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A Ripple In The Bloody Mirror
Sultry and strong, the ladies stood,
their eyes flowing around the room.
Daring anyone to look their way,
cloaked in power like their minx furs,
devilish smiles playing across their faces,
like drunken children playing hopscotch.
That scent of the wild hunt, of raw spice,
flowers and sex lingering in their corner,
ready to pounce.
In the center their prey grovels,
height unknown for the bent flesh.
What he’s done he knows not,
his brain cowers in his head,
afraid to come out and play.
Blood dances down his warrior’s body,
and with it his courage.
He growls, an unconscious decision,
reminiscent of battles gone by.
Wreathed in legends as ancient as her toothless grin,
the old one watches,
knowing the game and its outcome too well.
They play now, heady with their strength – the giving
and the taking, all determined by their whims.
Powerful women, watching, gauging,
moving subtly together with pre-timed strategy.
Their prey, his heart beat racing with both fear and desire
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 0 4
Ericka's Lullaby
The day is coming to an end
Sleepy time has come
So close your little eyes, my child
Your day is nearly done.
The moon is rising high
While the sun is going down
Baby don’t you worry
My love is all around
God is in the heavens
His angels standing near
Sleep little Ericka
I will be right here
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 1 0
Infinite Yearning
You are worlds within moments without words,
Your sigh is like a galaxy, your looks a million stars,
I try to find my way through your constellations,
But I could never map out all your wonders.
In your eyes I see the cosmos,
On your lips I taste the heavens.
This astro-explorer is ready to lift off into the unknown,
To seek life in the curve of your hips.
The gods were cruel in their perfect beauty,
the sunset scarlet of your lips,
the cascading waterfall of your hair,
let me fall into the ice blue pools of your eyes.
Galaxies and oceans beyond,
You are incomparable.
Infinite promises, unending temptation
I float, endlessly reaching for the unobtainable.
The milky way can't hold
A candle to the brilliance in your eyes.
Your love is ever more rare than a
Shooting star blasting through the skies.
I gaze in wonder at the downy softness of your angel skin,
So delighted to soul-glimpse a hint of devil within.
Even as I describe your exquisiteness,
do you even know how amazing you are?
I am
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 1 0
Shadowed Love
I found love in the shadows
The ins and outs, the black and grey
So I crawl into the hollow
And dread the coming of the day
I see dreams in the twilight
It falls in star-sparked hues
I spurn the morning and it's glories
And wait to ride the night.
My lover comes for me upon the dusk
The sky inked with his cloak
I am comforted by the silence
Of life, long resting
Folded in sepia, caught in crimson
We fall into dreams, we fall into stars
Hold me forever I pray to him, but he lingers not
Leaving my heart trapped in the shadows he walks
Clouded eyes and stormy heart
I leave with the pouring of honeyed day
My feet grow heavier with each dragging step
As I mourn the passing of the night
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 0 0
Do not attempt to capture me
For my soul has taken flight
My body you may have imprisoned
My mind will not lose sight
Do not try to lure me
For I will not be led
My heart has been forsaken
My veins, already bled
I meet you look for look
I match you stare for stare
In your eyes I see
A hint of cowardice there
I see the game you play
I will not back down
Your king is in checkmate
Now let the trumpets sound
The dye is cast
The dice thrown
Like heroes of the past
My outcome is known
On the board of life
We struggle and we fight
The end may be foretold
But I'll die for what is right
Pieces may fall
Boards may fade
In the end we are all
Just being played
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 4 0
Anniversary Five
Yours are the arms I want around me
when the world is against me.
I feel so safe wrapped up in you.
Yours are the lips I want against mine
when the world is black.
They taste like honey in the hive.
Yours are the words I want in my ears
when the world is harsh.
The balm on my bruised and wounded self.
Yours are the minutes in this time-travel of my life.
Eighteen hundred twenty-five days
of laughter, of tears, of living and dying.
Yours is the place I want to be
for the rest of our days,
from now until I take my last breath.
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 1 0
I wonder if,
At this time of the year,
You don’t think of me,
And wonder how I am.
I wonder if
You don’t think back,
And regret not fighting,
Regret that it ended.
Seeing all the memories pop up,
I wonder if you even think of me at all.
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 1 0
Anniversary Four
Fourteen sixty
Exactly the amount
Of days since my life
Was changed for the better
Since the first day I saw your face
I have laughed, cried, died...
Our time together has not been easy
But the good far outweighs the bad
And I wouldn't trade one second
Of any of it
I don't think I really knew what love was
Until I looked in your eyes
Heard your voice
Touched your skin
I thank God for all those
fourteen hundred sixty days
And every day beyond that
For bringing you to me
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 1 0
You Are My Universe
In your mouth I taste the stars
if stars taste like coffee, and
in your eyes I see a black hole
dark and drawing me in.
They say the galaxy is vast
but it cannot contain what
resides in my bosom, and
how my veins trickle your sweet.
Solar words and cosmic fingers
linger in my hair long after
you are through with me, and
I hear a big bang going in my skull.
Lunar and solar meet, and
flesh on flesh create an eclipse
brilliant like the night sky
if the sky was covered in you.
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 2 2
Time's Up
Can I kiss you?
Can I touch my lips to yours,
feel your heart beat in my chest?
Can I hold you?
Can I press my body against yours
until we are no longer two, but one?
Can I tell you I love you?
Can my words touch your soul
so deep you murmur my name?
Can I be yours?
Can you realize that I already am,
and say the words I deserve to hear?
It is time, my love...
I need to kiss you.
I need to hold you.
I need to whisper I love you.
I need to be yours.
It is time to give me what I long for in the depths of my heart.
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 2 0
Mature content
Appearance :iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 3 5
Anniversary Three
Here we go again, my love.
One thousand ninety-five days
Since you walked into my life
And changed it forever.
I can find no words to express
What you mean to me,
None I haven’t already used.
“I love you” is not enough, it seems.
How do I tell you
My heart sings euphonious notes
When lying next to yours?
How do I tell you
My soul aches to the core
Every second it is away from you?
How do I explain what
Your body does to mine
When we come together
Under cover of night
Or break of day?
Surely there are no more words
To tell you that you are mine, my love.
Surely they have all been spoken.
But I shall speak them again and again,
Until I take my last breath.
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 1 1
she belonged in the fast lane
he was comfortable in the slow
so he just smiled and waved
as he watched her go
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 3 2
Don't Worry, Moma
It's so beautiful here, Moma.
There's no pain, only light, and love.
All my worries are gone, replaced by peace
only those here can understand.
I know you miss me, Moma.
I know you are scared for me.
I am wrapped in my Father's arms,
safe from all the bad in the world.
I will always be with you, Moma.
When you feel the warmth of light,
when you hear birds sing,
when you see beauty beyond imagining.
You will see me again one day, Moma.
Until then, I will sit with my Father.
I am holding a place for you, Moma,
so until then, don't worry.
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 1 2
Don't take yourself away
Like a drug from a junkie
You are my drug
I can't get high without you
Rip the needle from my hand
I can't inject you in my vein
I can't experience the pain
My numbing limbs and glassy eyes
I can't breathe you in
Feel your smoke invade
Seep your way through me
'Til all I blow out is air
Let me drink you in
Mind altering liquid
Slides down my throat
Until it's hard to talk
Don't take yourself away
Don't force me to detox
You're my vice
-and like they say-
Everybody has one
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 1 0
Deja Vu
they say things never happen
the same way twice
but I believe, my love
that I would fall in love with you
once, twice, a million times
if we were to meet as many
whether in the womb
or in the grave, my love
whether across the street
or across the sea, my love
our hands would find the other
our hearts would find the other
and if we were born a thousand days
or a thousand years apart
I believe, my love
that I would die a thousand times
I would breathe my last a thousand times
until I could breathe with you
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 0 0


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