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:iconcarodemi:Carodemi posted a status
I was doing some thinking and there's something my dad always says "if you're gonna do something, do it because you love it, not because you wanna be famous" And like, with music/drama/art ect alot of people do it because they wanna be famous? 
Like i'm in love with drama and theatre, i love it to pieces it's my passion. And a few people in my drama class say "i wanna do it because i wanna be famous" But that's not how shit should be. Fame ruins alot of people and i dunno me, i wouldn't like it. I don't like it when people do drama/music/art for the soul reason of being famous. When i act, i put emotion into it because its a way for me to expressive myself, because i don't like talking about it. Everything's so commercial now a days :shrug:. It's like... oh it's only being done to make money. Everything should always have a message behind it u feel. Like okay so, for my drama course im doing, we had to make our own piece from a photo.  I ended up doing a piece about mental/physical torture (how lovely) my character's name was Elliot (maybe i'll draw him sometime?) the characters where all linked to a mental illness each actor had been through personally or was like it or thought they had. Elliot was linked to Hullantions/anger and it lifted the performance so much, because it had a message I dunno i'm just ranting i find it weird how many people do things just because they wanna be famous ya'know.. and not because they love it and it drives them. 

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