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I give up on clever monthly journal titles

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 9:39 PM
Sorry I've been so quiet here! I swear my life has just been super busy (and now my notifications are huge and how am I going to read them all and AAAHHHHH!!.. ahem..).

A couple of things to update here. I've been struggling a bit finding the time, muse, and energy to work on art so when the muse strikes (and it's striking hard right now) I just have to go with it.  Right now my muse is striking on snow people.  I've started on a story that is very personal to me and it's something I hope I can share very soon.  It's very different than anything else I've worked on before and will be all visual storytelling (no dialogue).  For now, I'd like to try finishing it before sharing too much but I will share a little sneak peak of it:

Winter Frost Sneak Peak by carriehowarth

I've also been moving along on my webcomic Work In Progress and just finished a page with a bunch of teeny tiny little comic covers which I'll post here shortly (as soon as I collect up all the credits for the teeny tiny little comic covers)

And if watching a bunch of nerdy comic artists drawing and chatting about nerdy stuff (and food) is your thing, check out the latest THEE100's Livestream on YouTube which I hosted.

I think that's it for now...
wait.. Oh YEAH!! Almost forgot. I just watched The Princess Bride which I haven't seen in like.. FOREVER and it was awesome.
Now that's it for now. 


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Monthly Journal Say Whaaa??

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 30, 2015, 10:39 AM
Welp, guess I'm a little behind on my "monthly" journals.  Oh well.  I've had a lot going and that's life, but hopefully things will settle down soon and I can start updating everything a little more consistently.  Hopefully REALLY soon because creating is my outlet for stress and I am really, really stressed right now so...

Meanwhile...  Music was another one of my creative passions from my younger days that I'm exploring again now.  As a kid, I was heavily into music and theater (thanks to my Mom) and I really miss that part of my life.  My singing and music writing skills are still a little rusty, but I guess I can either let them get rustier or just bite the bullet and move forward like I did with drawing.  Things can only get better, right?

So here's to moving forward.  Enjoy!

If you're wondering what else I've been up to, you can also find me on Google+ , YouTube, and Twitter

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Thank you May I have another?

Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 5:15 PM
Good Golly, I'm about to turn another year older!  Didn't I just have a traumatizing birthday already?  

Anywho... figured it's been a month so time for another journal entry.  First up, I've been working on a new personal project in an attempt to push through the creative block I seem to be stuck with lately.  I've taken the 100 Days of Comics Challenge (also known as THEE100s) and will be posting pages as I finish them here.  I'm also posting updates on Google Plus

I finished up the most recent page on a Google Hangout  hosted by :iconpeterpalmiotti: with some great artists who are also taking the challenge so go check it out if videos are your thing.  Peter's journal lists the names and links to all the artists on the chat (and yes... my full name is Caroline :D )..

THEE100s Hangout number 4!Last nights Hangout! With Kevin W CrossCaroline HowarthPharoah BoldingJ Allen RatzGaz GretskyJohannes Vick

Still working on the Building Robots collab, but like I said I got a little stuck artistically, so hopefully I can start moving on that again soon too.  

..and fan art.  Can't forget fan art.

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  • Reading: Jem and the Holograms!!
  • Watching: Steven Universe. For some reason.
  • Eating: Fortune Cookies

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2015, 5:10 AM

First, I apologize to everyone about how long it's taking me to reply and comment.  I am going through some personal stuff right now and have not been online much.  Hopefully things will get settled down soon and I can get back to drawing and stuff.

Now for the fun and exciting news...

I have my very first comic book cover now published on ComiXology so go check it out!…;

Super Haters: Incredibly Irresponsible is written by Nick Marino :iconnickmarino: and includes some awesome artwork by some really awesome artists including Kaylie McDougal :iconkayliesaurus-rex: , Andrew Kilian :iconmrplaid81: , Brandon Williams :iconstupidartpunk: , Francisco Gruel :iconfranciscogruel: , Nils-Petter Norlin :iconquadrilinearfilter: , and Shawn Atkins :iconolly-lofi: so go check them out too!

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March past February and take a left...

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 7, 2015, 7:28 AM
...your destination is on the right.

Looks like I missed last month's journal entry.  Oh well, time flies and all that.  

For anyone who's interested, I created a Jem and the Holograms fan group :icontheholograms:
It's not much to look at right now, but I promise I'll try to keep it updated with updates.  I created it mostly because I'm super excited about the new comic coming out at the end of this month that's being illustrated by the amazing Sophia Campbell :iconmooncalfe: and written by Kelly Thompson, the author of Story Killer and The Girl Who Would Be King (colors by M. Victoria Robado, and if someone can help me out with a link to her work in the comments that would be awesome!).  BUT.. everyone's Jem related art, cosplay, fan fiction, and whatever is welcome so feel free to check it out and submit away!

I'm still working hard on my short comic collab with :iconbrokentales:.  Don't know why this one is taking me so long and I apologize publicly and profusely to my collaborator for the delay.  I've hit some rough spots on one of the pages and have redrawn it a couple of times already.  I think I'm close to what I envisioned now, though.. so hopefully you all will be able to see it soon!  

In other news... I'm expecting to have my first published digital comic book cover soon(ish) so stay tuned!  Shout out to Nick Marino :iconnickmarino: for that ;)  For anyone over 18 (or under with the permission of really open minded parents), I highly recommend checking out Nick's comic work.. especially his newest issue of Holy F*ck (illustrated by Daniel Arruda Massa) that is being published by Action Lab Comics: Danger Zone and is in stores (that are nowhere near me :( ) now. If digital is more your thing, it's also available on Comixology so check it out!

I think that's it for now.  **wheew!!**  (really need to post these updates more often.. y'all think I added enough hyperlinks?? :D )

Oh yeah.. and shout out also to Jeff Graham :iconjeffgraham-art: for picking my goofy coloring of his Hellboy inks as runner up in his coloring contest.  (there's a few more hyperlinks for ya!)


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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 8:15 PM

Tagged by :iconthehappylandfill:

Rules --
1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves.
2. Please answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Choose up to 10 people and put their icons on your journal.. (see #5 below) ;)
4. No tag backs, Please!

5 things about me

  1. love indie comics (the weirder, the better)
  2. got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I was 16 by kicking Cabana Boy aka Pool Boy's butt (long story)
  3. working in healthcare
  4. have a sick and twisted sense of humor (which comes in handy with #3)
  5. extremely shy, introverted nerd that tends to avoid tagging (see #3 in Rules above)

Kay's Questions

1. Favorite guilty pleasure?
(drawing teenage mutant ninja turtle Raphael... like that's some big secret :3 )

2. Favorite song to listen too when you feel sad
Anything by Green Day or Weezer

3. A book that you would reread
To Ride Pegasus 

4. An O.C. of mine and yours that you could see being good friends! and why! 
Chrome and Mu, because they're both sassy and sarcastic

5. something you are super afraid of!

6. one thing you couldn't live without
Coffee... also chocolate

7. one person who is no longer living that you'd like to meet
Anne McCaffrey

8. if you were to have one ridiculous super power what would it be!
The power to freeze time so I can get an extra nap in

9. if you could have one animal in the world what would it be?
a phoenix! wait, a cabbot! 

10. what color are your eyes and hair? :0
Eyes... officially blue (but they can look grey, green, and occasionally black depending on the light and my mood) and hair is reddish-brown

  • Playing: like I'm an adult
  • Eating: quesadillas and salsa
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..well, not really revolutionary.  Actually, they're pretty mundane, but the title sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Anyway, here's my list of art resolutions:

1)  Finish my Building Robots collab with :iconbrokentales: (and make it great!)

2)  Improve my penciling, inking and coloring skills... both digitally and traditionally (which I don't do enough of)

3)  In the spirit of the above, produce at least one traditionally inked piece each month (even if it's just a quick little crappy cartoon)

4)  Stop being so self-critical of my stuff (this is my obligatory "doomed to fail" resolution... see #3 =P (Razz) )

And my non-art resolutions:

Finish my associates degree (finally!... and YEEESSSS!!, it will be before I'm Medicare age), eat better, get more regular sleep (maybe), and whatever else normal people resolve to do every year.  

And one more resolution... tell all of you that you are amazing and I can't wait to see what you do this year!  (one resolution complete - :bademoticon:  )

Hope everyone has a fantastic 2015!!!

Fireworks            2 ( Numbers ) 0 ( Numbers )1 ( Numbers ) 5 ( Numbers )

Happy 2015 by carriehowarth
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or forget.  Your choice.
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What is there to say?  Halloween is fast approaching and I've gotten very little done this month (art-wise).

Well.. I mean I found time to torture myself with another art challenge...

Artistic Journey Challenge by carriehowarth

and still working on the short comic collab and got a few new Lean Blog cartoons in the works along with some fan art I want to do (so many projects, so little time).

Oh.. and speaking of awesome fan art check out my super awesome prize from :iconak-is-harmless: !!  (He asked what I wanted him to draw and you know what I had to say... :tmnt1: )

Raphael by AK-Is-Harmless

Anyway, the previous "will be scarce this semester" disclaimer still stands.  I promise I'm not ignoring anyone on purpose!  
  • Listening to: My joints creaking
  • Reading: Textbooks!!
  • Watching: Time slip by
  • Playing: like I'm still young
  • Drinking: COFFEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Just a quick update on stuff... 

1) I'm making slow, but steady progress on my short comic collab with :iconbrokentales:  Since this is a learning experience, I'm taking some time with it and honing my skills.  Hopefully all the effort will pay off :D

2) I've been published! (sort of)  Did a couple of quick cartoons for the Lean Blog that merges two of my greatest passions: cartooning and improving health care.  

Sensei Cafe by carriehowarth      Dog Vision by carriehowarth  
3) If I don't show up or reply to things for days at a time, don't panic.  Fall semester has started and work has me running.  Art will need to fit in between everything else and the rest of the time I'll be curled up in the fetal position on the floor.

  • Listening to: Green Day "When September Ends"
  • Reading: Textbooks (and falling asleep)
  • Eating: Pierogies and lemon cake
  • Drinking: ginger tea
...aaaand I've obviously run out of humorous titles for these monthly journal posts.

Anywho, a couple of announcements.  Firstly, judging has started on :iconthe-devart-comics: Triple Decker Inks contest (in which I'm entered).  There's some really awesome inks there, so go check it out the-devart-comics.deviantart.c…  

Secondly, there's still time to enter :iconak-is-harmless:'s When I'm Human contest.  If turning cartoon characters into humans is your thing, go check that out too!  (seriously... it's not going to be much of a contest if I'm the only entry)  Did I mention that there's a cash prize involved?  Details about that (and my related smack-talking) here:…

Lastly (but not leastly ;-) ), as part of my quest to become a better artist I am collaborating with :iconbrokentales: on a short comic.  My plan is to go through each step of the comic making process with this including character design, thumbnailed pages, pencils, inks, and colors to the best of my skills and abilities at this moment.  The script and lettering is graciously being handled by my collaborator.  

Any and all feedback is welcome as this is a learning experience for me and I still have a lot to learn!  Here's the first sketches and I will share more later:

K-ON pose sketches by carriehowarth    K-ON color test sketch by carriehowarth    Wolf Mech Character Sketch by carriehowarth    Nurse Bot sketch by carriehowarth 

That is all for now =P
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I got tagged by :iconcpointspoint:

The rules:
You have to paste the thumbs of 2 or 3 deviations of yours, that you posted around this date one year ago.
Then you tag 5 friends, and they shall do the same thing in their journals.

Ok... so the rules say 2 or 3, but this is a set of 4 and were posted exactly this date one year ago, so... :D

Fearless Leader by carriehowarth  Badges... ? by carriehowarth
Lets get this party started by carriehowarth
Duz Machines by carriehowarth

Gosh... now who to tag?  (I hate pressuring anyone, so if you don't wanna, it's ok =P )  Let's see... I think I'll tag :iconsukottostudios:, :iconmiitoons:, :iconnickmarino:, :iconsabakunoshi:, aaaand :iconpeterpalmiotti:
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That means I have just over a month of "freedom" left before school starts again.  Have I mentioned yet that I'm getting too old for this? 

I honestly have no idea what else to write in this month's journal entry.  Seriously.  My mind is completely blank.  I think it's the heat.

um.... Happy 4th?  
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Guess it's time for another journal entry.

First:  Shout out to my friend :iconcpointspoint: for this most awesome birthday present.  It definitely made turning a year older a little less painful :love:

Meanwhile, I've been busy sharpening my skills before school sucks up what little remains of my energy, time, and sanity (the last of which I have very little left =P ).  I apologize now for my increasingly eclectic gallery.  Hopefully, the occasional turtle is making up for it...

speaking of which...

I've entered a TMNT t-shirt design contest.  (not the wet t-shirt variety. Get your minds out of the gutter!)  One of the judges is Kevin Eastman himself.  Rating of the entries starts June 18th and I'll post the drawings here on that date, but meanwhile here's the link if any of you are interested:…

To finish... I'd like to share a fun little video of my grandma who is the awesomest and who took me to art classes with her as soon as I could hold a paint brush (mostly because I kept trying to steal hers).  BTW, I just want to add that her name is Elva and she is turning 100 years old in September (thank you News Channel 5 for not getting the facts quite right). 

  • Reading: TMNT (of course)
  • Watching: videos of my grammy
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  • Drinking: blueberry acai green tea
Sooo... it's May.  

I've made the decision to just skip my birthday this year and turn older next year instead... maybe... or maybe I'll just skip next year too.

I've also decided to go ahead and try Birch Hills with traditional inks (on copy paper, which I guess isn't so traditional... but it's cheap, fits in the scanner, and holds ink without bleeding) so expect more pages of that.  And just to keep things interesting, I'll also continue to experiment through fan art (yes, more TMNT is coming :tmnt1: :tmnt2: :tmnt3: :tmnt4:).

In OTHER news, I've become a co-founder of :iconcomic-art-inc: (because I don't have enough on my plate already ;-) ) If you haven't checked this group out, go forth, stroll on over and take a look.  If you're already a member, please check out the latest blog entry written by yours truly. 

Happy May!  And remember... when my birthday comes looking for me and asks you if you've seen me, I was never here!
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Free Premium Membership Day

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 6:36 PM
Just taking advantage of this nifty space skin while I still can!  Because space... the final frontier...

Guess I'll lose it next time I write a journal entry.

Unless I get membership.

Or whatever.


(yep, just wasted it)

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Just thought I’d share some online drawing resources I’ve come across for anyone else out there like me trying to re-learn all this stuff.

ProtkoTv:  Very good drawing basics videos loaded with hints and tips.

Syrca:  Some more drawing basics videos with some other fun stuff mixed in (like how to draw different styles of eyes).

SmithMicro:  Most of these webinars are focused on how to use Manga Studio, but includes some interesting comic creation tidbits from professional artists.…

Pixelovely:  This is a great site to practice drawing gestures, figures, animals, hands, feet, and faces.

If anyone else has some resources that have helped them, feel free to share them in the comments!
Half-way through spring semester and that much closer to the loony bin.  Seriously.  These classes are driving me nuts.  I don’t know what’s worse… “Healthcare Delivery for Dummies” or “Microeconomically Challenged”.  

Probably the latter.  I’ve been spending the last week studying the elasticity and inelasticity of supply and demand… up to and including how to determine how elastic the aforementioned supply and demand is and how to make elastic algebraic graphs to show the rubbery elasticity of it all.  It’s enough to make one want to flick elastic bands in one’s eye.  My poor old brain just isn’t as elastic as it used to be, I guess. (haha, there’s a comic strip in there somewhere)

Because of everything on my plate, I’ve decided to put my fan comic on hold (for now) and focus on honing my drawing skills with what little free time I have.  Being true to my Gemini nature, I’m still playing with styles.  

I can’t decide between funny cartoony Furious - Inks by carriehowarth
or serious shaded Butterflies - uncolored by carriehowarth , so I’ll continue to do both simultaneously.  

But enough about me and my drama… it’s time to add some good will to this journal post.  For those of you who haven’t heard, there’s a little boy named Colin in need of some birthday cheer this month.  He’s turning 11 years old on March 9th and he told his Mom not to bother with a birthday party since he doesn’t have any friends anyway.  His Mom created a Facebook page for him and now he’s getting B-day wishes from friends all over the world.

As the Mom of special needs kids and as someone who grew up bullied for being a little different, it warms my heart to see all the love he’s received so far… but there’s always room for more.  If you’re so inclined, hop over to Facebook and send this little guy some love.!/Colinisele…  

March on everyone!
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So I’m posting my one-year journal entry a little bit early because this next week is going to be pretty busy for me.   In honor of the occasion, I’ve redrawn my first embarrassingly crappy turtle post.  Hopefully my skills have improved a little bit in the past year.  
(old and crappy)
Raph in Moonlight by carriehowarth
(new and hopefully not so crappy)
Raph in Moonlight 2 by carriehowarth
Also shout out to :iconbackflipsimmons: who won the last AudioShocker contest with this awesome Iron Man armor.
Ironwalker by Backflipsimmons
Here was my entry:
Saturday Night Armor by carriehowarth
For those of you (who are 18 and over  ;-)  ) that haven’t checked out AudioShocker yet, go forth and experience!  Just… whatever you do… PLEASE don’t post that it’s a “good read” (for goodness sake)!!!
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  • Reading: textbooks *sigh*
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