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My mac's screen shot .:bang:.

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COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Current open slots: 2 Hello and welcome! This is my first time trying to do commissions on DeviantArt, so please be gentle with me. If for some reason the picture above doesn't load, here is the information contained in the picture: Specialty:Fantasy (medieval, non-medieval, DnD, Tolkien type stuff) and Sci-Fi (cyberpunk, mechs, spacecraft, futuretech stuff) But still willing to do other genres! Prices: Black and White, Line Art, Monochrome drawings: Single figure, bust, or portrait: $50 USD Per additional figure: +$20 USD Partial color, simple color (not cel-shade): +$10 USD Colored, Rendered, Textured and Com
TUMBLR WHY GODDAMNIT Just tried logging in to tumblr today and it says my account's been terminated, with no notification as to why, exactly. This is bugging me to no end, waiting for the reply from their zen desk. Anyone have any idea why this happe...

General Update on Life

General Update on Life

Sheeit it's been a while since I wrote down a journal. A lot of things have happened, such as graduation, going to Singapore, learning Japanese, and started some quests. About them quests, I currently run two over on tgchan. Be on the lookout for Indonesian Gentleman, for that's my handle over on tgchan and 4chan. Take a gander at Legends of Tharsia and Ouroboros Parable, if you have the time. And uhh what else? Still sharpening my artistic skills. Aiming to get a job, hopefully soon... Carriontrooper, signing out.

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Oi! thanks for the watch, if you want me to draw you something let me know.

Besides that impressive catalog of images you got!

ayy no prob man, greetings from /tg/!

Thanks man! You too!

Thanks for the watch :D
tyvm for the watch!
Thanks for the watch :)