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The Last Unicorn 3D

This is probably the coolest thing I've ever done. Seriously.
And again, I couldn't stop making this although I should be learning right now -.-
Imagine me sitting hours and hours in front of my screen, constantly diverging and focussing my eyes. It's a wonder that my head hasn't exploded yet.

It's my first try, I've never done something like this before! So please don't be too severe with me :)

Sorry to those who can't neither cross nor deverge their eyes ... I have tried to make an anaglyph, but since the picture is almost all blue it didn't really work. Sorry!

If you still want to learn how to train your dragon look at stereograms, here you can find some advice:

Diverge: [link]
Crossed eye: [link] --> basically, this is squinting, but for me it's much harder than the diverged vision ...
EDIT: Found a better link, this page even tells you about the difference between the two techniques!
At the end of the page, there are links to different learning methods for both techniques!

Original deviation:

NOT FOR USE without my written permission!
Thanks :)
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Funny, I can never do the parallel, cross eye works better for me, but most people I see say parallel works better for them. huh.
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It totally depends on what comes more easy to you. I noticed that Americans are more used to cross eye view, but in general, I guess it's very subjective :)
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that is so cool
i wonder if the one where you cross your eyes is bad for you
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As far as I know it's not bad for your eyes, but definitely exhausting ^^ Reason why I always use the parallel view method :giggle:

thank you!
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~My very favorite movie!!! Beautiful!!! :heart:
carpenoctem410's avatar
thank you so much :heart:
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~You're so welcome!! It gave me chills :)
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This is beautiful... and thank you for uploading both versions because the cross eye method doesn't work so well for me :)
carpenoctem410's avatar
for me neither :giggle:
thank you so much :hug:
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wow so awesome !!!!!!!!!
Sonic--The-Hedgehog's avatar
you'r welcome miss! ^^
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that's pretty cool.
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Truly awesome!
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DANGIT! I can't cross my eyes properly! XD
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what a pity :( maybe if you copy it into paint or something and zoom out, so that the picture is smaller? :dummy:
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Thats a good idea! I'm gunna try again, but I also think the computer screen was too close to me when I tried to do it...
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