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You don't have to be Japanese for this

You don't have to be Japanese for this

I know I'm not the only one who notices this and it's pretty rampant and prevalent in the Western anime fanbase. Some fans in the Western anime fanbase believe that any non-Japanese Asian work that utilizes anime/manga graphics is plagiarism or rip-offs of Japanese anime/manga and video games. Since when is it illegal to use the anime/manga style if you're not Japanese? Obviously it's mostly beginner and noob fans who believe that you have to be Japanese in order to use the anime/manga art style because they're still ignorant. I can see how these confused people believe that non-Japanese Asian works like Korean manhwa, webtoons, Chinese m

Getting StARTed with Art Prompts

Getting StARTed with Art Prompts

Looking for inspiration? Every artist can relate to hitting a creative block, but sometimes all it takes to break it is some simple inspiration. To help, we created Getting StARTed, a video series designed to inspire anyone looking to kickstart their artistic journey. Check out the Getting StARTed videos for prompts to get your own art started! Get to drawing and submit your illustration with the tag #DAGettingStARTed to earn a brand-new Profile badge! Follow these easy steps to enter: Watch: View the featured videos and discover the latest prompts. Make: Create art based on the prompt you choose in whatever format you desire. Submit: Upload your art to DeviantArt with the tag #DAGettingStARTed to get the badge! Want the extra challenge? Submit drawings for all 10 videos! Check out these prompts! Watch these videos from @velvetspectrum, @jacarvajal, @alexalvarez, @DasGnomo, @AshMcGivern, @Iamjustino, @himaeart, @MartinWongPhoto, @Skirtzzz, and @IsiahXBradley, and pick your prompt!


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You know how I found my username? Well, I found the name Pickle and Peanut somewhere before, and I found the salad dressers carrot and cucumber's name very unique. So I decided this, and here you go.

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My fav guys~


Favourite Visual Artist
Traditional Artists
Favourite Movies
Everything i got into
Favourite TV Shows
Codename Kids next door, Cartoon styled anime, anime styled cartoon
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Virtual Bands like Gorillaz, Deuil or Eurodance Bands like Vengaboys and Smile dk
Favourite Books
Everything i got into
Favourite Writers
Edgar Allan Poe, etc.
Favourite Games
Pop N Music, Food Fantasy
Favourite Gaming Platform
PSP, Mobile, Nintendo
Tools of the Trade
Tools of my trade haha
Other Interests
Tv shows, butlers, goblins, imaginary stuff, etc..

Character List (Number)

Character List (Number)

Character list according to their codes. 0001 ~ Sister Noemi Meier 0002 ~ 0003 ~ Pruina 0004 ~ Envelope (Marcel Krzeminski) 0005 ~ Tatyana Palenkova 0006 ~ Jose R. Posada: 0007 ~ Eidha 0008 ~ Lochan 0009 ~ Laing Waiyan Soe 0010 ~ Kuanysh Ulgenov 0011 ~ Riku, Dani and Isabel (Riku) 0012 ~ Riku, Dani and Isabel (Dani) 0013 ~ Riku, Dani and Isabel (Isabel) 0014 ~ 0015 ~ 0016 ~ 0017 ~ 0018 ~ 0020 ~ 0021 ~ 0022 ~ Shaheen and Hamza Al-Adawy 0023 ~ 0024 ~ 0025 ~ 0026 ~ 0027 ~ 0028 ~ Subaru Minakami 0029 ~ 0030 ~ 0031 ~ 0032 ~ 0033 ~ 0034 ~ 0035 ~ Caoilainn Murphy 0036 ~ 0037 ~ 0038 ~ 0039 ~ 0040 ~ 0041 ~ 0042 ~ 0043 ~ Mitch Aguaz 0044 ~ 0045 ~
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Eidha x Marcel

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dollyfunHobbyist Photographer

Thanks a lot for the fave!

Thanks for the fave
bookfiendHobbyist General Artist

Thanks for faving "Lattice", I'm glad you liked it!

KunYKAHobbyist General Artist


Thanks for the fav :D

Thanks for the watch.

CarrotsAndCucumbersStudent General Artist

You're welcome. I also like "The Amazing World of Gumball".

Yeah I'm a huge fan of the show thought you didn't like it since you commented on an anti stamp of it and said you only like Julius?