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Published: November 8, 2010
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Trade with ~Zethelius of his character, Kawue.

I love this fox, and I love autumn, and I love birds, and I love overcast skies, and trees, and fog, and I love mountains... So I put it all into a picture that I love!

I hope you love it too, Jack :)

Check out his half here:

(c) Morgan Allen

Edit: Higher resolution file!
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FloraellaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Makes me think of The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
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caroroProfessional Traditional Artist
Never heard of it.
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I like this more than your DailyDeviantion :thumbsup:
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caroroProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks! ;)
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very well done, :la: i like this
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MichaelReynardProfessional Artisan Crafter
This is absolutely stunning. This is something I would have in a beautiful frame in a prominent location in my home.

Excellent, just excellent.
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ValhalrionProfessional Filmographer
colours are soo lovely!!
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oh wow....... beautiful
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caroroProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks :)
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i love all those things too!!!!!!!!!!
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AriaFawnProfessional Traditional Artist
Holy heavens this is beautiful! I am in love with it. The colours are gorgeous, I love the monochrome look the background has and the level of details you captured. The birds are really lovely and I love how they just splutter up from the ground as if there were made up from clods of dirt. The fox is beautiful too. I love the pale eye and pretty face. The detailed fur on the tail is gorgeous as well and I love the scarf! It looks so 3D and the lighting is really well done on it. :blackrose:
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caroroProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you :)
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FeodorathHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice! The look of the fox is really fascinating. Fits perfect with Zethelius' char.
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caroroProfessional Traditional Artist
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Beautiful color choice; I love the golden tones and the textures you used to create such a soft, ethereal atmosphere. I do have a few things to point out, though.

I think the character's limbs might be a little too slim (the lower arms and visible ankle in particular) as I think they might not support the character's weight if he were standing. That, or his head is a little big. Also, his left arm (the one closest to the viewer) curves a little more than would be natural. The forearm should be a bit straighter and there would be a sharper bend at the wrist since the character is at rest. The tail's curve could also be a bit unnatural, but that's debatable. It's aesthetically pleasing as it is, so it's not much of a concern. And one last thing before I get too far: what direction is the wind blowing? The scarf and the fur on the character's head flow together mostly with the same pathway the birds are taking, but the rest of the character's fur either isn't affected (as on his arms) or is going the wrong way (as with his tail, which might be one of the reasons why the curve of it looks off to me).

I do love this composition (and those colors! :heart:), particularly the way the birds seem to emerge seamlessly from the tree and the flow of the scarf. The textures of this piece are really nice as well (I really like the way you painted the fur on the head and tail and the beautiful foliage along the bottom of the image. Hope this helps you out. Very nice job on this. :)
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caroroProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the critique!

I understand the comment about the limbs being to small. Sometimes I have an issue of over-stylizing things (if that's possible) to the point things look unnatural. I didn't want to over-do it though. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I guess that's up to the viewer to decide.

As for the wind, I figured it was sweeping off the fox's back while also going around him. So, all the fur is flowing towards the birds. The arm-hairs I imagined staying still because typically these are shorter and stiffer, so they don't move easily to wind. And, the back of the neck I imagined the wind sweeping it upwards. That may be flawed, though, I'm sure. But, I was going for a smooth, free sort of look.

Thanks again for the critique! I really really appreciate the help and support!
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Of course. I'm glad I could give you one. :)

I definitely understand the over-stylization thing--I have the opposite problem where I make things too short and stubby, which screws with my anatomy big time. What you did works fine, though. The anatomy of the character is thin and long throughout so nothing looks particularly out of place. His limbs just seemed like they might be a little frail.

And I see where you're going with the wind. I had actually pictured its direction more as moving away from the viewer (based on the shading and movement of the scarf and head fur), not to the left of the picture, but it works. One thing to make that might have made the wind direction a bit more clear would be if you had tilted his ears forward just a touch as the wind seems strong enough to lift the scarf as high as it is, as well as ruffle his fur to that extent. But then again, maybe not. The muscles controlling the ear movement of most critters are pretty strong so I could be completely wrong.
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caroroProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks again :)
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kiwi-seedStudent Digital Artist
Beautiful work, I love the colours.
Fantastic, as always. :)
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really loving the fox's face. there's a good breeze in your picture :3
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caroroProfessional Traditional Artist
thanks :)
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Wow, it's a masterpiece! Great ideas with a details - umbrella, scarf, birds and great realization - gentle colors and beautiful shades of orange!

...but at first sight his eyes look empty - pupil of the eye isn't very contrasting. But may be it's problem with me, not with the picture)
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