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Moth Slayers
Captain Flutterpowder lay, gravely injured, on the mahogany floor in the Human territory. The epic battle between the brown wings and the coloured ones came to an end. The captain scanned his surroundings wearily. In front of him, a mass of white-and-blue two legged beings were seated. Many were in their own world, jabbering in their strange low pitched tongues. The brown wings may be defeated, but they must rise up. But will they do that? Captain Flutterpowder was devastated. For without him, the brown wings would lose all confidence in themselves. Some would refuse to battle without their beloved captain by their side. Summoning all his strength, he twitched his legs, only to find out that only one of them worked. He sighed. All he could do now was to succumb to his fate. Suddenly, he felt the earth shake. He wiggled around in panic, straining to see what was causing that horrible shaking of the earth. To his dismay, it was a two legged being. One with heavy rubber soles no less. At
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Inazuma Eleven - Natsumi Raimon by caroluvmoka Inazuma Eleven - Natsumi Raimon :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 2 0 Hope by caroluvmoka Hope :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 1 0
"It's friday! Friday! Gonna get down on friday!" Tobi sang.
He immediately got attacked by everyone within a 1km radius. After getting beaten up, Tobi was sad. And bloody. Thus he proceeded to teleport home. Upon reaching, he searched high and low for Deidara.(Who was cleverly hiding underneath the dining table.)
"Where are you senpai? I need to tell you what happened to me~!" Tobi whined.
Todi stood on the dining table and started screaming for Deidara. "I WANT MY SENPAI NOW!!!" he yelled while jumping on the table.
When Deidara couldn't take it anymore, he crawled and slapped Tobi.
"Yay! Senpai's hehr!" Tobi said gleefully.
"What. Do. You. Want?!" Deidara screeched rather scornfully.
Tobi dragged Deidara by his lovely ponytail  to the living room. Tobi plonked himself on his favourite beanbag, which was tastefully decorated with the Akatsuki logo and dango. And, it smelled of mango. Fuming, Deidara sat down in his chair. It was heavily cushioned and decorated with the logo
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Me and Usui bear by caroluvmoka Me and Usui bear :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 0 1 Mr Tree's morning by caroluvmoka Mr Tree's morning :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 1 0 The portal to another world by caroluvmoka The portal to another world :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 0 0
I'm suffocating.
Trying oh so hard to get out of it.
Always there to restrain me.
I want to get out oh so badly.
Calm, Carol, Calm.
Relax. Breathe.
The anger inside me is flowing.
All over me.
Washing away all good and positive thoughts.
Rises from my feet, to my calves,
Up my thighs,
Till it reaches my head.
Oh how I want to get rid of it!
Blast all those who drag me from my normal self to a psycho emo sucidal kid who wants to kill Everyone and wishes to have more scars on her body.
The deeper the better.
The more bood there is, the better.
Blood is good.
It calms me.
Pain is goos too.
I really like pain.
Physical pain is the best.
I dislike emotional pain.
Fuck it.
It should disappear from my life.
How many times have i spent my entire night, tossing and turning all because of one stupid Comment you made?
Many times, I want to kill everyone.
They'd be better off dead.
:iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 2 0
She deserved it
Why. Seriously, I want to know why. Why you did this to me. And broke my heart. And slept with that skank. No! I will not put the gun down! Shut up bitch. You have no right to talk. Stop acting crazy!? You're the one that's acting crazy, you bastard. Do you want her dead? Do you? Hm? ANSWER ME YOU SON OF A BITCH. What? You still love me. You sure? No. No Becky. Don't listen to him. He would rather be with that whore then you. That's right. He'd rather spend hi entire FUCKING NIGHT WITH THAT SILICON BARBIE. Hah. Don't bother apologising honey. It don't matter no more. She's gonna die. Then we can be together again! Isn't that great? You don't want die bitch? You don't? Well fuck you! WHO ASKED YOU SLEEP WITH MY FUCKING HUSBAND YOU SKANK?! HUH?! Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She's dead! She deserves it! Oh, sweet sweet revenge.  Oh my. I feel happy. She dead. What? Kill you too? Why not? YOU'D RATHER BE WITH HER RIGHT? I'LL GRANT YOUR WISH. Oh my goodness. I.. I... I just kellied two peo
:iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 1 0
I thought I saw a Pussy Cat by caroluvmoka I thought I saw a Pussy Cat :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 6 2 Cookie by caroluvmoka Cookie :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 0 1
Flight to Freedom
I am a bird.
Trapped in a cage.
A cage filled with lies and deceit.
To my left, a small shiny bowl,
Filled with all sorts of black treasures.
May all who eat them suffer.
Skeletons scattered around.
A reminder for all who dare touch the bowl's contents.
My right, a small golden robin.
My only companion.
Dead for a year now.
Dead as she touched the black treasure.
I regret that i did not stop her.
Now, I am living my life with guilt.
Those black treasures seduce you,
Tempt you to take a bite.
Just as the devil tempts you to take what is not yours.
Each day I pace the cage.
For a way to escape.
Occasionally, a tyrant comes.
He sticks his stubby fingers in and triesto grab me.
I jump from rail to rail,
Praying to God to let me escape his grasp.
I have seen what he has done to my kind.
He grabs them,
Then flings them toward a wall.
The victim slides down with a bloody trail.
Day and night I stay awake.
Keeping vigilant.
In case something happens...
Either to me
:iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 2 6
The perfect Mono ending
"Ciel-kun?" "Hm?" "Fuck you." Alois stabs Ciel in the stomach.  "I... Ha...ate You..." His voice falters. "Hn. Now i get to do whatever i want. Come on Claude, let's get out of this hell hole." Alois flips his hair and walks off haughtily with Claude shadowing him.
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A typical day as a candyfloss by caroluvmoka A typical day as a candyfloss :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 1 4 1st Penang Trip 2 by caroluvmoka 1st Penang Trip 2 :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 0 4 DEVIANT ID. by caroluvmoka DEVIANT ID. :iconcaroluvmoka:caroluvmoka 2 1


Pokemon Trainer Creator by jcling Pokemon Trainer Creator :iconjcling:jcling 15,209 4,927 ADVENTURE TIME_ DRESS UP by Huntahr ADVENTURE TIME_ DRESS UP :iconhuntahr:Huntahr 3,063 1,207 Adventure Time Princess Maker by spacecoma Adventure Time Princess Maker :iconspacecoma:spacecoma 12,511 3,419 Cancers by PlaidCushion Cancers :iconplaidcushion:PlaidCushion 726 17 trihorn by len-yan trihorn :iconlen-yan:len-yan 4,889 60 Vantas by PointlessMu Vantas :iconpointlessmu:PointlessMu 958 229 TSUBASA RC - The Ruins of Memory by vaxzone TSUBASA RC - The Ruins of Memory :iconvaxzone:vaxzone 142 5 Little Favors -Jrock flash game- by j-am Little Favors -Jrock flash game- :iconj-am:j-am 288 275 Adventurestuck: It's good to 8e a Pir8! by LingeringSentiments Adventurestuck: It's good to 8e a Pir8! :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 243 26 Boris Airay Cosplay 4 by yuegene Boris Airay Cosplay 4 :iconyuegene:yuegene 2,716 151 I'll Eat You by yuegene I'll Eat You :iconyuegene:yuegene 4,076 374 From the Howling Dragon Box :01: by Jesuke From the Howling Dragon Box :01: :iconjesuke:Jesuke 248 16 Ruki 05.01.11 by faery-vampire Ruki 05.01.11 :iconfaery-vampire:faery-vampire 40 11 Sink - 01 by herotenka Sink - 01 :iconherotenka:herotenka 233 12


LOL. I just realised what i did in my previous entry. Let's do this shit. Again. :iconoden-san: ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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