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Clover and Grass brushes

By carocha
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Here are three brushes: one clover top view, one clover side vew, and one grass top view. I didn't put grass brush for side views, because there are already so many...

First draw the basic colour of your grass with the paint bucket, then, with slightly different tones, use the grass brush or the clover brush where you want. Make sure the forground and background colours match the grass colour, Otherwise it could make creepy things. For any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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This is amazing!!!!

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Damn, it's been 10years now and this brush is so much appreciated ! I can't believe for how long I've been receiving daily thanks for those brushes ! I'll try making some other ones in a not so distant future ;)

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It's a great pack because the shapes can be used in a tiling texture of grass seen from the top. Most grass brushes are seen from the side. Which is useless for people working on seamless, tiling textures (for video games for example). Nice pack indeed. Thanks.

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Jessica Truscott by Alena-48  Thank you very much !
how i can download this
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Thanks for the brushes.  Used them for an upcoming ad on our FB page.  Should be up some time next week.…
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Great job with these brushes! They are simple, but extremely effective! I used them here:…
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Is this available for commercial use?
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thanks a lot! i will try it out soon!
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very very nice :) thank you and happy holidays
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thanks for sharing these, they look good
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thanks ,will try later on :)
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you're welcome!
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Beautiful! The transperancy makes it easy to apply a realistic look with few simple effects :)
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