Sapiento
New Olympus Island by Sapiento
Ainadilla by Sapiento
Alternate Earth
[RTL] The Republic of South Tussenland in 1911 by WannabeeCartographie
[RTL] The Tussenland Federation in 1915 by WannabeeCartographie
[RTL] The Amerikaens Free State in 1903 by WannabeeCartographie
Great Denmark 1919 by Mamoed
Clan Territories within Segh by Etohautakuva
Aethios FACT BOX by vorropohaiah
Gomdirth map by AugustinasRaginskis
Island Of Sodor Map Redesign by joey-and-rattata




Hello everyone. Recently, I've noticed an increasing amount of submissions to what I would consider the wrong gallery folder. So far, I've just moved the maps to the right folders, but it would of course be great if everyone puts their maps in the right gallery themselves. Even though we've changed the name 'Alternate World' to 'Alternate Earth', there still seems to be some confusion about what kind of maps should be in which folders. I hope therefore that this overview clears up any confusion there might be about where to submit the maps to. If anyone has different ideas about what fits where, please comment and we can decide what definition fits best, as this is my personal interpretation.

This is the folder for all resources which can be used to make maps. Think about tutorials, brushes, textures, map items, etc.

This folder is meant for maps depicting an entire fictional world. The definition of 'world' can change of course, but generally this folder is meant for maps which show all of some world and not just parts. This folder is not meant for maps of our own Earth, they can be submitted to Real World.

This folder is meant for maps depiction region of a fictional world, most maps fall into this category. Again, maps depicting a region of our own Earth can be submitted to Real World.

This folder is meant for all maps which have a tactical/game purpose. The main example are dungon maps, but also floor plans of castles and towns with a grid can be found in this folder.

Real World:
This folder is meant for all maps depicting a truthfull version of our own Earth, be it historical or of the present. They can either be of the entire world or just of regions. Remember that this group is meant for original maps, so a scan of an atlass will still not be accepted ;).

Science Fiction:
This folder is meant for maps depicting a future world or region, this will include most space maps (except those which are a realistic version of the world as we now know it ;) )

Town & City Maps:
This folder is for all maps depicting fictional human settlements, so from villages to large cities.

Alternate Earth:
This folder is meant for maps of alternative versions of our own earth. In practice, these will mostly be alternate history maps, so if you have an alternate history map, this is the folder to submit to. Maps of any purely fictional region/world which are not meant to depict a place which was originally historically real can be submitted to Regional or World, not to this folder.

This folder is for any map which doesn't fit any of the descriptions above. If you believe this to be the case, you can submit to this folder. Examples are a map of a Wyvern lair, a map of a ship and a map of a tide pool.
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STGames Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
I let a few submissions slip this month. Very busy doing road work on the mountain here. By hand, because people want thousands of dollars to bring the equipment up here.

It's been exhausting.

I'm currently accepting Contributor requests for anyone who would like to help. Even if you don't want to dedicate the rest of your life to accepting submissions, the occasional help would be appreciated by any artists whose submissions have slipped through the cracks while I try to solo this.
STGames Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Please keep in mind that Resources is not for "free maps" or gaming assets, but for map-making resources.
STGames Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
It looks like submissions are using the criteria I put in place at last. I'm doing what I can to keep approvals moving by myself atm while the rest of the team sleeps/works/parties/enjoys their retirement to a modest villa on the coast of Spain.

It's really hard to look at pictures and push a button. I am being overwhelmed. Send help in unmarked nonsequential bills.
STGames Featured By Owner Edited May 31, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
As a temporary measure while we figure out how we are moving forward as a group, and due to the decline in staff activity, i have changed submissions to require one vote. This is not retroactive. However, all items submitted from now on will only require a single vote to be accepted until otherwise noted.

[edit] I think, anyway. We shall see.
AquaDeus Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Any chance to get resources submitted in here?

Coastline Brushes by AquaDeus
STGames Featured By Owner May 13, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
We have a submission category named "Resources"
HazyPhantom Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, I am just starting out and I was wondering how I should go about promoting myself. As well as selling my content as I have no frame for what a price for a map should be.
RodTyberius Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Made a new group, ask me if you want to be modders or cofounders…
RodTyberius Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group dead? Submitted a map two days ago and I had no response from anyone...
MoshiDungo Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2020
yeah this group is dead due to inactive moderators. If you want to submit maps somewhere I suggest you use MapsAndFlags instead because they have mostly active moderators
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