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  • New *We've moved! We needed less than 400$ (from here) our initial goal thanks to his parents sending us money, however now we own this money. All of the money I've got through commissions was used/is being used already (241$), and we've decided to pay what we own with the money I make starting from now, however, we don't love the place we've had to move now, and we really don't want to stay any futher than 1 or 2 months, so both the money we need to pay (400$) + more money  to move to a new place (~600$). Marcus has found a new job and I will be working 24/7 here. The difference now is that we don't have any pressure to go out quickly. Thanks for the help and donations, they will be much requiered and appreciated still!
  • I haven't found a job in Buenos Aires, I couldn't work with my commissions since my queu is so long (was longer, that's why I'm opening these); my boyfriend got kicked out of his previous job the 25th of January, he has found a new one but the payment will be too late for this month. I've to pay no later than the 10th of March 400$ from which I only have 40$ at the moment.
  • We decided to move before the payment is due, but we still need the money to find a place!  In other news, I currently have wifi problems (I don't have and I've to go to my boyfriend's sister house to get connection).
  • If you can SHARE THIS, you'd help me a lot, even if you can't give me money. If you can, please donate through my ko-fi or my boyfriend's (also through my paypal), you can commission me and/or buy my lasest YCH.

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my ko-fi | Marcus' ko-fi | my my patreon

you can donate aswell with points through the widgets in my profile!
 if you don't want to simply donate without getting anything in exchange, you can commission me;
Highlight points:
  • I GOT THE PLANE TICKET TO BUENOS AIRES! last night my mom and i spoke with my uncle, super, super shameful but we asked him help, so he bought a plane ticket that i found unbeliable cheap (367$) in 31st of december, everything else (before or after) was expensive as fuck until april, so we spoke with him, i spoke with my boyfriend, and we came to the conclusion that we should buy it; but it was my uncle who did it, now i still of course owe him the money, and yet i haven't reach my goal, but i'm going to work hard this month to reach at least to 800$ if posssible. I'M SUPER EXCITED! i really wanna see my bae! we've never been separated so long and it's AWFUL! thank you all for the help, although now than ever i need it more! share if you can! that is all i ask.
  • although there's a small negative con; there is a probability i won't be able to get in since my ticket is only one way, and to enter as tourist it should, obviusly, be both ways, but we're planning on either buy a bus ticket or reserve a plane ticket so i don't have to spend so much money on a second one. hopefully, i will be able to get into the country properly and start making my documentation asap!
  • I'm currently living in Venezuela, a socio-political and economical mess that also happens to have the world's most dangerous city in the world; Caracas, where I currently live.
  • I want to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina; to be able to live more safely, with a more stable economic and just a more safe enviroment overall. I'll be then start living with my boyfriend a new life, originally I was going to be in his sisters house (where he currently is living) for a few weeks until we could rent, but I not longer can do that, so as soon as I get into the country, we have to rent. We only have money for 1 month, without food; he is looking for a job, but I'm trying to make as much money as possible so I can help substain us aswell while i get the documentation to work aswell.
  • I need a minimun of 1300$ to start traveling to Buenos Aires, more money would be much better, but my situation here is not safe not physically, nor mentally (due to familiar problems and just the general anxiety that it provoques living in this city due to it's current condition). My plan is to move either late november, at any point of december, or early january; my goal is to do it in late november. 
  • You can help just by sharing this, even if you can't donate nor commission me, you can simply share this and it will help me tons!
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changed the emergency topic
(2017/12/06): added new info about plane ticket!
(2017/12/02): Catwoman69y2k is a generous soul and donated 60$! please show them some appreiaction and lov eif possible<33
(2017/11/15): i've decided to organize better the information and it's presented a bit shorter and more quick to get; you can see the previous version of this post here, and the more information is gathered here. only 2 of the previous edit remain in this post.
(2017/11/06): someone donated 50$ and i don't know who it was, but i'm super grateful, it's the biggest amount someone has donated and i thought i'd mention it somewhere! thank you!
(2017/11/03): my situation with my mom keeps getting worse, today i had a panick attack due to her overreacting (i accidentaly woke her up in the night and then she proceded to act crazy causing me to get pacicked). i'm under a lot of stress at the moment and all i want to is leave the country and this woman. if she wants to kick me out to the street now, she can, i'm old enough for her to do so. and if she does that, i'll have to spend a lot of the money i have saved already, i'm very afraid of that.

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