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Transformers Sentinel Prime and Laserbeak

This picture of DOTM Sentinel Prime and Laserbeak is from the mighty :icon1314: (here's the original lineart ---» [link] )

And these colors and background are from my hands!!

****** AS for all my work, do not use, copy or whatever without asking me first! ******
Cette image de Sentinel Prime et Laserbeak du film Transformers: La face cachée de la lune a été réalisée en colaboration avec le fabuleux :icon1314: (image originale: ---»[link] )

Les couleurs et l'arrière-plan sont de ma main!

****** Comme pour tout mon travail, ne pas utiliser, copier ou tout autre sans mon accord *******

Transformers, Sentinel Prime and Laserbeak @ Hasbro and others
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I like the way you portrayed Sentinel Prime as in the movie, and the scene of destruction makes the illustration all the more interesting. I even noticed that Sentinel sure looks pissed; I guess he is sick and tired of the selfish humans causing more harm to the innocent humans and the environment on Earth than good, but that's just me. And kudos to Laserbeak perching on his shoulder while he holds up one of the Pillars, because that's his greatest invention since the war began, I suppose. After all, he only wants to save his planet; maybe he should negotiate with Earth's leaders on hiring some human workers to rebuild the planet.
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This is so great art of the villanous (but also desperate) autobot.
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Awesome work:D (Big Grin) I couldn't believe he was the one who taught Optimus everything cause as it turned out...HE LET MEGATRON TWIST HIS MIND!Facepalm 
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Sad but true... at least in the movie!
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traitor... thats all i have to say 
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Beautiful :D the sharp color and feel of it is absolutely stunning! Great work, really! :happybounce: 
ps: OP rules! Optimus Prime 
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Thanks a lot! Glad you like it! ^^ 
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You're very welcome! :D It's a wonderful piece :)
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Lol XD I see you like the Optimus icon XD. A lot of people love it an it makes me happy knowing the fans love it.
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I definitely do XD not a lot of options for others either. It has to be one of my favorites :D
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Well I am glad you enjoy it.
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YES!! I remember the original drawing, I have waited to see him coloured!

The Movie robots are very detailed, it is hard to draw them. Your colours really add to the detail :thumbsup:


OUAIS!! J'ai souviens le dessin original, j'ai attendu en plus longtemps pour voir avec des couleurs!

Les robots de <<Bayformers>> ils sont plus detailles, c'est plus difficile pour dessiner ses corps. Votre couleurs insere vraiment plus details :thumbsup:

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Thanks! And... merci pour la réponse en français! :)
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Totally clever.
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Ahh, Sentinel. The Decepticons greatest weapon!
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"laserbeak can you get off my head plz?"
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A very fitting image.
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Now I'm thinking of the scene where Decepticons attack Chicago and turn humans into skeletons.

Nice work and long live "Transformers."
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It could be inspired of this yes ^^ Thanks for the comment and YESH!!! Long live Transformers!
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