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Dark Fairytale: Snow White

By carpenoctem
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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's NOW the fairest of all?"

Apparently, just getting rid of Snow White wasn't enough...
(btw, did you ever notice the similarities of Snow White and Geisha make-up?)

I hope the colors aren't too dark; I just can't figure out the best settings for my new monitor -.-

Here's a quick Making-of thing: [link]

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Wow... did the evil mother cut off Snow whites head and transplant it on herself? Because the white scar on her neck is rather suspicious :-)
(is she drooling?)

And this is good feedback!
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hello! I have featured your work here: [link]

Thank you! :heart:
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Your wonderfull work is featuring here : [link]
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Getting rid of Snow White turns the entire kingdom evil? I like it. I especially love that now she's snacking on the apple; it doesn't affect her at all.
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Absolutely amazing! :love:
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Der Gesichtsaudruck ist zum schreien! Wirklich toll, auch die Farben
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Der Gesichtsausdruck ist genial. Das erzählt wirklich eine etwas andere Geschichte... Und dann auch noch so schön mit dem Kleid, der Spitze, der Beleuchtung und so. XD

Ein bisschen dunkel ist es schon... Aber das trägt ja durchaus zur Atmosphäre bei.
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I really like these colors.
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beautiful piece :)

I don't think it's too dark, but maybe you should consider buying some color calibration tool.
They get attached to your Monitor via suction cups, connected through USB and then its Software performs various calibration tasks.
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Probably not what you were thinking but... You know, I always thought Snow White would end repeting the abusive treament she received in the future to another girl... considering the evil queen in the original story was her actual mother and not her step-mother... the fact that she ordered to put on her red hot iron shoes so she danced to her death...
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I just adore it!!!!!!
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Awesome! You should enter it in this contest:

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Thanks for the link! I had no idea ^^
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No problem :aww: When I saw your submission I thought for sure it was for that contest, then read your description and realized it wasn't
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This is a beautiful piece.
Nice painting and good details.
I like her expression.
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amazing detail and brush work!
the concept is brilliant.
and her expression tells the whole story!
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