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Zaryan Trooper Karachov

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This is one of the main characters of Trooper, an alternate WW2-like world. Mikhail Karachov is a trooper of the Zaryan army. Zarya is the largest nation on this world of mine, and is somewhat like Russia. The who, what and how of the Great War is still under development, so I can't say what nation is going to be Zarya's enemy or ally. But one nation for sure is the enemy of Zarya: Heidlheim. Mikhail's friends in the war is Romio Raphaelov, a tank driver who is to be a commander; Jochen Noborski, a trooper who will become special ops; and Nadya Cherkassova, also a trooper. Mikhail also have a childhood friend, Anya Radyzski, who stayed behind in their village.

Feel free to add to this universe of mine. Add countries, world events, and the like. I will be grateful and credit you if this ever becomes a comic. For example, a highschool friend of mine, Adri, got a country, which is New Almechia. There's also another friend, Dika, who made a country called Castelio. Go ahead and post ideas below!
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Such is the way of the Slav! Here, have a gopnik award Slav Squat (emoticon) (2) 
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How about another concept for alter-Japan, like Akatsuki (dawn) or Murasame (passing shower)?
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Great work, and thank you for the fave!
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His expression is the 'oh crap there's a machinegun nest over here' kind :D
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I really like how you draw the profile of the face, it's very attractive:D Nice job on the pose as well!
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I likeee,
On a more serious note, I wonder how my own faction (Imperia) Would fair against this...Zarya
You will fear our superiority over the deep blue skies and the hell that rains from the iron dragons above >:D Hahahahaha.....XD
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Well, do tell! they may be incorporated to this Trooper universe, which Zarya is but a part of it. I'm trying to get as much factions in this alternate-world WW2-like storyline...
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Sweet, I'll note you with some minor details
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F-ing smilies....
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Oh, if you're interested in Imperia, just say so, I'll get back to you.
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well done, the colorings is amazing! the shading is superb and the lines are neat and clean...

i also love the idea of your story
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Awesome work! I always love a Change in History XD epically WW II XD
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woh! senjatanya M1 garand? atau mosin nagant?
soalnya Rusia make Mosin Nagant pas jaman2 itu :)
dan modelnya mirip M1 garand? apa emang M1 garand?

namanya iyah...kurang Rusia bang...
mungkin Karazov lebih mengena:)
tapi gapapa lah udah itu juga bagus

ini cerita lama masi dilanjut??
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Oiya, kalo mau kasih negara ya silakan lho... ato teknologi apa mesin perang... ini bebas, kayak Blood Reign gitu...
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Rusia terpecah2....ada negara Moscow, Volgograd, Siberian Federation...
gmana tuh?^^
CarrionTrooper's avatar
Ini bukan dunia ini lho... petanya aja beda... jadi harus orisinil, meski ada aksen-aksen negara dari dunia kita gitu... Dan di dunia ini yang jadi analogi Rusia mah Zarya... gitu. Zarya = Rusia + sedikit eropa timur + barat dikit gitu...
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saya punya ide....
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Silakan silakan! Kalo punya ide bisa dibikin jadi deviation prose gitu... Biar ngga pusing nyarinya, dan bisa di-fave! TULIS TULIS
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eh maksudnya gmana tuh bang? blum ngerti saya :lol: dev prose?
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yah, kalo submit deviation khan ntar ada kategori prose gitu jeng... tu buat yang tulis2 selain puisi atuh...
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Yup, masih lanjut. Dan tu senapan ga ada di dunia nyata... judulnya ZYR-5.
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