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SH2: Silent Hill is scary

My first Silent Hill fanart ever! X3 I've had Silent Hill in my head for some days now and I just had to draw something =3 So it turned out to be a pic with Maria and James from SH2, my favourite X3

The fog was hard to make -_- I think I could do better but I have to be satisfied with this for now ;P

I made this pic this way 'cause I remember when I played SH2 the last time that Maria often got in my way when I was about to kill some monsters.. It was really annoying and I've tried to get the Maria-ending but I've never succeded yet =/ In the bakground, I put a pic of a BubbleHead Nurse and a Lying Figure (or what its name is, I can't remember) my two favourite common monsters ;P (my absolute favourite monster is of course Pyramid Head)

Mata ne! ^^
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Some reason it reminds me of Leon and Ashley