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Cosmic Cradle

Of singularity.
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After all, all life on Earth began with a single cell...

Another inspiring work. :love:
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The message is brilliant, beautifully executed, I just can't say enough good things about this. It's lovely.
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I like how it ends with a picture of a human. Beautiful! :)
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Quite a unique concept you have here! :-)
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Talk about reading between the i love this good work.
w-o-a-nderer's avatar
Very nice! I often look at words on pages (you know what I mean, as in not reading them along the lines but sort of how you did this) but I've never actually done more than picture it in my mind. Besides, I like your bold patterns.
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wow. This is amazing. I wanna do this some day, just visual poetry. It seems fun.
great! love that idea ;)
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lovely, Do you plan your work when you read the page or just dive into it?
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I was wondering that, too!
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wonder if shell replyy ahaha
very original :)
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love the way not only do your words follow
but you continue this with your title and authors comment <3
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at first i was like D: the book!!! then i realized there was muuuch more to this than doodles. it's really cool, plus asthetically pleasing
Idiot-In-A-Cape's avatar
Very clever, well done! :)
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Wow that is beautiful.
And very inspiring. <3
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Somewhere in the Realm of the Forms, Plato is shaking his fist at you.
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This is really cool.
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