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These are the colors I just finished for that amazing scene created by the mighty :icon1314: himself! I wanted to try working with multiple light sources. Wasn't that easy, but I think it looks ok. Working on a "dusk" scene isn't easy either but a good exercise. This one can be splitted in 3 parts: the dinobots, Hound and the Twins! You can find this picture in all the conventions :icon1314: signed in! (go read his journal for more infos!

****** As for all my work, do not use, copy or whatever else without my approval first

Voici donc les couleurs que je viens de terminer pour cette magnifique scène d'action imaginée par le talentueux :icon1314: J'ai voulu essayer de travailler avec de multiples sources de lumière cette fois. Ce ne fut pas facile mais je crois que le résultat est relativement bien. Travailler sur une scène de pénombre n'est pas facile non plus, mais un excellent exercice!

Cette image peut être divisée en 3 parties: Les Dinobots, Hound et le duo infernal: Sunstreaker et Sideswipe. Vous pourrez trouver cette image dans toutes les conventions où :icon1314: sera inscrit. (voir son journal pour plus d'informations)

****** Comme pour tout mon travail, ne pas utiliser, copier ou tout autre sans mon approbation préalable

Dinobots, Hound, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe & transformers @ Hasbro, Takara, etc.
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Great work!

Great action scene. :)

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They'll fight to their last breath.
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this ones cool to
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Thankies! That's the newest one in my gallery.
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these are really cool do you like transformers
CaroRichard's avatar
If I like transformers? I like them since the beginning! lol As a kid, my fav tv show was transformers and I still watch it, almost 20 years later...
LGSANDMAN's avatar
I like transformers to and i also like the cartoon movie with hot rod.
JoeTeanby's avatar
All types of awesome!!!! :D
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Thanks! Glad you like!
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Whoa! *Get's knocked out of chair* Epic almost can't decribe how badass this looks! :iconepiclaplz: This is an amazing colab. You colouring skills is superiour. :worship: Amazing work Caro! :clap:
CaroRichard's avatar
hey! Thanks!!!! I'm glad you like it! I kinda like it too ;)
xGhostwriterx's avatar
Anytime! I sure do. :love:
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Very Cool! :wow:

Thank you for allowing your picture to be in the groups :icontransformers-group: :iconmechanical-beings: :)
CaroRichard's avatar
not a prob! thanks for the comment!
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Impressive missy. How long it take? :D

*uses, copies and does whatever else with missy's work*
CaroRichard's avatar
^^ Thanks bro! Took... hum... between 15 and 20 hours? more than 12 that's a certainty... and

*arrests you and puts you in a hug jail
hinomars19's avatar
Pffft, I'dve done it 50 hours...

Oh wait...

Nah. I dunno how long it takes to do stuffs. Half the time I take my time for funzies :lol:
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I don't normally count the time I put on a picture.. but this one was an exception because I did it while Maëlie was at the daycare... so the time she spent there in 3 weeks is approx the time I put on the pict...
hinomars19's avatar
Nobody believes you missy ;P
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