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Rebirth of hope

This picture will be used for a background later for the colors I'm doing on a :icon1314: 's picture. Meanwhile I wanted to use it to celebrate spring and also as april is the "month of the daffodil" in Canada (the Canadian Cancer Society launches a big solidarity movement in Quebec to help thousands of Quebecers in their fight.) [link]

I decided to give a second life to this picture by adding a daffodil flower. Meaning of this picture is simple as the title says... Rebirth of hope! :)

****** As for all my work, do not use, copy or whatever else without my approval first


Cette image sera utilisée comme arrière plan pour une image de :icon1314: que je suis en train de colorer. En attendant, j'ai voulu utiliser cette image pour célébrer l'arrivée du printemps. Aussi, avril est maintenant le Mois de la jonquill pour la Société canadienne du cancer qui aide des dizaines de milliers de Québécois dans leur combat. [link]

J'ai donc décidé de donner une "deuxième vie" à cette image en lui ajoutant une jonquille. Le sens est très simple, c'est la renaissance de l'espoir!

****** Comme pour tout mon travail, ne pas utiliser, copier ou tout autre sans mon approbation préalable
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Like I said last night: I completely love how you finished the background and the flower is a really nice touch.
I really hope lots of people help with their contributions. ;)
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I sure hope so too!!!! ^^ So far, I'll try to begin the colors of Drift tonight ^^
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^^ Glad you like Bro! How's it going btw?
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ya know! planning our wedding XD
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Your digitals getting better and better! Sky's the limit :D
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you think so??? ^^ Thanks! And I'm trying to colors different kind of environment and lights to show that I can do almost anything ^^
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That is very wise :)
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Well, it's the best thing to do if I want to finally get a job in the illustration / coloration or whatever field related to art...
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From what I've seen I would say there are pretty good chances for you. You have the skills and the will. And then luck comes automatically :D
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This is beautiful. Good job.
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