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Happy Friggin New Year 2007

By carrinth
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Okay okay, so new year's was six days ago... bite me I had evil course registration. Rarr!

But now that it's settled... yay for 2007! I've always wanted to draw a NWN and KotOR crossover but never seemed to find the time. Ah well, a quick doodle while I was celebrating first day of class. Woot... classes... yay.

So... Carth the Paranoid Pilot celebrates a rather lonely New Years ...And I honestly don't know why Valen is a bartender. Probably Alarniel opened that fancy inn she always dreamed about... (the one where Mephy is the chambermaid lol :XD:) Woo! Drunk!Carth haha :D

Carth Onasi (c) Bioware, Knights of the Old Republic
Valen Shadowbreath (c) Bioware, Neverwinter Nights: HoTU
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Every time I come back to this, I still laugh. :)
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Oh my gosh. I think I just died. A cross between NWN and KOTOR... Wow.
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*giggles insane fan girl* That's awesome! Yay for paranoid drunk Carth!
eliriel's avatar
Lol! Fun times!
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I've always wondered what'd happen if he got horribly horribly wasted...

actually Valen, but Carth is just as good. Hehehe... berk is somehow a funny word ^_^
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Nice art. Dig the Carth.
Saint-Onge's avatar
... i think i love you.

This is great.
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Great pic :D Carth's expression is perfect :giggle:
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heh... great.. ish good to finally meet another valen fan.. >.>
but i like sand too... (god bishop pisses me off.. DEATH TO BISHOP!! >.< )

but i think valen's eyes are more light bluey? yes? maybe?.. or not... ^^;;
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There's loads of Valen fans! ;) You might want to check out Petals and Thorns. Awesome site for NWN and general gaming fans!
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thanks! i will.. i really liked the one with deekin and valen and the chainmail speedo..? .. part three maybe?
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Ha! A little late, but this is made me laugh out loud! :+fav:!
dance10looks3's avatar
ROTF! Drunk Carth! KOTOR is the best, though I have no idea what the other reference is about :confused:. Still, this is freaking awesome!
carrinth's avatar
Other reference? Do you mean Valen?
dance10looks3's avatar
Yes. I've started playing NWN a long time ago but never finished the game. So I have no idea who he is. ^^
Purple-Twilek's avatar
Carth = :heart: .

I always wanted to get him drunk, actually, thought it might calm him a bit. Guess it just makes him worse XD

Valen as bartender XD
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NOICE!! I hope that bar is big enough for all the angsty trust issues! Gawd damn, they're bot hawt.
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They should start a club! :D
Primeapekingdom's avatar
Yea never played the 2nd one. Only the first, I feel like carth was a pansy the whole story. I even edited his face looks to look like a retarded clown on my PC. =D Love the pic catptures his pansyness wonderfully.
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aww! i love KotOR! Carth is one of my fav. ( i felt the second one sucked though, but sence bioware didn't make it understandable. :D )great pic.
carrinth's avatar
I played a little of the second one but true, didn't pull me in as much as the first. Maybe I'm biased ^^;
batgirrl's avatar
i don't see how you would be, but if you are then i guess i am too, so.... we can be it togeather. :D
but yah, i played the second one through and it was ok, nothing like the first. although on the first KotOR i really wish the ending was better, it left me wanting was still a great game through.
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