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This is another picture :icon1314: and I :iconcarorichard: Worked out together. WHAT A TEAM! ;)

:icon1314: 's going to be at Emerald City Comicon is March 30,31 April 1 [link]
with the pictures we did together and much more! Go say hi to him! He'll send me your messages ;) and maybe one day you'll have me at his side too!

The background I created was made to be used alone too and you can have it there:

Art by :icon1314: -- go see his gallery too!! ---- original picture [link]

Colors and Background by :iconcarorichard:

Drift & transformers @ Hasbro, Takara, etc.

****** As for all my work, do not use, copy or whatever else without my approval first


Voici une autre réalisation de votre équipe préférée, c'est-à-dire :icon1314: et :iconcarorichard: --» mouaaaaaa!

:icon1314: sera à Emerald City Comicon le 30-31 Mars et 1er Avril 2012 [link] avec les illustrations que nous avons réalisées ensemble et beaucoup plus! Passez lui dire un petit bonjour et il me fera le message! Et qui sait, peut-être que bientôt vous m'y verrez aussi, à ses côtés!

L'arrière plan que j'ai réalisé a été créé en fonction qu'il puisse être utilisé sans Drift. Vous pouvez trouver l'original là [link]

Art par :icon1314: -- Allez visiter sa galerie aussi!! Image originale : original picture [link]

Couleurs et arrière-plan par :iconcarorichard:

Drift & transformers @ Hasbro, Takara, etc.

****** Comme pour tout mon travail, ne pas utiliser, copier ou tout autre sans mon approbation préalable
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He's a pretty unique character.
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I like the fact that he was a bad guy before... but yes, I agree, unique guy!
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Cool wild west background behind Drift. Showdown at high noon. LOL :)
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This is a beautiful collab pic!

unfortunately i have found it here…
and i don't think it belongs there. That person doesnt even know what she's playing with. Only the copyright owner can report it btw, so if it disturbs you you can act.
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Thanks so much for your report on this! I will deal with it NOW! :D 

And thanks for the nice comment!! :icon1314: is a great artist to work with!
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I see you have a fruitful collab history together. :) love those pics!
Congrats for the baby - fruitful isnt just for art... XD
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I'd hate to be the one who got him angry. Drift is so boss...
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lol I agree! And nope! Don't make him angry...
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Amazing team work man, you guys really knocked this one out of the park.
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;) Glad you like! (but I'm a woman! :p )
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Your welcome (oh sorry, my bad)
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Drift is a boss. :D
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Holy hell, this is absolutely fantastic! <3 Wow, the detail and the background and his pose is just great, I really love this. :D
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Thanks!! It apparently looks great on walls :p
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Thanks a lot! ^^
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