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Gallery Folders

City of Kelbrand by Sapiento
Worldmap Ardanea by Aeyolscaer
Ornamental Compass-Roses ressource pack by Feivelyn
Harlasea - Grymnar by SirInkman
Krastvin's Spatiodynamic Compass by Caenwyr
Compass Rose 4 by popzel127
Compass Rose 3 by popzel127
Krim, Crimea, Template, Resources by GutKnut4703
Arcana Crew- World Map by Platypusofdoom
The Empire of the Isles [Dishonored] by MartynasB
Solia by Sapiento
Unnamed Fantasy Map by DanielHasenbos
Eberras - cracked Continent of Xen'Drik by FilKearney
Autauga, Gulf Atlantic GTA Map by NewCanadaCartography
Map practice by oldschoolitems
Illyria (Unlabelled) by Tangaboa
Blackstar by Tangaboa
Risk style map by Sapiento
Tearmark Prison by Tangaboa
The Great Repository by Sapiento
Real World
Europe - 120 BC by Cyowari
Europe - 60 BC by Cyowari
Aotearoa (Alternate) by atlas-v7x
Aotearoa by atlas-v7x
Manifest Destiny: A More Perfect Union by YNot1989
Battle Of Berg 237 Map by RJDETONADOR97
Endurance Map V1 by purpleh3art
Sahara War by YNot1989
Town and City Maps
Legend of the Five Rings RPG Village Map by FrancescaBaerald
Tiosgrad by TomDigitalGraphics
Falconhome by Enerla
Forgotten Realms: The Ruins of Leilon by stratomunchkin
Alternate Earth
Islamic China - Satuqid Dynasty (1640) by ShahAbbas1571
White Kamuy: British Nipponese Islands, 2007 by mdc01957
The Eastern Mediterranean in an Alternate 1600 BC by TyrannoNinja
The Channel States -GreekNapoTL- by bryanIII
Innistrad stained glass map - normal version by oldschoolitems
Heroes of Arena boardgame by TomDigitalGraphics
Athar and Eoar Concept Map (Gift/Commission Ex.) by Shadow-Hyder
Atlas Elyden #32 - Daylight Hours by vorropohaiah




Hello everyone. Recently, I've noticed an increasing amount of submissions to what I would consider the wrong gallery folder. So far, I've just moved the maps to the right folders, but it would of course be great if everyone puts their maps in the right gallery themselves. Even though we've changed the name 'Alternate World' to 'Alternate Earth', there still seems to be some confusion about what kind of maps should be in which folders. I hope therefore that this overview clears up any confusion there might be about where to submit the maps to. If anyone has different ideas about what fits where, please comment and we can decide what definition fits best, as this is my personal interpretation.

This is the folder for all resources which can be used to make maps. Think about tutorials, brushes, textures, map items, etc.

This folder is meant for maps depicting an entire fictional world. The definition of 'world' can change of course, but generally this folder is meant for maps which show all of some world and not just parts. This folder is not meant for maps of our own Earth, they can be submitted to Real World.

This folder is meant for maps depiction region of a fictional world, most maps fall into this category. Again, maps depicting a region of our own Earth can be submitted to Real World.

This folder is meant for all maps which have a tactical/game purpose. The main example are dungon maps, but also floor plans of castles and towns with a grid can be found in this folder.

Real World:
This folder is meant for all maps depicting a truthfull version of our own Earth, be it historical or of the present. They can either be of the entire world or just of regions. Remember that this group is meant for original maps, so a scan of an atlass will still not be accepted ;).

Science Fiction:
This folder is meant for maps depicting a future world or region, this will include most space maps (except those which are a realistic version of the world as we now know it ;) )

Town & City Maps:
This folder is for all maps depicting fictional human settlements, so from villages to large cities.

Alternate Earth:
This folder is meant for maps of alternative versions of our own earth. In practice, these will mostly be alternate history maps, so if you have an alternate history map, this is the folder to submit to. Maps of any purely fictional region/world which are not meant to depict a place which was originally historically real can be submitted to Regional or World, not to this folder.

This folder is for any map which doesn't fit any of the descriptions above. If you believe this to be the case, you can submit to this folder. Examples are a map of a Wyvern lair, a map of a ship and a map of a tide pool.
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pneilson Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, I submitted some artwork for review a day ago but have not received a reply? I'm new to the group so not sure how long it is supposed to take.
Brian-van-Hunsel Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018
I believe they were accepted and are in the gallery now. You don't get an extra message when your work is accepted, but you can find it in the "Correspondence" section of your notifications.
pneilson Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you, Brian.
Naeddyr Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2018
The system is simply that people trickle in, and maybe vote on whether to accept something or not to be shown in the group's gallery. If a submitted piece gets enough votes it's in, otherwise it gets either rejected or stays in limbo until someone comes along to vote one way or another.
pneilson Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you Naeddyr :)
TheAlecman Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
Looking for someone to do a colorized world map of a fantasy world, 18" x 24", preferably done by the end of May (but flexible on that), would like to see previous work of yours (portfolio) before committing; contact me if interested
cdiplayer Featured By Owner Edited Apr 25, 2018
Looking for someone to do an alternate history commission, grand total of 8 maps, 6 of continents, 1 of the whole world, 1 provincial map of a single nation. In terms of style looking for something like this  1983 Doomsday North America - Commission by ToixStory  I'll pay whatever it takes to get this done, I've been looking around for months now and haven't been able to find a map maker who is willing to do it. Send me a note if interested.
Mike-the-dabbler Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
I do map commissions for 40 points.
Earl---Grey Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018
Looking to commission for a Fantasy map. Please note me if interested with examples and prices.

NewCanadaCartography Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are Town and City Maps still reviewed? I have one still in pending. I took it off and re-submitted but nothing.
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