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June 17, 2012
Power to create by ~carny87 is a powerfull message visualized simply.
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Power to create

Thanks for all the faves and love for this illustration!

Edit: Now on T-shirt for sale with new design:…
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uncreative no destruction
briliant ideas ;D
karinacakes's avatar
I wouldn't say it destroys more like change and make better.
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how do play all i see is a pencilWaaaah! I'm in ur post! Shakin mah fish! 
Zardshark's avatar
create correct
SheTheTDE's avatar
between the struggle of creation vs destruction, the body of the pencil fearfully says "hold me..."
AltoClef768's avatar
So true, so true, I applaud, my friend
Zardshark's avatar
I see the eraser also as create, as it helps delete mistakes, making the art better.
HeyMrCAT's avatar
Simple graphic design with strong message all artists relate to. Very nice.
MammothCZE's avatar
Hey there! Used your idea here [link] just wanted to let you know.
majed-albahiti's avatar
this is cool..u should make it available for the print market here on deviantart...mugs, magnets, and posters
soleatrcharchar123's avatar
THAT IS AWSOME!! i will never look at a pencil the same way again <O<
natro267's avatar
I wouldn't call the eraser for a destroyer, as it only correct mistakes. But i get the point :D
Prestd's avatar
So simplistic yet amazing
MysticTrinketShop's avatar
I'm getting this tatted on my arm in the next week
carny87's avatar
post a picture! :D
Korwynze's avatar
this icon : :icongoofygrinplz: is lovely and that too
the drawing is awsome
Sapphire-Bahamut's avatar
We kill as easily as we can give life.

<Used to tear the rubbers off the end and sharpen both ends of the pencil.
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omg lawl this is awesome!
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