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UESF Space Marine w. spacesuit

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Yay, an upload!
This guy's working for the United Earth Space Force. Kinda reminds you of StarCraft, huh? Anyways, it's part of the Blood Reign universe. The countries of earth had joined together to form the United Earth, and had colonized Mars, Ganymede and Europa. But, because of the high taxes and the oppressive stance the UE assumes to the colonists, each planet rebelled and created their own governments. The Martians' rebel army was once named the Desert Scorpions (owing to the fact that although the terraforming works, there's still a lot of desert in Mars), and after independence, The Mars Federation. Ganymedean miners created the Alpha Red, while the Europans created the Mykos Republic.

BTW, feel free to add into my Blood Reign universe! create characters, plots, settings, technologies... whatever! Be crative, because your creativity is honored.
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The costume it is not complex. If anybody saw the film ALIENS, you would see that this suit has the same basic layout. Armor over certain parts of the body, the most important ones have the maximum amount. It must be put eityher like the colonial marines or like the clone wars armor from Star Wars.
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wow I like it tons! :D
The costume is so complex... :D
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Its your Universe, are you sure you want other people coming along and randomly throwing things in?
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Hmm...yeah, but has somewhat more control than pure chaos. For example, I created some races, other people can create characters within them. Technologies are welcome, and would be used accordingly. You could create some more races, but they might (or must?) be out of my sector of the galaxy that I have populated with races... otherwise, their histories would clash horrendously.
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I see... Just care to sift out the junk later.
And thanks for the watch!!!
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mungkin engkau harus memberi texture lebih ke pakaiannya agar terlihat lebih keren

cuma saran lho bro :XD:


aku juga pemain starcraft
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heeh. Sebelumnya sih udah dapet yg bagus, warnanya juga oke, tapi apa daya komputer ngehang, warnanya ilang semua deh. Hang munyukkk.....! :shakefist:
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he he he

save often (ctrl+S)
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