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Pixel Helghasts

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Just something I did in Advance Wars style. It's still not done yet, there's still some vehicles I need to sprite from scratch... Anyway, what we have now:

-normal trooper
-rocket trooper
-spider mine
-APC (3 variants: normal, machinegunner, launcher)
-hovertank (2 variants: normal, machinegunner)
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Did you do an ISA pixel army?
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Nope, haven't played Killzone 2 and up to properly see the ISA armor and stuff. Heck, I haven't put all Helgast stuff in there yet.
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Oh man Helghast Pixels... cool! 
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That's soo cool

Can you do more helgast

There look good in pixels XD
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Omg these sprites are wat better than my AW Helghan nice!
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whats with their blue legs?
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that's the displayed pic when they're on knee-deep water. Usually when they're at a coast terrain.
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The vehicles could not be more perfect, well done!
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Wow thats awesome :D
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I like them :heart:. The tanks are nice =D.
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The colour of their faces is awful! Really nice detail on their little bodies and the machinery but what the hell is up with that red?!
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well, it's their goggles, which is a dominant feature in their facemasks. And being advance wars-proportioned, it's hueg.
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some outlining detail would make it look less like their faces were red..
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