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January 13, 2011
Group Birds by ~EndangeredDragon is a colourful selection of birds, each with their own monochrome palettes, character and delicate line art. Which one is your favourite?
Featured by ChewedKandi
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Group Birds

A design for a bird themed greeting card.

Prints are available here for $12 each; [link]
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wordsRimportant's avatar
I love these colorful, fluffy birds!
PreetikaSharma's avatar
Awww. How cute and colourful :love:
Creamy-Bacon's avatar
The teal one is so rockin!
JoniGodoy's avatar
cake-etiquette's avatar
This almost reminds me of the Pixar short For the Birds. So cute!!
ajhistoric2's avatar
MyCephei's avatar
Aww, haha, cute!!! :D
Swing-Therapie's avatar
so cute! and very colorful!
lane-nee-chan's avatar
Sooooooo cute! Very nice! My favourite is the way you drew the orange one's cute face. :)
Illiterate-Artist's avatar
iiits the tikitikitikitikitiki room, it's the tikitikitikitikitiki room...
blasianonna's avatar
Congrats on the DD!
Dscapades's avatar
for the birds!
glowworm56's avatar
The green one is my favorite!
mrgreendots's avatar
Awe how cute it reminds me of a Christmas card I received with lots of reindeer in a sleigh XD this is awesome
Kusa-chan's avatar
Now, I have the Tiki Room song stuck in my head...

I really like the designs and colours of these birds. Great job!
Lady-Akeru's avatar
It reminds me a tale about a bird who ask for feathers to the other birds because he hadn't, the owl convinced them to do that. When the bird were covered by the other birds' feathers, he just flew away forgetting to thank. If you are interested, is a mexican tale named "El pájaro Cú".
Bumble-Buizel's avatar
lovely, darling~<3
BuBunny's avatar
So many colorful birds...I LOVE IT! :heart:
Everdeen11's avatar
d'awwww!! SO CUTE!!
Wolfhawk756's avatar
I find it interesting to click on a picture and find you here. XD

Everdeen11's avatar
ohai!! I was just admiring the adorableness of these birds ^^

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