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Pixel Global Liberation Army

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Here they are at last, the whole GLA units in Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour in Advance Wars format! Every single unit ever encountered that had GLA on it in gameplay... Here's the rundown on the sprites (roughly left to right):

-Demo Truck
-Quad Cannon
-Rocket Buggy
-Combat Bike
-Battle Bus
-Toxin Tractor
-Scorpion Tank
-Marauder Tank
-Scud Launcher
-Anthrax Bomber (unbuildable; called when you want to drop booger on your enemy)
-Patrol Boat (unusable; you might see some in the intro)

-Toxin Rebel (Toxin General unit)
-RPG Trooper
-Toxin RPG Trooper (Toxin General unit)
-Terrorist (AKA Suicide Bomber)
-Jarmen Kell (Hero unit)

-Toxin spray (green; usual/Anthrax Alpha)
-Toxin spray (blue; Anthrax Beta)
-Toxin spray (purple; Toxin General specialty/Anthrax Gamma)
-Anthrax Bomb
-Scud lv 1
-Scud lv 2
-Scud lv 3

Feel free to use, but don't forget to credit me.
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Hi there! Have you ever heard of a game called Empire Deluxe Combined Edition?… I am, by myself, looking for artists who could do a redesign of the units and other game tiles of the game to a style similar to that of Advance Wars!! I'll try to contact the game's developers and get more information of where I can find at least the units tiles/sprite sheet so, if you accept, to you be able to know how much and what are the kinds of units used in the game... that's it and... how much would you ask for it? Remember that what I call tiles are just static images as this game doesn't yet use animated images I think. See ya!
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Amazing! they look so great! 

Btw, you tried to do USA or China generals?
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Amazing! they look so nice!
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AK-47'S FOR EVERYONE! JOIN ME BROTHERS, AND WE WILL CAST OUT THE IMPERIALISTS AND.... invade them with tanks, steal supplies from helpless refugees,....

actually what are our goals again?
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When i saw this i gasped and said "oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh" seeing as it was advance wars and i love that game but for some reason disappointed.

Still i :iconlplz::iconoplz::iconvplz::iconeplz: what you did and such a amazing job you have done
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Oh this looks cool! 
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Estan muy buenos.
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I really love your pixel art. I'm doing a sprite animation. You wouldn't mind me using them right?
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Cooooooool i love it amazing
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Wonder what the Advance Wars COs will react to this kind of force and their Generals!

Except Colin maybe, for his broken super.
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"We will NOT be oppressed!"
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quad cannon, four on the ground.
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These guys would own Black Hole.
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*Launch Toxin Scud* Oops! I accidentally press that button by accident hehehehehehehe OH LOOK! A waste spill in the distance illuminating bright green
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times i accidentally pressed A
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Scud Luncher for everyone.

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If I could make side scroller games worth anything, I'd totally ask permission to use your pixel arts :B
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angry mob paling epic itu.
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Please make the USA and China versions!
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This is full of win. Also may I ask where you get the templates to make this stuff, or did you do it yourself?
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Found the templates on various sites; I have wandered quite a while and forgot which ones. Try googling for 'sprite rips' or something like that.
Most of the GLA stuff were jury-rigged to the frankensteined templates from scratch, though. Like the Quad's turrets, radar van's antenna, rocket buggy's tubes... there's a lot of scratchwork done.
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Thanks man. Been wanting to do my own lil' advance wars army for a while. Thanks again man
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what is the name of this pixel art style army drawing?
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