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Star Trek: A Matter of Perspective

By carrinth
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Drawn for my brother. Apparently I have corrupted his view of Sarek as the most distinguished and respected Vulcan he had known, rivalling even Spock. I simply informed him of my head-canon that--from a Vulcan's perspective--Sarek must have been ... well, odd.

I mean, how many people make out with their spouse in front of everyone immediately after introductions. "Hello. This is my wife. Observe as we share blatant Public Display affections." Look, just watch Journey to Babel and count how many freakin times Sarek and Amanda are totally doing the finger thing. To Vulcans, they must be that ridiculously adorable elderly couple that still hold hands and snuggle obnoxiously with each other. In front of their son. And his friends. This is why you have no friends, Spock.

Hope you like this, bro!

Tumblr: [link]
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Oh my god! I had to scroll down to see this and it was like:

Picture 1: "Okay."
Picture 2: "Oh, how cute. Love the "touch"-thing"
Picture 3: *rofl* "That´s so GENIUS!!!"

Awesome! Sooo funny!
And the drawing is great!
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"Oh, am I EMBARASSING you Spock? Maybe by doing something that you DON'T WANT A LOVED ONE TO DO, potentially SHAMING YOU in front of EVERYONE YOU KNOW? It is a shame I can't think of you doing ANYTHING like that to us, otherwise this might seem not at all justified."

"... You're still mad I didn't join the Vulcan Science Academy, aren't you."

"I don't believe I said that, but yes."
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LMAO!!!! OMG Sarek would SO totally hold Spock to that to the end of his days!!! Not openly of course, for that is simply illogical :mwahaha:
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... This puts Spock's attempts to reunify Romulus in TNG in an entirely new light.

"Captain, I believe that Romulus and Vulcan MUST be unified-"
"Ambassador Spock, I have mind-melded with your father. This is all because he won't stop nagging you, isn't it."
"... Romulus was the only place he couldn't reach me."
"I thought so."
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haha love it the ways it's different
I was having similar thoughts to many of these comments and then I come across the link for this cartoon!!!  When I watched this as a kid, I thought it looked totally gay!  I was thinking to myself recently how Sarek & Amanda blatantly display affection in public.  Now, I'm totally embarrassed when I watch this episode!
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so true!  I never though of that way! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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That's freaking hilarious!!
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Good point. From the Romulan Commander's reaction to the same move in The Enterprise Incident, it is a very intimate act.
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This is the greatest :'D
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Oh fuck my parents are like this. Sosososo funny.
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I'm watching the 2009 Star Trek movie with my dad and sister and he was very impressed by my knowledge of Vulcans since I'm not a Trekee. And I was like, "Someone I follow on Deviantart likes Star Trek and I've read some of her comics." I showed him this and it made him laugh.
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This is too perfecrt lol
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"Noo! Not in front of my friends!" Laughing my ass off! 
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I can relate! My mom and stepdad do this in front of my friends all the time! No wonder I have issues... Sweating a little...
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Hahaha. OMG, can´t breath!
omfg, I need more Sarek/Amanda from you. Your comics are all hilarious!
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To quote the good Captain, this pic "seems legit". 
Lol, this is great. There's not enough Sarek and Amanda art in the world, and they truly are rediculously cute and logically snugly :D
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So frickin' true!!!!!!
.....Can....not.....stop... LAUGHING! Oh my goodness this never gets old. And it is so true, they are completly, adorably, lovey-dovey. An yes Spock, this is the reasonou have no fiends. XD
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