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GLTAS: Carrinth and Razer's Head Thing

WARNING: This comic contains blatant, shameless author self-insert. DO NOT READ!!


In my quest to learn how to draw Razer's head thing, I have consulted the wisest depository of knowledge - the fandom. And Fandom tells me that Razer apparently resembles... a bunny...? O_o

I will not lie, t-that was not the first thing that entered my mind when I first saw Razer... but I shall adhere to the greater collective wisdom! (you know who you are)

I don't think he looks correct though. But I am getting there?

characters (c) Green Lantern: The Animated Series

P.S. OMG Y U READ?! *hides in shame* :ashamed:
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razer, listen to your wifey. At least you don't have to be drawn like the council of grumpy cats😂

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Oh lord xD this is hilarious and SO relatable. How to draw Razer's DAMNED HEAD THING (is there even a proper word for it? All I'm getting is propeller and that's...not it) is a mystery hidden too far away in the freAKING DARKEST RECESSES OF THE UNIVERSE FOR ANYONE TO FIND (except liek every other fanartist ever *sobs*)
Razer is adorable with his little bunny ears though~ They look even funnier because of his outraged expression too, BUT, the reason why I am crying, is Hal Jordan in the corner right over there.
"Run, little bald fan-artist!"
*rolls away*
P.S READ BECAUSE IS FUNNY, いいですね? Hilarious, even ^^ and cute, and awesome. So...yeah!
1951-VampHollow's avatar
Dragon-Razer looked AWESOME! Bunny-Razer kinda like a kitten. dangerous and yet cute. ... nope, dragon makes more sense. Who ever heard of fire-rabbit?
Nattryon's avatar
I agree, Razer as a dragon make much more sense than a rabbit. Unless your talking about the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
TdankBelle's avatar
Him as a dragon...............YES!
CeruruAI's avatar
I frequently draw razr..well kinds have to Razaya isn't razaya w/o him anyways..I'm starting to get used to his helmet at the same tine I'm trying to per-fect his hair.
ONEeyeStreetBoy's avatar
I read it becouse I had to. :D
What-the-Gaff's avatar
You heard the bunny thing too, eh? Wasn't that weird?
carrinth's avatar
A little bizzare at first, but I see it now. (I still see the angry demon dragon in my sleep!)
sakuralioness's avatar
lol at Hal " run little bald fan artist " lol
carrinth's avatar
A lot of people think I'm bald because I draw myself that way. I also have no face usually (or clothes) but that is never pointed out? :shrug:
Yami-Neko-Tsuki's avatar
...I look forward to more dragon-Razer.
carrinth's avatar
HE WILL BURN YOU WITH HIS RAAGE. Unless you are Aya. Then he'll just curl up in his cave.
Osanagokoro's avatar
carrinth's avatar
Not so much fun for me. I BLEED to draw that helmet thing.
Osanagokoro's avatar
You have my sympathies and encouragement!
vanduobones's avatar
It's so true! Ahhhh, I love this fandom =w=
carrinth's avatar
The collective headcanons of the fandom is a terrible thing to behold! (But occasionally amusing) :eager:
vanduobones's avatar
Hahaha, but the imaginations of all them! Wooh, so many people have so many crazy ideas!
ChibiRegalli's avatar
The dragon looks pretty close, actually. I don't entirely get the bunny either, though.

I love how Aya mentions the chicken! All fear the Space Chicken Of Shipping!
carrinth's avatar
It sits on all our heads. Whispering secret OTPs.
ChibiRegalli's avatar
So that's why I started shipping Hal/Artemis! I thought that was weird.
Ether101's avatar
I also suggested that its a V-fin. Did you ever watch Gundam Wing? Well, there's this one MS called Epyon and Razor's head gear looks a lot like that as well.
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