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Transformers Prime Jazz -EDIT2-

***Edit (again)****
Do you noticed how similar my design looks to TF: Prime's Somekescreen??? O.o And I did it WAAAAAAY before seeing the new character! Smokescreen even wears what looks like neons! (something I've often add to my designs of Jazz) COOOOOOOL! (I wish he was Jazz though XD)

Yep... :iconty-chou: was right (again)... I used a bit of magic to change Jazz's legs lenght... better like that no?

FINALLY! Here's my design about what I think TFP Jazz could look like in the TFP continuity.

I always thought that Jazz would like to wear neon lights... I don't know, it's just that I think it would suit him somehow.

So there!

This design is all by me!
But Jazz and TFP @ Hasbro, Takara, the Hub... well, not me!

**** As for all my work, do not copy, use or whatever else without my permission ****


FINALEMENT! Voici enfin la version finale de mon design pour Jazz s'il faisait son apparition dans la série Transformers: Prime.

J'ai toujours imaginé que Jazz aimerait porter des néons... Je trouve que ce serait parfaitement son style...

Ce design @ moi
Jazz @ Hasbro, Takara, the Hub... etc.

**** Comme pour tout mon travail, ne pas copier, utiliser ou tout autre sans mon approbation ****
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Could I use this in my story on Wattpad? I need a visual thing for Jazz and this is just perfection :3 
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as long as you give credits... and show me! :)
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I'm getting close to introducing Jazz in my Fanfiction "The Daughter of Primus" well. Technically he's already been introduced but it's a secret. He starts off as a human named Jamie. 

He crash landed on earth around eighteen or nineteen years ago and in that crash he lost his memory. My main character's human father used a special cybertronian relic of my creation to turn Jazz into a human to protect him. 

In in an upcoming chapter he's gonna return to his cybertronian form.
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If he ever shows up in the prime continuity she should be voiced by our favourite disk jockey.…
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He looks fabulous! 
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Awesome Autobot Jazz you draw or color, I think I like it.

Do you think to draw what Jazz's vehicle mode?
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I already have a doodle somewhere of his altmode... but good luck to find it! XD I have no time to draw at the moment due to complications in my personal life, but I'll be back one day...
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He looks wicked, I wish he was on the show.
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Same... oh well.................. kinda too late eh? ;)
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I really hope they bring him into the show, along with Prowleh ^^
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~Daww he's so adorable<3 Love the style, amazing work.
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Thanks! :) Weird that Smokescreen is so similar to my design that was posted WAY before this new character made his first apparition in the show!
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No prob, and Hasbro is often the unintentional copycat. :XD: Not making any accusations, just saying it happens. :shrug:
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Well... I guess that means I have good ideas... XD
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This is really good, I would love to use this in my fan fic with your permission!
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???? More infos please?
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I would like to use your Jazz artwork as a character design for my fan fic story about the Prime. You will receive all the credit on the artwork and design because I will place this picture in a special folder in my favorites where there will be a link to the folder on story description.
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