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Star Trek: A Matter of Perspective



Drawn for my brother. Apparently I have corrupted his view of Sarek as the most distinguished and respected Vulcan he had known, rivalling even Spock. I simply informed him of my head-canon that--from a Vulcan's perspective--Sarek must have been ... well, odd.

I mean, how many people make out with their spouse in front of everyone immediately after introductions. "Hello. This is my wife. Observe as we share blatant Public Display affections." Look, just watch Journey to Babel and count how many freakin times Sarek and Amanda are totally doing the finger thing. To Vulcans, they must be that ridiculously adorable elderly couple that still hold hands and snuggle obnoxiously with each other. In front of their son. And his friends. This is why you have no friends, Spock.

Hope you like this, bro!

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The only thing about ‘Journey to Babel’ better than this pet theory is the stone cold hard canon fact that Doc McCoy’s reaction to learning that Vulcan’s have teddy bears and that Mr Spock had one - if only we could all experience such a moment of pure & perfect bliss in our lives!