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January 12, 2016
Cetus by aeryael
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This was my submission to Light Grey Art Lab's COSMOS exhibition. I was honored to be one of 100 artists to participate, each one creating a depiction of a constellation or astral body. Mine was the constellation Cetus, the sea monster. Each piece of art is now part of a beautiful tarot & oracle deck that is for sale on Light Grey Art Lab's shop, along with prints:

Link directly to my piece's art print:…

Cetus means "big fish" or "sea monster". In Greek Mythology, Cetus was the sea monster sent by Poseidon to devour princess Andromeda, and slain by Perseus. But the name was used to refer to various sea monsters, including in the Bible, in which Jonah was in the belly of a "huge fish".
I really love to meditate and study about the symbolic meaning of myths and creatures and, well, everything.
While water represents emotions, the sea represents the unconscious, and it is populated by a myriad of creatures, often mysterious, unknown, living in deep dark abyssal waters... there are certainly monsters dwelling in the deep of us. But we can only get to know them by allowing them to come to the light...

As a card on the Light Grey Art Lab's tarot and oracle deck, the meaning of this card is: "Underlying Emotional Issue - Self-Doubt - Fear"

The star on its chest is Mira, "the Wonderful", the most notable star in the constellation.

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Woooww thank you so much for the DD!! :heart: :heart:
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nice artwork! :D
also sorry for commenting on so much just now. I enjoyed your art :)