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Zaryan TT-43 Tank



At last eet ees done! A tank design from my alternate-world WW2, Trooper. The Zaryan TT-43 tank is agile and versatile. It has a decent armament of a 110 mm cannon and a machinegun, and because of its simple-to-assemble design, it is mass-produced by Zaryans. Repair is also easy, but its only downside is the mediocre armor. The TT-43 has room for 3 crew. On its side, you can see the triangular logo of the Zarya, with a bit of gray gear to signify the Tank Division. On the armor protecting the tracks you can see that it is part of the Mechanized Cavalry by the blue gear logo.
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wah, armamennya cuma kanon 110mm ama MG 7.76 yah?
tapi gw liat di sisi turretnya ada peluncur granat kayak di T72 tuh :XD:

desain armornya menarik! tapi dari sisi kiri-kanan gampang dijebol ama peluru anti-materiel tuh... soalnya armornya tegak lurus gitu hehe
itu kayaknya "titik lemah" utama si TT-43 ini :D