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Star Trek: Into Darkness (Everyone Cries)

By carrinth
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The latest Star Trek movie was fun! But everyone cries. Everytime someone cries, take a shot. If it's a single manly tear, take two.

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This is hilarious too!!!
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Well now we know who's been typecasted.
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i saw the movie twice and i cried twice. oh god.
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LOL so true!

Even Spock cries (even when Vulcans are supposed to be biologically unable to cry unless they are having the human equivalent of dementia; just another thing that JJ Abrams ignored, sighhh)...

Love this... xD
Old-Marcie1234's avatar
No, hey can cry, but they suppress their emotions through Kolinahr.
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Exactly, and that process fails, it's due to something akin to a mental illness, as demonstrated in the TNG Star Trek series when Spock's father suffers such an illness. Spock should NOT be able to cry like this, period, because as upset as he is, mentally he is nowhere near such instability. It is not biologically possible to cry otherwise. :/
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He did not finish Kolinahr.
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I loved the beginning of the movie. All the pretty, epic shots of the Enterprise. The rest.... eeeeeh.....
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Same! I loved the shots (and pretty much every scene with Eggs Benedict) but, mehh... The acting is pretty poor... And I have so many issues with the plot it's not even worth mentioning. Ah well. :)
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the world cries when a tribble cries
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I was sobbing too so everyone ♥
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So... Many... TEARS. :'(
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This is very true. I was the majority of the tears.
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I feel it. and that's what I did x_x
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OMG, this movie was off the chain. I did actually cry a bit...and then I burst into chuckling cheers when Spock cried out you-know-who's name in vengeful hatred! ;)
carrinth's avatar
It would have worked more if... you know... (we actually cared... I cared a little bit)
spitfiresdad16's avatar
Who are we kidding? Any self-respecting Trekkie/Trekker would've cared...and cried! lol
VioletJimJams's avatar
I laughed to make it through the movie.

Then I cried.

Gawd, why Khan? Why did it it have to be Khan? WHYYYY??!
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Was it Khan? Because all I saw was some angry, strong guy. Something about a crew... Nothing much... /sarcrasm off.
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I am the only one who didn't cry? I was still laughing from when the admiral got his head crushed. That was gold.
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