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This is one of the main characters of Trooper, an alternate WW2-like world. Mikhail Karachov is a trooper of the Zaryan army. Zarya is the largest nation on this world of mine, and is somewhat like Russia. The who, what and how of the Great War is still under development, so I can't say what nation is going to be Zarya's enemy or ally. But one nation for sure is the enemy of Zarya: Heidlheim. Mikhail's friends in the war is Romio Raphaelov, a tank driver who is to be a commander; Jochen Noborski, a trooper who will become special ops; and Nadya Cherkassova, also a trooper. Mikhail also have a childhood friend, Anya Radyzski, who stayed behind in their village.

Feel free to add to this universe of mine. Add countries, world events, and the like. I will be grateful and credit you if this ever becomes a comic. For example, a highschool friend of mine, Adri, got a country, which is New Almechia. There's also another friend, Dika, who made a country called Castelio. Go ahead and post ideas below!
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