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Created Heaven

By carriezona
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Because we create our own heaven; make it now, and let go when it's over.

If you're here because you love the found poetry as much as I do, please consider stopping by #DailyPoetics ..

Oh, and unpleasantly, I don't like putting a watermark on my images or restricting downloads so please, keep these works off of tawdry second-hand photo sites. It cheapens the experience, I think.

Thank you, and love.
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I have used the title of your poem in a poem of mine for a contest on :iconthetitlepage:. You can see it in my gallery. Beautiful deviation and great title! Thank you!
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Beautiful as always :)
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Flying-Glove Traditional Artist
Excellent message.
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leaftherabbitHobbyist Traditional Artist
i love the design for this one!! beautiful! :love:
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PearFish212Student Traditional Artist
This is awesome! :D
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PerzikhoofdHobbyist General Artist
Great work :)
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ashbug4000Student Digital Artist
KD cool
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pulbernHobbyist General Artist
Drop dead gorgeous! :heart:
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QuirkyToothbrushHobbyist Traditional Artist
Your work has been featured here: [link] :D
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wow. these simply are sooooo cool. guess you also have experienced the enlightment.
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BlackLunaHobbyist Digital Artist
Your poems are so beautiful that is a shame to stole them :)
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carriezona General Artist
Now now, they are certainly not stolen. No more than each and every word you use every day is stolen because someone else spoke it first.
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BlackLunaHobbyist Digital Artist
I know, but you reorganize words. And the way you do is unique so it's kind of yours. With the same words we can say many different things, as you show us in all your works.
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I appreciate that you dislike water marks. I like the idea of freely sharing the highest quality of what has been created
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unarmedLionsHobbyist General Artist
Very moving.
Thank you for sharing.
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SikoianProfessional General Artist
cool and creative! :)
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i-can-notHobbyist Traditional Artist
freaking love it!
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echosinfireStudent General Artist
very cool
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Im not into visual and found poetry.
But this ..

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StrewnAsunder General Artist
beautiful and very simple, i wanna try but i can't do it to a book! glad someone created this out of it though :)
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verlassen232Hobbyist Photographer
youre so creative
I like this
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pokey274Student Traditional Artist
I have always enjoyed poetry and I being able to see writers bring images to life, found poetry is different to traditional forms of poetry being that there is no writing to be done. Rather the poet has to find there inspiration from previously written works. This does not make it an less of an artwork because seeing the beauty in a non-fictional book is just as difficult as find inspiration from the world we see around us and showing the art of words in such a creative way is truly a skill to be admired. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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MeddlesomeChildHobbyist General Artist
I don't see why so many people are getting all bitchy about you inking in a book, it's your property, you should have the right to do what ever you want with on to other matters, I think what you did with the book was both creative and deep, I don't care what all the other trolls/haters think about you and this, I think this is simply divine.
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carriezona General Artist
You're wonderful. Thank you for the nice sentiments.
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