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The Griffsons

Skintone is the new yellow
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reminds me of a MAD Magazine cover for some reason
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pfft, Brian is like "Damn, I'm sexy"
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On the Left: 
Homer Griffin
Marge Griffin
Lisa Griffin
Bart Griffin
Santa's Little Helper Griffin 
Maggie Griffin

On the Right:
Peter Simpson
Lois Simpson
Meg Simpson
Chris Simpson
Brian Simpson 
Stewie Simpson 

Yep its mindfuck alright. 
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My mind has been blown...
I need to adjust to this, lmao

This is so good! :D
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This is so funny.  Maggie as Stewie is the best.
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This is so friend Kaspired and I have been splicing Family Guy together with Futurama… and
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Did you know that there is going to be an ACTUAL Simpsons/Family Guy crossover?
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with a mustache Homer would look like Flanders!
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I love itttt!!!! :icontrampolineplz:
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My mind is getting f**ked by this! :iconwthplz:
Oh wow, getting a mental 404 error just looking at this......brain shuttinnnnnnng dooooooooownnnnnn.......
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There's something delightfully disturbing about this picture. XD
Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane need to collaborate and make a crossover show like this.
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I'd like to see that! Thanks for the comments.
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I want to see more crossover swaps! Nicely done! :D
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Thanks, and watch this space!...
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Dude! This is pretty epic. Maggie looks hillarious... no, they ALL look hillarious. Bart is sooo fat :P
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