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Sexy Yuna

By carra
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This drawing is based on the lineart by that you can find here: [link]

I took lots of work but I think I got a pretty good result. I have submitted Yuna alone for now, because the background still needs more work, and also because Yuna deserves it :D

Full view, and you won't regret...
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kingofthedededes73's avatar
beautiful from head to toe
ange-lady-yunashe's avatar
beautiful! O///////O
carra's avatar
Well thank you! But you might want to see the finished picture. This was an unfinished version
Jack--Sparrow's avatar pretty mate
carra's avatar
of course! She's a pretty girl...
DragonEmpressJade's avatar
i think i'm in love!
Awesome work. You look like you have the female form down quite nicely.
Jacinta666's avatar
Mmm *drools* that is sexy :P
DragonDarkFire's avatar
Great picture, she's absolutely gorgeous...and really hawt. Does this dressphere have a name? Oh and just to tell you, Yuna doesn't have brown eyes. One is green and one is blue. I wanna say that eye is green.
Kipofish's avatar
Is that a gun in my pocket? well done!
carra's avatar
Hehe well she has few pockets here... but I still think she manages to store that gun somewhere...
gegojr's avatar
Wow! Very nice! I love the shading on her skin... I wish that was a dress sphere on the game lol
Yunie13's avatar
That's awesome AND very sexy! Great job!
carra's avatar
Hehe... How can Yuna not be sexy? Thanks
SummonersGrace's avatar
carra's avatar
Thank you :D But, you know, Yuna is always lovely...
w-o-l-d-o's avatar
Nice, very attractive for a drawing
zkfanart's avatar
Woooooooaaaaaa, you outdone here. The coloring is awesome! =D And you highlighted her skin smoothness *drooools* very cute! And nice colors you choose for the outfit. great! =D
carra's avatar
Hehe pictures of sexy girls are always successful. Thanks for coming!
zkfanart's avatar
Teee heee... welcome! ^^
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:wave:You just earned yourself an ODD! congrats! An ODD (Oibyrds Daily Devs) is a little extra spotlight I shine on deviations that I think are really impressive and/or they're not getting the attention they deserve. Please see the link below for all details and do keep in mind that if you prefer not to be a feature, just shoot me a note and I'll remove you from the list ;) Happy holidays!
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carra's avatar
Gracias :) Nos vemos...
Rowly88's avatar
Digging the full view lol. Thanks for the tip. Great job!!! Pure skill and Hotness. keep it up
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