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Music Box
  Wim hardly managed not to fall when a blur of blue plaid pajamas crashed into his legs and a pair of short arms wrapped around his middle. He was used to such actions, for Vitalina had the outstanding ability to enjoy every single meeting even in cases when the separation was short. However, this time no joy was there: Vitalina was clinging to him for dear life, hiding her face in his jacket.
  "Hi, my love. Easy, easy," he hummed, caressing her prickly black hair.
  "Th-there's a ghost in your room," Vitalina whimpered.
  "A ghost?"
  "Yes." Gosh, the poor child was so scared that she was about to weep! Wim crouched in front of her and gazed her in the eyes:
  "What did it do, Vitalina? Tell me. Not a single ghost is going to hurt you, I promise."
  Vitalina rubbed her eyes with her fist, her right hand still clenching the fold of Wim's jacket:
  "Music. I-in your room."
  "What was it like?"
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 4 3
Little Devil Darlin' by CarryPhoenix Little Devil Darlin' :iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 1 0 Beaded Thriller by CarryPhoenix Beaded Thriller :iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 6 0
You Know Nothing, Joni Clearsnow
  Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
  “Shush!” Joni yelped and tossed the heaviest volume at the clock, but missed. Having spent half of the evening in her room with the worst mood possible, she did not care about the mess. For most time she was attempting to read, but could not cope with more than a couple of pages and eventually threw the books everywhere. That was unfair. Totally unfair. At this moment Joni did feel like the character after which she was named… or at least most people believed she was.
  Tick. Tock. Woosh.
  “SILENCE, I SAID!” Joni yelled, grabbed something very heavy from the table and prepared to throw it, but was interrupted by the feeling of someone’s cold fingers encircling her wrist.
  “I’ve heard that at this time of advanced technologies most children do not appreciate them at all and in total remain children for far too little time, but this could be the clinical case.”
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 3 2
K6 Telephone Booth by CarryPhoenix K6 Telephone Booth :iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 4 3 Belac sketch by CarryPhoenix Belac sketch :iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 2 2
  “You hardly ever watch anything with such attention.” Clara Oswald walked down to the middle of the TARDIS console room to see what the bowtie-wearing man with ridiculous hairstyle was watching. She had expected aliens or phantasmagorias, but not this: the screen depicted a man making a fresco in some kind of chapel (and, judging by the poor lighting, it was nighttime).
  “That’s not Michelangelo to you,” the Doctor hummed, watching the sight with sheer curiosity. “This one does not complain. I wonder what’s going on inside him?.. Hah, I won’t have to ask about it anymore.”
  “Is this man infected by some odd disease and… em… you’re going to cure him?”
  “Then… maybe… he’s an alien himself?”
  “No. Look closer. What do you see?”
  “A man painting a fresco,” Clara replied.
  “What els
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 4 2
The Miraculous Infection
  “Oh, Dave! Are you gonna spend all night at your table? Ross is already asleep!”
  “He won’t be asleep anymore if you go one repeating this. I need to finish this drawing before tomorrow morning, so could you?” David Smith leaned on his left elbow (his right hand was sore with writing) and blew several sweaty locks of spiky brown hair off his forehead. It was around midnight, but David’s sense of responsibility kept him wide awake, and not only because he did have to finish that drawing (though he was already dizzy with all those measurements and details).
  The tiny creature sitting on the shelf above his table sighed and curled up into a ball. At first sight it was a very alive doll with waist-length blue hair and enormous golden eyes, dressed into an outfit that resembled a policewoman uniform in some way, even with a peak cap. In all, Galli was used to waiting – anyway, she had had to spend ages and ages inside locked space
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 4 0
An Idem comes when child is born,
It can be a tiny unicorn,
A golden dragonfly or bee,
A little creature, hard to see.
A person grows and Idem grows,
But stays as big as owner's nose,
And neither shape is seen as norm -
An Idem can have an odd form.
When Jackieboy was born, say I,
He got his Idem - Septic Eye,
A big round eyeball with a tail,
As green as grass, as slick as snail.
All other children had their 'pets',
And adults said: 'They're cute, I bet!'
But they said 'This could be a sham'
About the Septic Eye named Sam.
And Jackieboy was odd as well:
Green hair, blue eyes, bouncy as hell.
He wanted to be a hero soon,
Or at least walk on to the moon.
But he felt sad when Septic Sam
Reminded him that 'here I am',
Because the Septic Eye was odd,
He had no way of cuteness mode.
One day the little Jackieboy
Was home alone, not a decoy:
His parents knew he'd sit and play
And that the house would stay okay.
But Septic Sam stayed home with him -
A perfect playmate, it may seem.
But Jackiebo
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 6 4
Do You Remember?
  Едва закрыв за собой дверь, Белла Манн сразу же увидела, кто тут хозяйничал в её отсутствие: упаковки с музыкальными дисками валялись по всему полу, а виновник беспоря
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 2 2
The Kwami in My Backpack
  Post offices were not the best places to stay, especially when it was about returning stuff bought by someone else. After the explanations and detail search (of course those details had been considered inappropriate when preparing the box) Jamie Edgecome finally closed her bag and walked out of the overcrowded place. Even the air seemed fresher than usually after it was over.
  “So many papers that they could’ve built a planet out of it,” Jamie muttered, tossing the bag onto the chair. It responded with a dull clank. Mentally cursing (what if not everything was sent back, and she would have to return?), Jamie grabbed the bag again and opened it. The branded packets were gone – all three of them, but there still was something extra: a rectangular blue box stylized as an old-fashioned phone booth.
  “Where the stars did it come from?” Jamie asked aloud, thanking the Universe that nobody apart from Hermes, her Maine Coon cat, was home.
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 4 3
  The room seems dead. Dark, quiet and cool. DB-22475 even fears to stand up at first, because they know that those who brought them here are asleep, but then gets braver and sits up. After all, the Fluffy Man, Number 23 or the Glass Man did not punish them, just showed the right way. DB-22475 is still a little bit suspicious about the Glass Man and Number 23, because they are used that some people, like their ex-keeper, the Dark Man, like to delay the punishments. However, the Fluffy Man is beyond the suspicions. He found DB-22475, he gave them a name 'Cappy' (though DB-22475 is still not used to it), he cares about them. He has good hands. They are always occupied with something and never break anything intentionally.
  The room is not so quiet anymore: DB-22475 hears a faint groan. The Fluffy Man stirs in his sleep, and his thick eyebrows knit together. He mutters. Then screams. It's a choked scream, followed by panting, and his face turns damp. DB-22475 fe
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 2 0
The Casebook of Skasis Fane: Wishful Thinking pt8
  Skasis couldn’t stop comparing the sight, part of which he was now, to the escort guide. The five legged creatures, including himself, were in the middle (Bene, Ahita and Wim – in the bottom row, himself and Felix – in the top one), and the six merpeople were surrounding them from all sides apart from front: Belac was keeping behind, Primetooler and Meiah were on the sides, Bro was below, and Ulg and Ina were above. They must’ve considered above the weakest part.
  “I not hear anything around,” Belac confessed when the rocks of Shadow Play were caught in their sight. “Lots of sharks were here. You say that this machine created them as guardians, Kasifayn?”
  “Yes,” Skasis nodded. “If it’s not working anymore, it means there should be none.”
  “What about inside?” Primetooler asked. “Is it still open?”
  “I could have a look,” Skasis offered.
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 1 0
The Casebook of Skasis Fane: Wishful Thinking pt7
  “Then why are you causing such fuss?” Kiuni asked, releasing Oz (she began rubbing her tail in the place where it had been squeezed). “Who of them is up?”
  Oz tugged on her hair with both hands, imitating braids. Awesome, Skasis thought.
  “All right, I’ll go check on them,” he babbled and hurried back to the cave, imagining that he was escaping from forcibly giving a dance class, like the character of an old Earth TV series which Chuck and Kay often watched. Felix followed him, obviously glad that he had a lawful reason to escape. However, they did not manage to run away completely, for, apart from the merkids, two grown-up merpeople joined them. At first Skasis even got scared after spotting them two, but soon dread released him, for he saw those were Klowbi and Yung. Now they looked even more contrasting when seen in the whole: Klowbi’s tail was ghostly white, while Yung’s scales changed color from black to gree
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 1 0
The Casebook of Skasis Fane: Wishful Thinking pt6
  Skasis hummed and sleepily opened one eye upon the sensation of something moving over his feet clad in flippers. It was not a fish or anything – it was one of the kids, the little blond mergirl with crimson-colored tail. She was sitting (as far as it was possible underwater) in front of Skasis, studying the configuration of his legs, but as soon as she spotted that he wore up, she giggled and tried to escape. Although, to no avail: she was caught by the tail at the cave’s entrance.
  “I am sorry. My sister is very curious, I cannot contain her at times.” Still holding Oz by the tail, the merman who said that – Skasis recalled that his name was Kiuni – swam in. Only now the kid saw him completely and made sure that he would be a giant in human terms, though at the same time he did not look like a stereotypical too-built sportsman. What to say, it would be easy as pie for him to lift four or five Skasises with one hand at a time. The kid al
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 0 0
The Casebook of Skasis Fane: Wishful Thinking pt5
  Felix nodded and poured a handful of water onto the gills of the grey-tailed merman named Kiuni – that very one whose column was in cracks. The flat discs responded with twitching and flapping, revealing the wide holes underneath, then the merman inhaled and blinked in confusion.
  “Stay still, Kiuni, okay?” Felix asked: the merman tensed, preparing to another attempt of ripping the wires holding him in place. Or destroying the column: he could, Skasis saw it well. Biting his tongue in order not to freak out, the kid crouched and began cutting the metal ropes one by one with the laser hankwrench.
  “Felix, you know them, so… is anyone here breath-bonded?” Skasis wondered as soon as this thought rose in his mind.
  “The merpeople believe directly asking about this to be very tactless, mind you,” Felix pointed out, rubbing water into the next merperson’s gills (it was a ginger mermaid with a scarlet tail).
:iconcarryphoenix:CarryPhoenix 1 0


Forgotten cover by Miss-Alex-Aphey Forgotten cover :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 4 3 Secret Santa for CarryPhoenix by DinekeFH Secret Santa for CarryPhoenix :icondinekefh:DinekeFH 3 8 A Giant Cupcake! by Atlantihero-Kyoxei A Giant Cupcake! :iconatlantihero-kyoxei:Atlantihero-Kyoxei 15 10 Requests: OC-extravaganza! (w/ links!) by Cobyfrog Requests: OC-extravaganza! (w/ links!) :iconcobyfrog:Cobyfrog 20 52
Daily Lit Recognition for November 12th, 2014
Daily Lit Recognition for November 12th, 2014
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

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Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Suggested by: i-do-enjoy-music
Featured by: Medoriko

Inertia by AsherMane
Suggester says: This piece specifically
is lathered with imagery, and very emotionally
heavy in the face of its subject: Alzhimer's.
The creative use of the repeated line, the loss
of both good and bad memories, and the pain
it causes the sufferer are expressed phenomenally well.
Featured by: betwixtthepages

:icondailylitrecognition:DailyLitRecognition 12 1
Skasis Fane by Atlantihero-Kyoxei Skasis Fane :iconatlantihero-kyoxei:Atlantihero-Kyoxei 3 5 Happy travel in time and space! by Miss-Alex-Aphey Happy travel in time and space! :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 50 4 Birthday wishes by Atlantihero-Kyoxei Birthday wishes :iconatlantihero-kyoxei:Atlantihero-Kyoxei 4 8 'Why can't I dress like the boys?' by Atlantihero-Kyoxei 'Why can't I dress like the boys?' :iconatlantihero-kyoxei:Atlantihero-Kyoxei 9 5 Two Meets Eleven by Weaselon Two Meets Eleven :iconweaselon:Weaselon 25 7 Request #5: Can I Tell You a Story? by Chrisily Request #5: Can I Tell You a Story? :iconchrisily:Chrisily 7 8 Doctor Who- Second Doctor meets Eleventh Doctor by DrawerAnonymous Doctor Who- Second Doctor meets Eleventh Doctor :icondraweranonymous:DrawerAnonymous 7 4 ChibiReq - Five by LalaLiliLalaLii ChibiReq - Five :iconlalalililalalii:LalaLiliLalaLii 6 4 The Impossible Trinity by Miss-Alex-Aphey The Impossible Trinity :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 36 8 Winter in Victorian London by Miss-Alex-Aphey Winter in Victorian London :iconmiss-alex-aphey:Miss-Alex-Aphey 85 5
The Best Party in the Universe (part 5)
The Doctor and his medley of companions arrive in time for the biggest party ever held, in all of history. But something's wrong. Very wrong. And very cliché.
Foreword: This story contains a lot of OCs, but I promise you'll love them - and even if you don't, I hope you can still enjoy the Doctor, the wonderful plot and witty banter. Some more info of the OCs can be found down at the bottom of the description, for your convenience :icondoctorwhoplz:

The Best Party in the Universe (part 5)
River Song couldn't really remember the past few hours.
The last clear memory she had was of being tied up in a dark room, glaring at the Master.
She thought hard. She remembered Zed - the man with three eyes. He'd been tied up next to her. Johnny-Jimmy, the Doctor's little charge, had been there too - and some green aliens. Most of them had been sobbing, and the Master had been laughing. Then she had felt his presence inside her mind, and after that everything went pret
:iconatlantihero-kyoxei:Atlantihero-Kyoxei 1 4


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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've written a journal here. I've been taking part in pub quiz tournaments for quite a while, and it was great fun, so why can't I share some questions with you guys?

1) In 2017, the fourth type of it was introduced, the pink one. The second and third were introduced much earlier, and the first one was liquid from the very beginning. What is this all about?

2) The ancient Greeks and Romans considered this herb to be very good for health. Its name suggests that it could earn a one-star rating. What is this herb?

3) Their scientific name is agroglyphs. The most interest was paid to them in around 1980s, when many of them appeared in Southern Great Britain. Nowadays even some of us can make them. What are they?

4) In one fan comic, this character was complaining to the waiter that he ordered a pizza without mushrooms, but no one paid attention to it, and he eventually got stuck. Who's that character?


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