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...for the lack of a better titel :XD:

I've been wanting to paint another angel pic for quite some while, but all the feather stuff always put me off.

I blame this picture on my lack of sleep. (or the other way round)

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Wahahaha! Is it just me or does she look like Justin Bieber???? Ahaha anyways great pic :D
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WTF? :O Well, not on purpose XD
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Love it but i do have a question why doews she look so sad
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She's either not happy with her employer or with her customers ;)
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LOLZ omg thatz amazing
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omigod thats amazing!!!! how did you do that??
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This is gorgeous!! ....I kinda wanna use it as the image of one of my characters ^-^;;
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Love the whole pic in general but especially the wings !! Not so keen on the hairstyle - but that's just me rather than your angel painting thang lol. Great work


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really-really beautiful, I love the wings softness and how the city disappear in the sky. Totally awesome! :D
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Excellent work! Angels are very tough to do. Its the wings.
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Never mind my comment on the closeup version, makes more sense when I see the entire thing. Sweet picture. :p
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She's got weird wings, but I like it.
Great work
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the coloring is brilliant, I like the way you draw the wings and her body, very nice :clap:

MFG theAnimelord
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Das wirkt toll mit diesem wahnsinnigen Himmel! Die Flügel sind auch so schön plusterig... Nicht so 08/15, sondern schon etwas besonderes. Ein stimmiges Konzept. :)

Nur dass ihre Arme so stark hinter den Körper gebogen sind... Das wirkt etwas steif, und dadurch sieht auch ihre Hüfte ein bisschen vorgestülpt aus. (Aber nun, auf Fotos sieht man auch oft genug seltsam aus, das trägt also sogar zu einem gewissen Realismus bei. ;) )
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oh my gosh I love the wings!!!!
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