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GLTAS: Carrinth and Razer's Head Thing



WARNING: This comic contains blatant, shameless author self-insert. DO NOT READ!!


In my quest to learn how to draw Razer's head thing, I have consulted the wisest depository of knowledge - the fandom. And Fandom tells me that Razer apparently resembles... a bunny...? O_o

I will not lie, t-that was not the first thing that entered my mind when I first saw Razer... but I shall adhere to the greater collective wisdom! (you know who you are)

I don't think he looks correct though. But I am getting there?

characters (c) Green Lantern: The Animated Series

P.S. OMG Y U READ?! *hides in shame* :ashamed:
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razer, listen to your wifey. At least you don't have to be drawn like the council of grumpy cats😂