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An extremely detailed artwork, with attention to overlaping objects and shading. The colors chosed are in harmony, as the warm red and ...

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Rompoke Part 1
I decided to start a long series of fakemon based on romanian stories and myths.

First is the Puppard line
001: Puppard
The Wolf Banner pokemon
-Type: Dark
-Dex:"This small canine pupps have a powerful voice which can inspire fear into its prey. They live in big packs and hunt together, having a strong sense of comunitty."
--> Evolves at lv 25 with a Dragon scale <--

002: Shadraco
The Wolf Snake Pokemon
-Type: Dragon/Dark
-Dex:"These evasive Pokemon are called the doctors of the forest, as they will hunt the ill and kill the weak. Their outstanding howl can be heard at full moon, a howl so eire it scares other predators from entering Shadraco's territory."
Signature move: Moon Howl, a Dark Type move which rises the users attack one stage and makes fairy moves deals 4 times less damage. It doesn't deal damage and works despite soundproof. Acc:100% PP:20

The Babhorn line
The Calf Fossile pokemon
-Ability: Rock Head/Anger Point
-Dex:"They used to leave in huge numbers in this regions fields, until an unexpected decrease in vegetation lead to their species dissappearing all-together. Thanks to technology, they have been revived and their number rose again. The Babhorn may seem shy, but they are playful and strong."

The Mountan Bison pokemon
-Ability:Rock Head/Anger Point
-Dex:"Massive horned beasts, Zimberg used to be an unbeatable master of this region's fields. They are very protective of their children and will allways guard them from predators."
Signature move: Furious Stampede: A Fightingtype, physical  move that makes contact. Deals 130 damage, but will make the pokemon recharge the next turn." Acc:95% PP:10

Note: The Puppard line is based on the dacic banner used by the Dacians in order to intimidate enemies like the Great Empire of Rome. These had a snake-like form and made a wierd, spooky sound when the wind flew through them.
The babhorn is based on the Bison, which used to be extinct in Romania until this century. Its back holds the natural monument "Babele" from the Bucegi Mountains. The evolved form bears the "Sphynx from Bucegi", another natural famous statue from Romania. The name combines Zimbru(Bison, in Romanian) and Berg(German for mountain).
I know it's a minuscule number, but I'm still very grateful to my supporters. Thanks to anyone who gave me a badge or even a watch! I promise to keep drawing. The Christmas holiday should be the best time for commisions and such. 
Father time
  :) (Smile) This Stand is based on the song "Father time" by Stratovarius. It combines clock, a hour glass and a solar clock (on its head), while also adding some elements from the song's cover art . The fur on the shoulders represents the "Father time"s beard. His fists are durable and powerful, and his long body can go 10 meters from its user in order to fight.
  Its mecanism is the following:
The stand user has 8 time buttons on its fingers. Only he can activate this ability by touching at the same time 2 objects. The Stand itself can act as a punching ghost (with strength able to break walls easily). The Stand User can exchange the ages between the 2 objects he touches. There are 2 rules to this: both objects must be (bones, animals, plants humans) or B.anorganic (wood, metal etc) in order for the age exchange to take place. The user must be touching both objects with his time buttons on its fingers. Overuse of this ability is exhausting.
  Waaaah! I can't draw humans well and hands are an annoyance, so I'll describe the Stand user myself. His name is a combination of the writers of the song and narcisisim. Narvarius is a theatre actor that used to be a confident and charismatic. Once he met Dio in Egypt and 
gained a Stand, he became egocentric and obsessed with his own appearance to the point that he left Egypt, not wanting to be Dio's subordanate. He became a famous actor in Italy and played in Greece, Spain and France. Wanting to stay young forever, he takes animals, plants and even humans and exchanges his age with theirs. He cares old and new objects for later use, like bones or seeds. He often kills the people he uses, so that they can't reveal his secret. He can transform their bodies to dust by changing their age with a fossile. In a chase scene, he could enter a museum and bring a dinosaur fossile to life, starting havoc in the museum. He could also bring people to life, but his to self-centered to do this. He might use this ability in order to control people, promising to revive a loved one in exchange of loyalty.
If you have any question about Romania/Transylvania (the actual one), I'm ready to answer them. Just comment anything you want to know. I'll do this at least once a month, maybe.
Also, you may suggest some art concepts or commisions in the comments. 

An original piece, a little abstract. It took a while, but I'm proud of the intimidating creature in the sky.[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Fanged Evil Smile  Let me now what you feel looking at it? What message do you take from it? 
I know it's a minuscule number, but I'm still very grateful to my supporters. Thanks to anyone who gave me a badge or even a watch! I promise to keep drawing. The Christmas holiday should be the best time for commisions and such. 


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Interested in art ,pokemon and other videogames.



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